Burned Dog Recovers and Goes Home

3.7.14 - Burned Dog Goes Home3

Jess Olivas suffered burns to his face, arms and chest, but the pain was worth it to save Ruby’s life.
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Woman Eats Her Company’s Dog Food to Prove How Good It Is

2.26.14 - Eating Dog Food1

“By actually tasting the food ourselves I think it’s a sound way of walking our own talk and helping to assure people we actually mean what we say about product integrity and quality,” Lucy Postins explained.
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Woman Saves Orphaned Newborn Puppy One Hour from Death

stock photo

“He just wasn’t taking it. I didn’t know what else to do, I was desperate and I just couldn’t bear sitting there, watching him die,” she said.
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E-Cigarette Claims Innocent Puppy’s Life


Fifty-six-year-old Keith Sutton left the bottle of liquid nicotine on his dining room table for a few minutes. His dog, Ivy, found it and nibbled on it. Hours later, Ivy was dead.
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Animal Lover Saves Stray Dog Stabbed by Homeless Person

Tatus receiving medical care at the vet clinic. Photo Credit: Vanguardia Liberal

A community dog received 4 stab wounds and wondered the streets in pain for 28 days. Thanks to Alexandra Morales, the dog was taken to a vet clinic and is receiving medical help.
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Chihuahua Nearly Euthanized Now Fighting Debilitating Illness

Little Waffles

Little Waffles has been saved from the brink of death, not just once, but twice now! The Chihuahua mix was first rescued from a high-kill shelter
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Shelter Dog Needs Surgery before It is Too Late

Katie needs surgery. Photo Credit: Dog4U Inc.

Katie has several large benign fatty lipomas that were biopsied and found to be non-threatening. She needs surgery to better the quality of her life.
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Pomeranian Faces Brighter Future After Life Saving Surgery

Prima (2)

When Prima, a four-year-old Pomeranian mix, arrived at the San Francisco SPCA, she was not only homeless but also suffering from Patent Ductus Arteriosus
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UPDATE: Tri-pod’s Had Amputation and Is Recovering

12.26.13 - Update on Tri-pod3

K-9 Karma’s Christmas present to the Reeders was taking care of all of Tri-pod’s veterinary care and delivering him to their home.
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Boxer Saves Unconscious Owner’s Life

12.21.13 - Dog Saves Unconscious Owner's Life

“Your husband’s alive because the dog went to that door,” Christine Bernadinelli said doctors told her.
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Barney: Mending 3.5 Pounds of Pure Love

Photo Credit: Wright Way Rescue

A few days ago Barney the 3.5 pounds Chihuahua lost the use of his legs. An MRI revealed the puppy had a broken neck and needed emergency surgery.
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Dog Loses Paws and Makes Miraculous Recovery


An innocent dog from Brighton, UK, had over 3 lbs. of matted fur and her front paws had fallen off due to lack of circulation. Today she is healthy and loved.
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Pet Hospice Helps Owners Say Good Bye


When the time comes, more pet owners are choosing animal hospice services to help them say good bye to their beloved pets.
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Injured Dog Saves Owner After Accident

12.11.13 - Dog Saves Owner After Accident

A fundraiser has been set up to help defray the costs of the surgery Lucy needs after being hit by a speeding motorist.
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Vets Calling for Ban on “Unhealthy” Breeds


A survey conducted amongst delegates at a Royal Veterinary College conference on the welfare of dogs bred particularly for their “flat-faced” features found that one-fifth of veterinarians believe these breeds should be banned completely.
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Georgia Regents University Under Fire for Dental Experiments on Dogs

12.4.13 - Dog Dental Experiments

“Dogs don’t need to die for frivolous dental experiments,” said HSUS president Wayne Pacelle. “It’s painful to watch these forlorn dogs sacrificed for these questionable purposes.”
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Germans Outraged by Government’s Demand of Comatose Boy’s Dog

11.29.13 - Germans Demand Comatose Boy's Dog1

Doctors have seen Dylan’s condition improve in Tascha’s presence, and “strongly advise” against separating him from his therapy dog.
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UPDATE: Bubbles Thrives After Surgery

Before and after. Bubbles is doing great after her surgery. Photo Credit: Noah's Ark Rescue

Our dear girl is a true testament to the unbelievable strength and courage animals have when they want to live and be here.
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Duncan the Two-Legged Dog Beats All Odds


The decision to amputate puppy Duncan’s rear legs was criticized by many. Some believed putting him to sleep was more humane, yet, the surgery has been the best decision for Duncan’s life.
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Fighting Cancer: Bubbles’ Will to Live


Bubbles, a two-year-old, female Neapolitan Mastiff mix breed found as a stray, is fighting bone cancer and is on her way to a better life with the help of Noah’s Ark Rescue.
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