Cute Dog Videos

Get your daily dose of cuteness with these adorable animal videos.

Dog and Crow Play Together

See how incredible it is for these two very different species to form such a close bond. Read more

Dogs and Babies Compilation

Dogs are hanging out with babies in this cute compilation of video clips. Read more

Dog Plays Stepmom to Two Adopted Foxes

“Living with two foxes around has changed my stereotype on them a lot. They can be probably cunning, but they can be so lovely as well,” said YouTube user Gill Yi. Read more

Funny Dog BOUNCES Through Field

Every dog deserves to be this happy! Read more

Happy Dog Rolls in Grass: Cute Dog Maymo

Cute dog Maymo is extremely happy to roll around in the grass. Watch this cute pup twist, turn, snort and sniffle through a sun-dappled field in the cutest way possible. Read more

Two Adorable French Bull Dog Videos to Brighten Up your Monday

Here are two videos, specially picked to help bring a little more adorable into your day. Read more

Cat Narrowly Survives Puppy Attack

Luckily for kitty, she can outrun and outjump this rambunctious bunch! Read more

The Laziest Dogs EVER

Oh, to be that spoiled and carefree! Read more

Dogs Love Babies Compilation

Dogs give babies love and kisses in this cute compilation of video clips. Read more

Pit Bulls' Interesting Reactions to the Rain

Most pit bulls turn tail and stay as far away from the rain as possible, but others are more content to splash about! Read more

Funniest Talking Dogs Compilation

Can you imagine what it would sound like if they all lived together? Read more

Dog Loses his Mind over Birthday Present

It’s your dog’s birthday. What will you get him this year? A squeaky toy? A shiny new collar? Maybe this year, because he’s been an extra good boy, a big, juicy steak? Read more

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