What you need to know to keep your best friend in top form.

Will a Dog's Kisses Cure Athlete's Foot?

It’s handy to know some of these potentially life-saving tips! Read more

Arthritic Dog Leaps Off of Bed After Having Soap Under the Sheet

It’s handy to know some of these potentially life-saving tips! Read more

Dog with Damaged Leg from Trap Needs Foster Family

“I can think of three times I’ve heard of similar situations in my 25 years with the department”, Reeves said. Read more

Purina Slapped with Lawsuit for Dog Poisoning Death

Predictably, Purina representatives call the lawsuit “baseless,” and snivel that the company is “the subject of social media-driven misinformation.” Read more

Hope for Paws Rescues Dog from Water Treatment Plant

“Though Mufasa was frightened to be rescued, he quickly embraced the second chance he was being given.” Read more

Inmates of Donovan Prison put to Work Training Service Dogs

“They say a dog is a man’s best friend, and they’re not wrong about that,” said David Mix, an inmate at Donovan. Read more

Vet Removes an Eleven-Pound Tumor from Dog

“This is a great example of why it is so important to see your veterinarian regularly and at the first sign of trouble,” said Dr. Kyle Kerstetter. Read more

Dog With two Legs Rescued near Los Angeles

He’s described as a six-year old male, found uninjured in Highland, California. Oh yeah, he also only has two legs! Read more

Hit and Run Dog Rescued by Good Samaritan

“I know people probably think that’s a lot of money for a dog, but then I think about it and if it were my dog, I would spend what I could if he was healthy and willing to live.” Read more

Neglected Dog in UK has life Saved and Avoids Euthanasia

“It is heart-breaking to see a dog that has been so obviously neglected. Despite all he has been through he is just full of life and loves everyone he meets….” Read more

A Veteran Fights to Save his Service Dog

“It’s time for me to come to her aid,” said James. James served in the Middle East in both the late 90’s and in Afghanistan after 9/11. Read more

$20K Reward Offered by NY ASPCA for Info on Abuser

“This dog was deprived of food and water, then discarded on a city curb as if it were garbage,” ASPCA President Matt Bershadker said in an interview. Read more

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