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Minnesota Deputy/Animal Abuser Caught on Tape Beating K9 Officer

A police officer was caught on security cameras abusing his K9 officer. The dog didn’t suffer any injuries and the abusive cop now faces animal abuse charges. Read more

New Bill Would Allow Owners to Have Deceased Pets Buried with Them

“As a pet owner, you want dignity and respect for your pet because they’re part of the family. Are we ready to allow them to be in the same grave together?” Read more

Two Women Arrested for Leaving Puppy in a Hot Car

Faith and Kandice Williams were arrested and sent to jail on animal cruelty charges after leaving a dog in a car at a casino parking ramp. Read more

Rookie Cop Turns in Animal-Abusing Officers

“Me knowing about it and not doing anything is allowing it to happen, and I can’t be a party to that,” Officer Jermaine Down declared. Read more

Pizza Delivery Guy Rescues Abused Puppy

A pizza delivery guy rescued a puppy after seeing him left injured and untreated in the home of one of his pizza deliveries. Read more

32 Dads Who Absolutely Adore Their Dogs

Hey dads – show us your best Father’s Day photos in the comments! Read more