What you need to know to keep your best friend in top form.

Raina the Dog Faithfully Guards Cheetah BFF During Surgery

“She licked him and nuzzled him, and when he awoke, she lay with him and seemed very content to know her cheetah was okay.” Read more

Vets, Groomers and Dog Lovers Come Together to Aid Seized Dogs

“If these dogs were being treated at cost, our tab would be over $10,000 at this point, not to mention all of the costs associated with boarding, vaccinating and caring for the dogs since June,” according to Kent County Animal Shelter Supervisor Carly Luttmann. Read more

The Incredibly Happy Ending of a Three-Legged Dog

After weeks of hospitalization, Aviva was able to stand tall on her own and was ready for her new three-legged life. Read more

Dog Eats Almost 44 Socks!

Strangely enough, the dog’s bizarre binging has led to some veterinary bill help for low-income families. Read more

Rare Medical Condition Almost Claims Shelter Dog's Life

Lucy suffers from exocrine pancreatic insufficiency. This disease stops Lucy from digesting essential nutrients, and if left untreated, she can starve to death. Read more

Doggy Cakes Recipe Provides All Natural Option for Treats

Kayla just wants to get the word out on how important our pet’s diets are, just like our own. She has worked with many rescues, and also donates her products to several local shelters. Read more

Therapy Dog Helps boy Regain Mobility after Stroke

“I was fairly overwhelmed the first time I saw his arm moving again,” said Tyler. “Guys don’t like to admit it when they cry.” Read more

More Owners Saying Trifexis Is Killing Their Dogs

“No one can ever say this death is absolutely the result of administering this particular medication. But all the owners, all the pet caregivers know,” said mourning owner Anita Bergen. Read more

Sometimes the Least Complicated Option Provides the most Amazing Results

It turns out that sometimes in life, simple is better. At least for Crosby, that seems to be the case. Read more

Chihuahua Needs Donations for Critical Surgery

Rover, a 3 year old Chihuahua, has recently had a dramatic change in his life circumstances Read more

Volunteers Needed to Participate in Dog Study

The objective is to shed light on how owners’ moods influence their pets’ moods and behaviors. Read more

Dog Wash Event Held in Colorado to Raise Money for Prescription Pet Program

“Our dogs visit patients in the hospital in their rooms, most of the time in their beds,” said Ken Proch. He’s the one leading up the Dog Wash Fundraiser and works directly with the Prescription Pet Program. Read more

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