Barkworthies Issues Nationwide Recall of Dog Treats

1.3.15 - Barkworthies Issues Nationwide Recall of Dog TreatsFEAT

The Virginia based company says that the potentially affected treats will pertain to a particular lot number, and are specific to a particular size of the pouch it’s sold in.
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New 3D Printed Front Legs Give Disabled Dog New “Leash on Life”

12.17.14 - New 3D Printed Front Legs Give Disabled Dog NewFEAT

“I kept looking at his photo, and hearing his story, and I cried literally every time,” explained Tara Anderson. “I had to try and help this dog.”
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Starving Dog Wanders into Garage and Finds Rescue

Photo Credit: Bright Hope Animal Rescue

An abandoned and malnourished dog from Tennessee had his life changed after he walked into a garage looking for a safe place to rest.
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Vet at Emergency Clinic Saves Badly Sliced Up Dog

12.11.14 - Vet at Emergency Clinic Saves Badly Sliced Up Dog3

Doctor Salton and her team used about nine feet of suture to stitch poor Zipper, as he is now knows, back together
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Let’s End Testing on Dogs and Other Animals

12.3.14 - Ban Animal Testing12

Yes, this is a gruesome topic that many would rather ignore than read about. But looking the other way is what allows animals to suffer.
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Family Adopts Dying Dog to Give Him Best Last Days Ever

12.3.14 - Family Adopts Dying Dog to give him Best Last Days EverFEAT

“I wanted him to hear those words and see those faces of the people who love him,” said Alicia.
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Abandoned Dog Tossed over Fence with Bound Legs Recovers


Oatmeal found with her legs bound together is recovering. She not ready for adoption yet, but she is healing, recuperating and falling in love.
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Abandoned Bulldogs Are Becoming a Problem in NYC

12.1.14 - Abandoned Bulldogs Are Becoming a Problem in NYCFEAT

“[The English bulldog’s] year-over-year increase in popularity fuels the year-over-year increase in the number of dogs we rescue,” says Laurette Richin.
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Dog Waits for Family Five Months After Deadly Explosion

11.28.14 - Dog Waits for Family Five Months After Deadly Explosion1 (2)

“We have a lot of people just ready to see that happy ending for Asha. She has gone through so much and she is still a sweetheart.”
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Dogs Suffering at Atrocious Shelter Finally Receiving Help

11.26.14 - Dogs Suffering at Horrid Pound Need Our Help1

Nearly two dozen dogs have been rescued from a squalid shelter where they were living 2-4 to a kennel that fills with sewage. They are sick, emaciated, and fighting each other for food. They are finally getting help from Big Fluffy Dog Rescue, and need all the donations they can get!
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Bodie’s Radiation Therapy


Brodie is a 9 year old lab receiving radiation treatments in a friendly environment with state-of-the-art equipment that assures safe and effective treatment.
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A List of Dog Supplies That Are Essential For Dog Owners

11.22.14 - A List of Dog supplies that are essential for dog owners1

With these supplies you will be able to practice responsible pet ownership, and you will be able to embark upon a rewarding and wonderful relationship with your dog.
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Great Dane in York Haven, Pennsylvania has Nineteen Puppies

11.19.14 - Great Dane in York Haven1

“It’s a shocker, but I’m glad that they’re all here,” Brandon Terry said.
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“Hopeless” Cleft Palate Puppy Now Has a Fantastic Life

11.17.14 - Cleft Palate Pit Bull Puppy1

“Ruby is famous and loved because of her differences, and I think there’s a powerful message in that,” said Jennifer.
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Teenager Gets Service Dog in the Hope of Regaining Independence

11.17.14 - Teenager Gets Service Dog in the Hope of Regaining Independence

“She was walking, and he stopped dead in his tracks,” said Andi. “She sat down on the ground and he hovered over her and would not let her get up. She went into a seizure and he stayed with her. Simply amazing.”
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Starving Garbage Can Dog Getting Love from New Owner

11.15.14 - Starving Garbage CanGetting Love from New Owner1

“I just couldn’t imagine making her go away from me,” Megan Fritz said. “She’s really attached, and we’re happy with her and she’s happy here.”
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Spanish Nurse Sues over Dog’s Unnecessary Euthanization

Teresa Romero (the first European woman with Ebola in Spain) at a press conference to talk about her health improvement and her discharge, at Carlos III Hospital in Madrid on November 5, 2014

Romero’s attorneys said the government’s decision to destroy her dog was “improvised and taken against medical advice.”
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Neglected Dog Gets Cantaloupe-Sized Tumor Removed from Neck

11.6.14 - Neglected Dog Gets Cantaloupe-Sized Tumor Removed1

“He is active and happy to be able to move around without the discomfort of the dangling growth. Now we’re hoping we can find a loving, permanent home for Biggy.”
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Dallas Nurse & Dog Reunite After Ebola Quarantine

Nurse Nina Pham is reunited with her dog Bentley

“Right now, I’m just excited to take Bentley home so we can start picking out his gifts for his two-year birthday party this month,” Pham said.
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Pig the Unusual Dog Gets a DNA Test for Her First Birthday

10.31.14 - Pig

Well, the results are in, and it turns out that she shares family lineage with many breeds.
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