What you need to know to keep your best friend in top form.

First Elderly Dog Retirement Home Opens in Japan

“We decided to open the nursing facility because so many dog owners have requested something like this,” said Nanako Oiishi, a spokesperson for the company. Read more

New High-Tech Dog Collar Helps Track Health for Dog Owners

“Pet Pace is the only collar that gives you a complete picture of the health status and well-being of the pet,” said Asaf. Read more

Pig: One Dog’s Story of Beating the Odds

Dillenbeck said, “They’ve never seen anything like it, and they say it’s going to be interesting.” Read more

Tennessee Family Gets Big Surprise from ‘Hospice’ Dog They’re Fostering

“She is remarkable,” said rescue worker Lavonne Redferrin. “She has bounced back and is living every day to the fullest.” Read more

Student's Service Dog Honored with Photo in Yearbook

“Next thing you know Rachel just hugged him and it was the cutest thing you’ve ever seen and I literally started crying and said there’s my sign. They’ve been a team ever since,” said Theresa Benke. Read more

Hit-And-Run Dog to get Much Needed Medical Attention

“She’s not whining or whimpering like she’s in pain. She’d still make a really sweet addition to somebody’s family,” said Elaine. Read more

Lamb Treats Recalled over Salmonella Contamination

Symptoms of poisoning include lack of appetite, nausea, vomiting, (bloody) diarrhea, abdominal cramps, and fever. Read more

Take a Bite out of Canine Cancer!

Even if you can’t donate, please share – on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter – and get the word out there to help dogs beat cancer! Read more

Hospital Throws Birthday Party for Therapy Dogs

When kids at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta may be feeling scared or sad, there is one thing that always seems to help – a therapy dog. Read more

Fundraiser Started for Puppy Needing Heart Surgery

The cost of the surgery is quite high. There needs to be $4,500 raised for the actual surgery, and about $1,000 for travel costs and follow-up care. Read more

The Skinniest Boxer Alive Is Saved from Starvation

When NorCal Boxer Rescue met Maria, they did not have a foster home for her, but they felt they had to do something to help her. Thanks to that decision Maria is a happy and healthy Boxer today. Read more

Rescue Dog with Birth Defect Inspires Children

Dogs born with a cleft lip and palate rarely survive. Stitch got a second chance in life thanks to a rescue group. He is now inspiring others suffering from similar health issues. Read more

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