What you need to know to keep your best friend in top form.

IRONDOG Fund Helps Pay Expensive Vet Bills for Those In Need

“Most of the time, there’s far too many patients to help them all,” said Dr. Beal. “We can help five families a little bit, or one family a lot.” Read more

Help Needed for Dog Requiring Special Surgery

The surgery Meli needs is so specialized, her human has no way to afford it. Read more

The Recovery of This Abandoned Puppy Will Leave You Speechless

WARNING! This video WILL put tears in your eyes. Read more

Dog Set on Fire and Left for Dead Gets Best Day Ever

Susie went through hell with her former owner. Now she gets the love and respect she deserves, and gave her a Best Day Ever. Read more

New Study Shows Dog Kisses May Be Good for You

“By eliminating the bad bacteria we’ve started eliminating the good bacteria, too.” Read more

Man with Cancer Seeks Help Locating Missing Dog

“It just breaks my heart because he deserves to have her,” Monica said. Read more

Obese Dog Fed Nothing but Fast Food is on Road to Recovery

“We have an expression: food is not love,” Ham says. “Most of what your pet wants from you is affection and attention.” Read more

Dog Trained to Detect Cancer with 88% Accuracy

“Having a technique with which to do these things with a higher degree of certainty would be a tremendous advance in thyroid cancer,” he said. Read more

Will a Dog's Kisses Cure Athlete's Foot?

It’s handy to know some of these potentially life-saving tips! Read more

Arthritic Dog Leaps Off of Bed After Having Soap Under the Sheet

It’s handy to know some of these potentially life-saving tips! Read more

Dog with Damaged Leg from Trap Needs Foster Family

“I can think of three times I’ve heard of similar situations in my 25 years with the department”, Reeves said. Read more

Purina Slapped with Lawsuit for Dog Poisoning Death

Predictably, Purina representatives call the lawsuit “baseless,” and snivel that the company is “the subject of social media-driven misinformation.” Read more

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