What you need to know to keep your best friend in top form.

Threatened Bees Saved by Unlikely Beekeeper

“I realized that Bazz was able to sniff out the disease, and save thousands of bees, so, I’ve tried to develop a suit the dog can wear and hopefully avoid being stung,” said Josh Kennett. Read more

Touching Video of Dog Helping Alzheimer’s Sufferer get Speech Back

Anyone who has seen a loved one go through the horrors of Alzheimer’s disease, knows just how brutal the condition can be. Lisa Abeyta’s father knows this suffering first hand. There is, however, one thing that seems to be helping. The family dog. Read more

Family Selling off Everything to Afford Dog’s Surgery

Once very lively and active, Kane now spends much of his time confined to his crate, because just moving about can lead to severe injuries. Walking causes his hips to give out frequently, causing him debilitating pain. Read more

Paralyzed Pit Bull Brings Hope to Patients

“Throughout Elsa’s troubled start to life, she has always remained one the happiest dogs I have ever met,” Kelly said. “Her love… inspires people with brain and spinal cord injuries to never give up.” Read more

Bacterial Disease on the Rise as Summer Approaches

People and dogs may contract the disease by coming into contact with contaminated soil, water, urine, blood, and other body fluids. Leptospirosis can enter through the mouth, nose, eyes, and skin. Read more

Search and Rescue Super Dog Needs Rescuing

Dogs Finding Dogs is asking the community for donations to help pay for life-saving surgery for their hero dog Heidi who suffers from liver cancer. Read more

Dog Gets Critically Injured Chasing a Squirrel

Tater and his owner Michael Blackwell were visiting a friend’s farm when the playful dog spotted a squirrel near the foot of a tree, chased after it, and was impaled by a metal rod. Read more

Dog Gets Back on All Paws Thanks to Anonymous Pet Wheelchair Donation

Now that the canine has her two all-terrain wheels, she is able to comfortably and safely wheel herself around while using the strength of her front legs. Read more

Caring for Your Senior Dog

Caring for an aged dog can be a mixed blessing. What a glorious achievement that best buddy has become a senior citizen. Read more

Disabled Dog Helps Save Incapacitated Owner’s Life

“I made arrangements for the dogs. I made arrangements to sell the house and kind of got everything cleaned up before I wasn’t able to do it anymore. I was getting so sick, the original doctors I was working with said, ‘Nothing more can be done.’” Read more

Does Guinness Beer Kill Heartworms?

So you might be wondering, “how in the world could beer be good for my dog, aside from giving him an impossibly shiny coat?” Apparently it’s all about the hops. Read more

Leslie May Discusses Natural Lawn Care and Your Dog’s Health

Leslie May, author of the popular website, Raise a Green Dog, gave us a bit of her time to talk about how to care for your lawn without using dangerous chemicals Read more

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