Puppy Interruptus


Funny thing happened on the way to my latest post. I started writing it. Really I did. I had this massive brain storm, and I pounded the keys for a few days. Made all sorts of headway. Really I did.

All I Want For Christmas….


Material has never been my style; with that in mind, all I really want for Christmas is a home for Frosty.

Bar’s Open! Desensitization – a Basic Guide


It is clearly too late to desensitize your dog to everyday things like the doorbell and that pesky vacuum cleaner before guests arrive for Thanksgiving this year. As the sayings go, Christmas is coming, there is no time like the present and all that jazz.

LAT HAT BAT What is That?

LAT HAT BAT What is That?

Does the title sound like a Dr. Seuss book? I confess, the hat part I threw in just because.

Tips to Get Your Dog to STOP BARKING!

finn and beck beck play smiles

Ironic that I should be writing a how to get your dog to stop barking post when for the first time in my life, and after being a pro dog trainer for close to 20 years, I am living with dogs who love the sound of their own voices.

How Much is That Labbie In the Window?

Window to Labbie World

Priceless! To me anyways. Bridget actually hailed from a breeder in South Carolina, donated to K9 Partners For Life, intended to live her life as a service dog. Due to illness, she was released from that program, works as my right hand dog and is worth her weight in gold.

The Freedom No Pull Harness….WORKS!


Dog trainers have to be up to date on the latest and greatest products around, and I am here to let you all on a little trade secret that is no longer a secret.

Wait a Minute. Have a Minute? Train Your Dog

People Coming Home? Practice Sit.

Whoa, just wait a minute.

Zombies and DIY target sticks and training

beck snake 2

As a Mom to three human kids and 2 dogs, I am no stranger to putting various costumes together for Halloween.

A Little Bit Backwards

Hands off approach for fearful dogs

Winter: a distant thought on this brilliant fall day in Maryland. Indeed I cringe at the thought of icy roads.


LWD taska

The first thing I teach all my students is how to get and keep their dog’s attention. After all, how can we expect our dogs to come to us, to stay, or learn their cues, if they are paying us no mind.

APDT 2011 Conference: Get Your Learning On in Sunny San Diego

Sunny Feel Good San Diego: Getting My Learning On

This dog trainer got her learning on, at the APDT 2011 Catch The Wave Conference in sunny feel good San Diego. For this East Coast dog trainer, CA was the trip of a lifetime, a trip of many firsts, including a first glimpse of the Pacific Ocean.

10 Unique Tips to Help You Get Nipping Under Control

hair 1

Does your dog nip you? Grab your pant leg? Decide with his teeth when it is time for a little attention?

Being Bridget: The Blond Bomber

The goofy gal Bridgey, 5 yo American Lab

Being Bridget. The Blond Bomber disaster-on-four-legs, accident-waiting-to happen has done it again.

Is Your Dog Alpha? Take the Quiz and Find out!

bailey table

Quiz time!

Baby Meets Boxer

dogs and kids

This week I counseled quite a few new parents on ways to help their dogs adjust to new babies. It got me thinking of this clip of a precious baby and super sweet Boxer from the Bonnie Hunt show that aired a few years back…

Good Golly: Gulping and Gobbling


More like pounding: Talley`s jaw dropping approach to ravishing a food dish of its`kibble contents, bits flinging in all directions. At six years old she continues to eat (and I say that lightly) every meal as if it were her last.

Doggy Dirt Bike Etiquette: Please!

DSCN3085 (640x480)

Of all people, I comprehend the need for speed, that feeling of freedom, the oh so liberating rush of air past one`s face.

Survey of Nationwide Network of Dog Trainers Contradicts Conventional Beliefs

dog training

As part of its ongoing mission to enhance dog ownership by improving the emotional bond between humans and their canine companions, Bark Busters, the world’s largest dog training company, has pooled the collective experience of its U.S. trainers to compile a set of findings that provides insight into the human-canine training dynamic and the realities […]

The Quest for Boring

sleeping dogs

Those of you with nice dogs of sound mind and temperament will probably not relate to this post (but I really hope you’ll read it anyway).