URGENT! Packed Shelter may Have to Euthanize

8.27.15 - crowding

“We work really hard with rescue groups and fosters, but if it comes down to it, sometimes a decision has to be made,” said Animal Control Officer Barnett.
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Abandoned Siblings Need a Home NOW

7.16.15 - Elizabethtown Siblings

If you’re not local, please reach out to all the south and eastern rescues you follow – some of them might have an opening. And please SHARE to get the word out.
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Bonded Senior Dogs Need a Home by Monday

12.12.14 - 50 Dogs Have Only This Weekend to Find a Home29

A pet saved from death row is the best present you could ever give.
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She Was Saved Once – Now She Must Be Saved Again

11.26.14 - Urgent - Needs Home Today2

This New York lady needs a home today – can you help?
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URGENT – Pregnant Mom Needs a Home NOW!

11.7.14 - URGENT - Pregnant Mom Needs a Home Now!2

For more information or to save Rayna, please call 803-596-8046 or email [email protected]
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County Run Dog Shelter Nears Capacity and Desperately Needs Adoptions

11.5.14 - County Run Dog Shelter Nears Capacity and Desperately Needs Adoptions

Shelter spokesperson Ashely Hayes said, “We had more adoptable dogs in the shelter right now than we’ve had in a very long time. It’s definitely pretty full.”
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Help Save Hank. His Days Are Numbered


Hank is a ‘rescue only’ dog. He loves to chase tennis balls, loves car rides, walks, and to cuddle. This dog loves to give kisses.
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UPDATE: Paired Florida Shelter Dogs Found Adopter


“These two amazing boys were just rescued from OCAS,” posted Jaime Chewning. “They were technically “adopted” but they’re being fostered.”
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Two Scared Shelter Dogs Find Comfort in Each Other

This image of the bonded pair might just help save their lives. Photo Credit: Facebook

Animal lovers across social media networks are sharing the dogs’ photograph, making it go viral, and hoping these sweet dogs get out of there soon.
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Social Media Saves Ernie from Euthanasia

Ernie's life was saved by a social media post. Photo Credit: Orange County Animal Services/Facebook

Ernie was posted on Facebook as a last-ditch effort. People shared the post like crazy and it worked!
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“Save Me 7” Still in Need of Fosters

Help Save the "Save Me 7." Photo Credit: Duck Team 6

The “Save Me 7” need rescue and fosters before they are trapped by Dallas Animal Services.
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Community Saves 70 Dogs from Euthanasia

Dogs saved from the euthanasia list. Photo Credit: All Aboard Animal Rescue and Shelter

Thank you all for sharing and cross posting. You helped rescue 34 adult dogs and 36 puppies. All are saved from being euthanized.
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These Sweet Dogs Need YOUR Help

10.30.13 - Death Row Dogs1

These dogs range from puppies to seniors, but the one trait that so many have in common: snuggler. These dogs would love to cuddle with a new family.
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URGENT: Death Row Dogs That Must Be Adopted Today

10.27.13 - URGENT  Death Row Dogs That Must Be Adopted Today1

These dogs are snuggly, kissy little lovebugs who generally are good with other dogs. Most are family dogs – don’t let them die alone in a shelter.
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