What you need to know to keep your best friend in top form.

Georgia Regents University Under Fire for Dental Experiments on Dogs

“Dogs don’t need to die for frivolous dental experiments,” said HSUS president Wayne Pacelle. “It’s painful to watch these forlorn dogs sacrificed for these questionable purposes.” Read more

Germans Outraged by Government's Demand of Comatose Boy's Dog

Doctors have seen Dylan’s condition improve in Tascha’s presence, and “strongly advise” against separating him from his therapy dog. Read more

UPDATE: Bubbles Thrives After Surgery

Our dear girl is a true testament to the unbelievable strength and courage animals have when they want to live and be here. Read more

Duncan the Two-Legged Dog Beats All Odds

The decision to amputate puppy Duncan’s rear legs was criticized by many. Some believed putting him to sleep was more humane, yet, the surgery has been the best decision for Duncan’s life. Read more

Fighting Cancer: Bubbles' Will to Live

Bubbles, a two-year-old, female Neapolitan Mastiff mix breed found as a stray, is fighting bone cancer and is on her way to a better life with the help of Noah’s Ark Rescue. Read more

Last Christmas Gift for a Street Dog

All a street dog wants for Christmas is a forever home. Help this terminally ill dog’s wish come true. Read more

Doctors Sue Wayne State University for Experimenting on Dogs

“We have been looking into this and concluded that this research is not just cruel, and actually it’s lethal to every dog who is studied, but that it’s unnecessary, wasteful and does not contribute to the advancement of human health,” said Dr. John Pippin. Read more

UPDATE: Bill & Buck's Condition Under Manatee County Care Worsens

County-paid veterinarian Dr. Berglund said 10 days ago that everything “appeared normal” and that they were in “great condition,” but they have chemical burns, pressure ulcers, tumors, matted fur and mange. Read more

Implant Contraceptives for Northern Canada Dogs

Norway House Animal Rescue, is collecting funds to send a veterinarian and a vet technician to the Manitoba reserve to place contraceptive implants on 150 dogs. Read more

Injustice in Manatee County: Help Save Buck & Bill

Please sign the petition so Manatee County Animal Services and State Attorney Lisa Chittaro will do their jobs and save Bill & Buck. Read more

Rescued Stray Dog Survives 100 Africanized Bee Stings

“She’s an absolute sweetheart. So she’s not a stray dog that’s been running loose with no care. She’s had a bond with a person, so we want to get her into an environment where she can still have that bond and that human companionship” Dr. Tamara Berlin said. Read more

Dog Eats Owner's Toes and Likely Saves His Life

“He’s the reason I want to live. Without him, I would have closed up the business long ago,” Thomasson said. “The leg was in poor shape and needed to go, now I feel better.” Read more

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