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Plastic and Your Pet: The Hidden Toxin

The very things we give our pets to make their lives more exciting, more wonderful, more interesting, and more healthful, could actually be increasing their incidence of cancer, disease, and premature death. Read more

Responsible Pet Ownership: How do You Score?

Use these guidelines to aspire to the best owner possible. Your dog certainly deserves it. Read more

The Things We Do For Love

Being a rescuer, every animal that crosses your path is a special one. But Love has touched me in a way I never thought possible. Read more

It’s Even Better Than You Think

Perhaps we shouldn’t sell ourselves short in terms of how far we have truly come. Read more

Breed Specific Legislation – It’s in the mind not the math.

Banning dogs is not the answer. It is proper education that solves the issues surrounding dogs. Read more

Why Does My Dog Eat Poop?

Although the thought of this activity is nauseating, there is actually one stage in a pet’s life when coprophagia is expected. Read more


I walk from kennel to kennel, sometimes overrun with 12-15 dogs and identify whose time has legally expired. After a quick inspection I give a nod to my assistant to write the acronym that sentences them to death, PTS or “Put To Sleep.” Read more

Non confessions of a Cat Litter Grazer

I heard rustling as I worked in my studio. It was a sound I knew too well, one that usually always meant one thing – Cat Litter Grazer was at it again. Read more

Follow that Scent: A Dog’s Social Network

Dogs are very social creatures, and they put their remarkable sense of smell to great use. The way they gather information from sniffing is their form of social networking. Read more

When Cops Lose Control (a Dog Story)

by Jeff Baker

I’ve been a cop for what feels like a long time, 24 years come June. If I’m honest, I have to admit policing can have certain effects -sometimes unsavory effects- on the human psyche.

Read more

The Wild Dogs of Istanbul

by Bernd Brunner Read more

Finding Justice: The Unsettling Case of Seamus Romney

The curious controversy surrounding former Governor and now US presidential candidate, Mitt Romney and his Irish Setter, Seamus, who became ill when he exiled him to the roof of his car for a twelve hour drive. Read more

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