Adoptive Family Celebrates Dog Abuser’s Conviction

7.15.15 - Adoptive Family Celebrates Dog Abuser’s Conviction5

“Just because Bella was saved doesn’t mean we give a free pass to the person who took her to the brink of death, chained her to the fence and watched her wilt away.”
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Dog Being Rescued Panics Until Touched by Rescuer

7.12.15 - rescue

See the change in this dog when she comes in contact with a loving human for the first time in who knows how long.
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Bonsai: A Special Little Guy That’s a Living Miracle

7.11.15 - BonsaiFEAT

Bonsai was born the odds stacked against him big time, but is one adorable puppy that will steal your heart.
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Golden Retriever Is BFFs with Eight Birds and a Hamster

7.8.15 - Bob - Who Loves Birds & Hamsters22

Love knows no bounds, and dogs are proof of that!
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19-Year-Old Rescue Dog Beats All Odds to Survive

7.8.15 - 19-Year-Old Kia6

“We would love to know where she came from. She is certainly a very friendly, lovely dog. Someone must have loved her.”
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Dog Steals Garden Hose & Drenches Human

7.8.15 - video

Crafty dog gets his mouth on a garden hose, and chases a human around, drenching him in the process!
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