Cute Dog Videos

Get your daily dose of cuteness with these adorable animal videos.

Big Laughs from Little Pugs

Pugs doing exactly what pugs do best. Providing love and companionship to all mankind. Read more

Dog Has a Brilliant Time with Her New Toy

Would your dog love this, eat this, or pee on it? Read more

Dog Just Wants to Play with the Dog on the Screen

Aww, poor guy. As smart as dogs are, it seems some will just never get the hang of virtual friendships… Read more

German Shepherd and Crow Play Ball

I wouldn’t want to get between wither of these two and that ball! Read more

Puppy Playtime

PUPPIES! These husky puppies are just too cute not to watch. Read more

Crafty Bird Feeds Dogs Treats

Those dogs have got absolutely love that bird. Read more

Puppy Wants to Play with Cat

“Hey cat, why won’t you play with me?” Read more

Four-Year-Old Commands a Pack of “Wild” Dogs

All it takes is patience and perseverance, and any dog can be this well trained… even a whole mob of them! Read more

Dog Enjoys Sled Ride

Who needs to walk on snow to enjoy winter when you can ride a sled? Read more

So God Made a Dog

Dogs are guardians, companions, entertainers, snugglers, leftover-eaters, heroes, and so much more! Read more

Dogs' Day at the Beach with a Cat

These dogs (and cat) have the best trainer/walker in the world. They all get to go to the beach! Read more

Little Dog Carries Cat Home

Cat: I don’t enjoy this, but not enough to mount an effective resistance. Read more

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