The Latest Recalled Dog Foods All Contain This Ingredient


In early December, three pet food recalls were initiated due to aflatoxin levels above the ‘acceptable’ limit.

A Call to Action in California


Please join animal lovers across California by writing to those in the California Legislature who hold the power of life and death over shelter animals.

Rescued Weimaraner Shows at Westminster 2012

maverick 2

My name is Dan Stallings. I founded and run Mid-Atlantic Weimaraner Rescue out of Va. Beach, Va. and I wanted to tell you about one very special rescue who has overcome far more than most dogs – and has not only overcome those obstacles, but has gone on to earn prestigious awards, invitations and entry to some […]

Funny Dog Pictures, Unless You’re The Dog


I have a sense of humor, really I do. I think those pictures of puppies in hotdog buns, chewing on shoe laces and snoozing belly up are cute, I do, honest.

The One Eyed Pug Hospice Worker

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We found her sitting in a chair, alone, and when she saw Billy, she began to cry as she reached for him.

Paw Prints in the Heart

lou at ocean

Some animals, like people, leave bigger prints in your heart than others. But when a scruffy wire haired fox terrier named Louie Louie left this realm, there were more than paw prints in my heart, there were holes. Everything dies, I understand that, even more now that I live on a small farm, but the […]

Save the Earth, Ditch Your Dog


This author, a sustainable living neophyte, received a comment from a reader the other day exclaiming that “If you don’t want to be hypocritical about what you’re doing you should get rid of your pets because they have a bigger impact on the environment than a three quarter ton all terrain vehicle.”

Friends Don’t Let Friends Kill Dogs


On June 2, 2009, Avery escaped from his yard and was picked up by an animal control officer. His family went to animal control to pick up Avery but they did not have enough money to pay the fees.

Do Animals Go To Heaven?

Crusher Chair Smaller

Sooner or later every pet owner finds himself or herself faced with the reality that their pet may not be with them much longer.

Common Household Plant Dangers


A rose by any other name could still kill your pet!

Fostering Shelter Animals – Love Well Spent


You can’t live a perfect day without doing something for someone who will never be able to repay you.  ~John Wooden

Animal Rights and Animal Welfare Part 3 – It All Boils Down To This


Your comments on part 2 last week brought forth some interesting points.

Animal Rights and Animal Welfare – Do You Know The Difference? Part II

rights vs welfare

After reading all of the comments relating to Part 1 of this series I decided to do some more research and revise.  Not because anybody changed my opinion, but because there are some thoughts out there that really need to be addressed.

Animal Rights And Animal Welfare – Do You Know The Difference?


Well, I’m often not afraid to take on the tough subjects and this is certainly one of them.

Training The Tough Ones – There Is More Than One Method


The other day someone asked me how I began training Jack Russell’s and how I knew what to do. I answered, “Necessity is the mother of invention!”
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Good Homes Need Not Apply


Nathan J. Winograd on antiquated animal shelter policies and the politics that perpetuate them.
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Dogs – The Movie Effect


Dogs don’t inherently save Timmy from falling in the well every darned week.
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Pets: Sentient Beings Part 2

Sharkey Running

As a pet owner there is no amount of money that could have compensated me for Sharkey’s suffering when she was overdosed. If she had died I would have been devastated. Let’s get to the very heart of this problem overall.
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Pets – Sentient Beings or Mere Chattel?

sharkey sick lowres1

A year ago my little Jack Russell Terrier, Sharkey, was overdosed by a pharmacist and nearly died. It’s a long story, but suffice it to say the pharmacist was neither concerned nor did he offer an apology.
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