What you need to know to keep your best friend in top form.

Dog Wash Event Held in Colorado to Raise Money for Prescription Pet Program

“Our dogs visit patients in the hospital in their rooms, most of the time in their beds,” said Ken Proch. He’s the one leading up the Dog Wash Fundraiser and works directly with the Prescription Pet Program. Read more

Home Depot Employees Pay for & Build Disabled Dog’s Wheelchair

“Rebecca was really down. It was just, her day was done. This is her dog, all she had. It’s her love. Anything we could do to make it better, made our experience that much more,” Gregg said. Read more

Sharpei Mix Stray Going Blind Wants to See Again

The friendly stray suffers from Bilateral Entropion. This condition not only makes him very uncomfortable, but it keeps him from opening his eyes and seeing the world. Read more

Saving Sheba from Parvo and a Broken Heart

For a pet who was once a family member, dying of a broken heart is no way to end. Help Sheba get healthy and adopted. Read more

New Puppy Trainers Sought for Guiding Eyes Service Dogs

“After completing a few classes I was given a beautiful, very playful, black Labrador named Louie,” said Rachel Stein of East Fishkill. “I love learning the techniques for teaching Louie new skills and watching him succeed – he’s so smart.” Read more

Help Eddie Live His Last Days as a Happy and Loved Dog

Since puppyhood he lived most of his life confined to a crate and now he was diagnosed with an inoperable malignant tumor on his thyroid. His last wish to know true love. Read more

Paramedics Equipped with Pet Oxygen Masks Save Two Chicago Dogs

Patchy and Bella were unconscious due to smoke inhalation, but paramedics were standing by, ready to assist. Read more

UPDATE: More Questions Surrounding Deaths in Arizona

“It was a tragic accident,” Hughes told CNN. “We are heartbroken, and we’re devastated.” Read more

Viral Blog Post Warning Ice Water is Deadly for Dogs is False

“She does like ice, but she makes too much of a mess when she chews up the ice everywhere,” Baker said. Read more

Stray Dog Rescued from Extreme Heat in Indio California

“It was very touch and go for a few minutes there,” Deputy Director Frank Corvino said in a press0 release. “We’re optimistic the dog will be OK.” Read more

More Than 17,000 Sign Petition to Shut Down Puppy Mill Selling Sick Dogs

“We take complaints regarding licensed animal welfare establishments very seriously and will investigate the circumstances relating to any allegations we receive. Whenever possible, we will take all necessary action against traders who are found to be in breach of the law or in breach of the conditions of their license.” Read more

Diabetic Dog can see his Family Again Thanks to Surgery

“Obviously he’s still diabetic so he still needs to receive an insulin injection twice a day, but the surgery to repair his eyes was a total success and he hasn’t developed any problems or complications with his eyesight,” Benjamin May, Duffy’s owner, said. Read more

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