Dog Makes a Tilt-a-Whirl for Baby

7.16.15 - Rollercoaster

Many dogs and kids just love getting dizzy… once they figure out that that’s what they’re supposed to be feeling after all that spinning!
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Dog Gets Booped by Baby Kitten on the Nose

7.16.15 - I'll show you

“Boop my nose will you?! Well, I’ll show this weird looking little thing who’s boss around here!”
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This Dog Knows How to Handle a Defiant Cat

7.14.15 - video

This dog has an interesting way of telling a cat to get a move on!
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What Is This Dog Dreaming About?

7.14.15 - dreaming husky

Little husky has a dream that involves his tongue. Maybe he’s dreaming of bacon ice cream!
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Dogs Having a Blast at the Beach

7.13.15 - Dogs Having Fun at the Beach

Being buried in shallow sand for a few minutes can be a great way to stay cool on those hot summer days!
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Adorable Little Dog Doesn’t Know the Door is Open

7.13.15 - doggy door

This poor little dog doesn’t realize that the back door is open, and patiently waits for someone to let him in.
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Bonsai: A Special Little Guy That’s a Living Miracle

7.11.15 - BonsaiFEAT

Bonsai was born the odds stacked against him big time, but is one adorable puppy that will steal your heart.
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Guilty Dog “Disappears”

7.10.15 - Guilty Dog Disappears

Matzo has been in the garbage, and there’s no hiding the evidence.  Mom tries to admonish him, but has a hard time staying mad at him when he pulls a disappearing act!     “If she can’t see me, I can’t be in trouble, right?”

Dog Says “Mama” Before Baby Can

7.9.15 - Dog Says Mama Before Baby

The 10-year-old dog, who has been trained to say “mama” for years, was rewarded after the video stopped.
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Dog Steals Garden Hose & Drenches Human

7.8.15 - video

Crafty dog gets his mouth on a garden hose, and chases a human around, drenching him in the process!
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You Scratch my Back, and I’ll Scratch Yours

7.7.15 - video

This dog truly believes in share and share alike!
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Dog Totally Ignores Baby Bud to Watch Women’s World Cup

7.7.15 - Dog Ignores Bestie for World Cup

“Hey, buddy – SCRAM! Can’t you see there’s a ball being kicked on tv??”
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Jealous Dog Forgives Owner


Dog feels jealous when her owner pets another dog.
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What A Little Snitch! You’re NOT Supposed to Sell out a Family member!

7.6.15 - Little dog

The bigger dog is clearly snitching on the little dog, and that’s just not right! Family is supposed to stick together, not tattle on each other!
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5 Things You Know if You Own a Pit Bull

7.7.15 - Pit Bull Truths

What thing do you know to be true of your pit bull?
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When Your Best Friends Won’t Stop Fighting…

7.6.15 - Tug-of-War

“Hey guys, I know you both like this ball, and you both like playing tug-of-war. But enough already!”
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Annoyed Dog Cleverly Tricks Her Sister

7.3.15 - Smart Dog Tricks Brother

“Indy being the gentle giant with boo, who wanted every toy that Indy was playing with. So Indy plays the old bait and switch,” Justin Tokarsky said.
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Dog Tries to Become First Dog-Snake Hybrid

7.3.15 - tuber dog

This dog wants to make some waves in the world of science, by becoming the first dog to successfully turn himself into a completely different animal.
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This Dog Still Thinks it’s Not Safe to Go Back in the Water

7.3.15 - video

No mechanical shark from a movie made in 1975 will be snacking on this dog’s human today! Not if the dog can help it!
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No one Gets Between this Dog and His Bone

7.1.15 - video

Not even a couch can stop this dog in his quest for his bone.
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