What you need to know to keep your best friend in top form.

Dogs are Being Trained to Sniff out Prostate Cancer

The testing being done to see if dogs can in fact sniff out cancer in a similar way to the various other organic compounds they have been trained to pick up. So far, the testing has about a 98% accuracy as to dogs being able to detect prostate cancer. Read more

Despite Horrific Trauma, Toby Remains “The Sweetest Dog Ever”

“He’s the sweetest dog ever. He’s a very happy fella. He came in burned badly and in pain, but he still likes to be petted,” said Williams. Read more

Update on Lad, Collie Shot in the Face

If Lad can beat osteomyelitis, he will move on to reconstructive surgery. His care is costly, and The Arrow Fund greatly appreciates any help they can get. Read more

“Raw Diet” Dog and Cat Food Recalled Due to Bacteria

There has been a “limited number” of reports coming into Bravo with dogs experiencing nausea and diarrhea after eating the food. There have been no cases of human illness as of yet. Read more

Agoraphobic Dog Takes First Walk Outside

“Before we knew it we were in the local park and he was loving it. Jack is how he should be – full of life and wanting to go out for lots of walks.” Read more

Bloodmobile for Dogs at University of Pennsylvania Vet School

“You don’t really think about it until you actually need it,” said Kym Marryott, the manager of Penn’s Animal Blood Bank. “Just like in people, dogs need blood too.” Read more

Dog Kisses: Not as Gross as You Think

“I don’t think it’s a great idea to French kiss a dog, but having a normal lick on the face is no more dangerous than a kiss from your spouse,” Dr. Simmons concluded. Read more

Owner Blames Puppy’s Death on Clinic for Turning Them Away

“They didn’t even care to look at her,” Nava said. “They didn’t even touch her. They didn’t even honestly look at her across the counter.” Read more

Vet Shares Story of His Own Dog Being Put to Sleep

Veterinarians are faced daily with the difficult choice of euthanasia. It’s our role to guide owners to a decision that’s in the best interest of their pets while helping them come to terms with the passing of their beloved family member. Read more

Dog Flu Cases Reported in Essex County, Mass.

“The canine influenza hasn’t been introduced to this region before, so it’s just a very high likelihood of dogs catching it and carrying it if they are exposed, and we’re trying to get ahead of that,” said Doug Wynne of Paws 4 Play. Read more

Booster the Service Dog Gets Stem Cell Therapy in Mississippi

“We’re hoping to restore mobility,” said veterinarian Michael Randall. “He had this procedure once before, and it helped him out a whole lot.” Read more

Leslie May Shares About Cleaning for Your Dog’s Health

Leslie May of Raise a Green Dog shared a bit about how to safely clean without needlessly exposing your dog to harmful chemicals Read more

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