Cute Dog Videos

Get your daily dose of cuteness with these adorable animal videos.

Nine Things You Shouldn’t Do on Instagram... Unless You’re a Pug

Who could resist a cute lil pug like this? Read more

World Cup Pup

This adorable little guy could be an excellent addition to your football club. World Cup, here we come! Read more

What do Corgis Do Over the Summer?

Corgis have their own beach day at Huntington Beach, California. Read more

This Dog is Going to Pump, YOU UP!

This dog is all about getting ripped! Read more

This Dog Is Ready for Pro-Level Soccer!

He even seems to know one of the most important rules of soccer (football) – no touching the ball with your hands… or front paws! Read more

Hoagie Is Looking for Love This Summer

Hoagie here is looking for a forever family this summer. If you’re an avid swimmer, Hoagie may be the perfect best buddy for you! Read more

Dog Totally Loses His Mind at PetSmart

What dog DOESN’T love going to PetSmart? Read more

Dog and Teddy Give New Meaning to Waterbed

This dog’s idea of a lazy afternoon? Take one dog, one floatation device, favorite teddy and a cool pool to relax in! Read more

Allow Us to Introduce to You, Jurassic Dog!

This dog gives a new meaning to “t-rex!” Read more

Dog Has An Awesome Way to Hug His Favorite Kid

Is this a hug, or a new version of ring around the rosy? Read more

Beagle Puppy Just Won't Let Go

This cute little puppy is just so confused – what’s going on?? Read more

Puppy Pinwheel!

Give a bunch of puppies some goat’s milk, and this is what happens! Read more

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