Cute Dog Videos

Get your daily dose of cuteness with these adorable animal videos.

Corgi Puppy Takes on Terrifying Spoon

“Scout sees a spoon for the first time. She is not a fan,” says mom Melissa. Read more

Dogs Meet Their Baby Brother

Two adorable Siberian Huskies get introduced to a new pack member, a baby! Read more

These Dogs’ Best Friends Are Rescued Raccoons

Raccoons – the greedy, grabby, climby, bitey little siblings your dogs have always wanted! Read more

Aiko Ate the Cheese

Ya can’t blame a girl for lovin’ cheese! Read more

Puppy Struggles To Stay Awake During First Bath

Perhaps the bath is just too relaxing for this little puppy. Read more

Corgi and Lamb Make an Adorable Pair

Fashion the corgi and Tansy the black lamb are best buds, and love to play together. Read more

Lovestruck Puppies Can't Keep Their Paws Off Each Other

What a life these puppies have! Read more

A Huge Welcome Home from Two Little Dogs

WOW! What a greeting! How does that not make you smile? Read more

Dog Is Excited Football Season Is Back

Meet Charlie, a devoted and excited canine football fan. Watch what he does when the game is on. Read more

This Silly Little Guy Refuses to Enter Until He Knows Door is Opened

This little guy has got to see it to believe it! Read more

Guard Dog in Training Takes on Suspicious Dog

Who’s that doggie in the mirror? I don’t know, but I’m gonna get him! Read more

Rocko the Singing Pit bull

This beautiful dog loves to sing while his owner plays the harmonica. Read more

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