Introducing Dogs to Cats


Many dogs and cats coexist peacefully and happily together, and great friendships can develop between them. Here are some helpful tips to follow when introducing a dog and cat to each other.
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Separating Emotion, When Is It Time? Expert Advice About Retiring Your Dog From Agility

Doug Calhoun

Agility enthusiasts are well aware of the rush you can get from seeing a dog run its fastest, jump its highest, and pit speed against the outer boundaries of control.
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Diet and Your Pet’s Food


Being an animal behaviorist for dogs and cats, I have seen “higher-quality” pet foods I had recommended fizzle in quality while increasing in price.
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Dog Walking Regulations Go Into Effect July in San Francisco


If you’re going to walk dogs in SF make sure you know the new laws
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Victoria Stilwell is one of the world’s most recognized and respected dog trainers. She is best known for her role as the star of Animal Planet’s hit TV series It’s Me or the Dog
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The Mirror Method: an Interview with Nora Vamosi-Nagy


The Mirror Method, the celebrated Hungarian approach to dog training that has amazed Europe, is coming to the USA.
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The Power of the Positive: Train Humane

Poodle Dave & Suz

It is amazing what joy and compassion, consistency and structure will bring to dogs. They blossom.
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An Interview with Sarah Wilson


Sarah Wilson’s mission is to help people help their dogs.
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An Interview With Ian Dunbar


John Bell Young interviews world renowned dog trainer, behaviorist, lecturer, and author Dr. Ian Dunbar.
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An Interview with Zak George


By John Bell Young Known to millions for his popular Animal Planet program, SuperFetch, Zak George has explored new training territory, teaching dog lovers and trainers alike new and unprecedented ways to connect with their dogs.

The Canine Language


Have you ever wished that your dog could talk to you? I’m sure, like millions of others, myself included, that you have. Well, I have good news for you, dogs do “talk” to us, and they do it a lot.

South Africa’s Dog Whisperer’s Dog Attacks Another Child


This past summer, we reported on an incident involving a dog who attacked a little girl at a South African shopping mall. The story and video are no less troubling with the passage of time.

Teaching Your Dog to “Drop It”

drop it

A brief, effective demonstration of techniques that will help you teach your dog to leave it.

Mechanics Matter

Black & white sitting on the grass inside a blue hoola hoop

Most dogs are adaptable enough that they are able to learn despite the quality of our training skills, not because of them. This ability has contributed to making them one of the most successful species on the planet.

Living with More Than One Dog

Featured B

Living with more than one dog can be a rewarding experience. Knowing how to prevent problems and teaching dogs how to share resources so they do not bully each other, or pester you, is pivotal to having a harmonious multi-dog home.
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When is it too late to socialize your dog?


My post last week was a check list of things that puppy owners need to go out of their way to expose their pups to. Proper socialization drastically cuts down on behavior issues developing later in life.

Socialize Your Puppy – Our Checklist Will Help


THE most important thing you can do for a puppy is introduce them to the world in a positive way.



Watching the crazed dog show couple search for their dog’s busy bee toy last night in the movie Best in Show (again) last night, I was reminded of a client’s dog, Sandy.

To Dina and All Our Dogs of Holidays Past

dina brophy

*warning–tissue alert*

Slam Dancing and the Fine Art of Body Language

char sa 1

Over the weekend I was missing my dog Charlee and took a photo trip down memory lane. Through my blur of tears I came across these two gems.