Cooperation Makes It Happen

5.9.15 - 3pm video

If we just could work together, we could get so much more done.
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With Dogs Like These, Who Needs Alarm Clocks?

5.7.15 - dog nap

Could there even possibly be anything better than snuggling with your dog? We don’t think so.
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Bulldogs Who Are Quite Possibly More Ham than Dog

5.8.15 - Bulldogs or Ham

These guys are no less than 75 percent pork product.
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English Bulldog Throws a Hilarious Hissy Fit

5.7.15 - Barley Throws a Hissy Fit

If there is one thing you need to know about bulldogs, it is that they are masters of the temper tantrum.
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Shelter Dogs Make Modern Art to Raise Adoption Awareness

5.7.15 - dog painting

“The shake of the paint reveals a remarkable exercise of freedom, where each drop of ink bears the stain of prejudice.”
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This Dog Uses EVERYTHING The Good Lord Gave Him

5.6.15 - butt bark

This dog barks with so much effort, his entire body gets into it! Now there’s a dog that always gives his all!
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Sweetest & Silliest Sleeping Dogs

5.5.15 - sleepy dogs

Some people just can’t let sleeping dogs sleep!
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These Dogs Just Love Their Guinea Pigs

5.6.15 - These Dogs Just Love Their Guinea Pigs

“Cinnamon Spice loves Oscar! She enjoys nibbling on his cheeks to get him to start licking her. They really love each other and are sad when they are apart.”
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Dog Loves Bicycle Rides


This dog doesn’t need a bicycle basket to sit in while riding around town with his owner.
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Paralyzed Dog “Runs” to Reunite with Deployed Dad

5.1.15 - video

This dog gives a new meaning to determination! What an amazing scene.
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The Happiest Dog to Ever Take a Bath

5.1.15 - Happy Dog Loves Baths

“Rubber duckie, you’re the one. You make bath time really fun…”
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Drones Deliver Puppy


Puppies cannot be delivered by drones, right? Watch and learn.
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Dog Makes Himself a Swingset

4.30.15 - Dog Makes His Own Swingset5

You can almost see the cogs turning as he figures out just how to get himself up high enough to catch the rope.
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Dogs Who Totally Forgot They Were Dogs

4.30.15 - Dogs Who Totally Forgot They Were Dogs

These pups are so pampered they’ve forgotten they’re not people!
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Hairy Pets Become Best Friends


Best friends (even in the animal kingdom) have many things in common. This duo bond over their cute hair.
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Stray Pit Bull Found Nursing Kitten On Roadside

4.29.15 - pittyFEAT

No one at the Mercy Animal Clinic knows the story behind these two, but they do know that dog loves that kitty.
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Clever Fox Makes an Epic Sandwich

4.29.15 - Clever Fox Makes an Epic Sandwich2

He could use some practice on that meat-to-bread ratio, but otherwise his technique is stellar.
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Jealous Dog Demands Bro-Time With Dad

4.28.15 - video

Some dogs think the world revolves around them.
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What a Little Sassy-Pants!

4.28.15 - cute pup

How can something so tiny have so much attitude already?
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Puppy’s First Time at the Beach


A puppy named Coby goes to beach for the very first time.
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