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Tail-wagging Reunion for Woman and Her Wolf Friends

Wildlife rehabilitator Anita spent years working with this wolf pack, and after being away from them for months, this was their reaction to seeing her again for the first time. Read more

Call Me Friend

A 3 day old orphaned kitten is befriended by the family dog…
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Happy Dog Welcomes Soldier Home

To say that our boxer, Chuck, was excited to see him come home is an understatement. Read more

Shelter Dog Saves Teen From Sexual Predator

A St. Petersburg stray is being called a hero for helping to save a 17-year-old girl from an attempted sexual assault. Read more

Fiona's Rescue

“I was asked by a few bloggers to combine the two Fiona videos into one video so it would be easier to share. I really hope many people will watch it, share it, and join us in this nonstop effort. Rescues like this one cost a lot of money, so please help us by making a small donation.” Read more

Naughty Dog Sends Himself To His Room

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Animal Control Officer Sacrifices Job to Save Dog

Joliet Township animal control officer Bryan Jones received very bad news last week: the 14 year veteran was fired from his job for coming to the defense of a shelter dog that had been labeled as dangerous. Read more

Cute Pug Attacks Shampoo Bottles

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Blind Dog Still Loves to Play Fetch

Myron, a dog with no eyes, can do most things dogs love to do – and he loves fetching his tennis ball…
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Daddy's Home!

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Dogs Are Awesome (INFOGRAPHIC)

Is there anything here you don’t already know? Perhaps, perhaps not – but this entertaining infographic is packed with fun facts about our best friends. Read more

Dog Meets Slide

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