This Dog Actually LIKES the Mailperson!

7.30.15 - mail fetch

This dog fetches the mail for his human everyday, and actually LIKES his mailperson!
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Dog “Saves” Drowning Human

7.30.15 - tricking dog

This is why it’s not a good idea to try and fool your dog into “saving” you from drowning!
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Dogs Are Family


A dog shows us why it is so easy to love them.
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Black Lab Plays “The Floor Is Lava”

7.28.15 - The Floor Is Lava

While his front paws might be touching lava, his back paws are still on home base!
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Dogs LOVE Waterslides

7.28.15 - waterslide

This dog looks to be having the time of his life on that waterslide!
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Dog Door Fails

7.27.15 - video

Sometimes dogs just don’t know their own size.
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This Dog Will Do ANYTHING for Ice Cream

7.27.15 - Dog Wants Ice Cream1

I scream, you scream, Ruby barks – for ice cream!
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Dog Swims with Dolphins

7.24.15 - Dog Swims with Dolphins

What a lucky dog!
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Dog Plays with Balloon


Give a dog a balloon and chances are the dog will happily play for hours.
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Dog Welcomes Soldier Home


Cotton gets super excited to see his daddy back home.
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Clever Dog Fetches Ball from Pool Without Getting Soaked

7.21.15 - Clever Dog Retrieves Ball

Maybe her human should teach her how to use the skimmer – then she could get the bugs out, too!
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Everyone is Good at Something…

7.20.15 - boy hugs dog

Just because you’re not the best at a particular something, doesn’t mean that you aren’t very much loved.
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Rosie, the Kitten Who Thinks She’s a Husky

7.20.15 - Rosie the Kitten

When in Rome, right?
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Night of the Adorable Puppy Swarm!

7.17.15 - puppy swarm

Just when you thought it was safe to lie on the ground and curl up into a ball…
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Dog Makes a Tilt-a-Whirl for Baby

7.16.15 - Rollercoaster

Many dogs and kids just love getting dizzy… once they figure out that that’s what they’re supposed to be feeling after all that spinning!
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Dog Gets Booped by Baby Kitten on the Nose

7.16.15 - I'll show you

“Boop my nose will you?! Well, I’ll show this weird looking little thing who’s boss around here!”
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This Dog Knows How to Handle a Defiant Cat

7.14.15 - video

This dog has an interesting way of telling a cat to get a move on!
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What Is This Dog Dreaming About?

7.14.15 - dreaming husky

Little husky has a dream that involves his tongue. Maybe he’s dreaming of bacon ice cream!
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Dogs Having a Blast at the Beach

7.13.15 - Dogs Having Fun at the Beach

Being buried in shallow sand for a few minutes can be a great way to stay cool on those hot summer days!
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Adorable Little Dog Doesn’t Know the Door is Open

7.13.15 - doggy door

This poor little dog doesn’t realize that the back door is open, and patiently waits for someone to let him in.
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