Grandma Got Run Over by a Puppy

6.29.15 - grandma

We’ve heard the silly Christmas song Grandma got Run Over by a Reindeer, but this is just nuts!
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Corgi Time! 35 Corgis Being as Cute as it Gets

6.27.15 - corgi

A cute video from our friends at BuzzFeed give us some corgis being corgis.
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Have a Happy Take Your Dog to Work Day 2015


Office dogs make for the best coworkers and they get paid in snuggles and belly rubs.
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Minions Wiener Dog Edition


Dogs are cute, but dogs dresses are minions are adorable!
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Dog Gets Surprise Birthday Party!


Every dog should get surprise birthday parties.
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Monkey See, Monkey Do

6.20.15 - Dogs Imitating1

“Hey – if they get to jump on the bed, then I get to do it, too!”
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Orphaned Lion Cub is Adopted by Dog

6.8.15 - scub

After losing both siblings to illness and being rejected by his mother, this lion cub has found a home with a mother dog at the Nama Zoo!
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Pit Bulls are the BEST!


Buzzfeed tells us all about how those itty bitty pitties are just so irresistable! We tend to agree!
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You Call That a Bark?!?


Maybe he doesn’t know he’s a dog, or just forgot how to bark. At any rate, that is quite a vocalization entirely un-dog-like!
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Quirky Corgis!

6.17.15 - Quirky Corgis

Did you know Corgis are considered a dying breed?  Fewer of them are being bred each year.
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Nine Things You Shouldn’t Do on Instagram… Unless You’re a Pug

6.16.15 - Only Pugs of Instagram

Who could resist a cute lil pug like this?
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World Cup Pup

6.16.15 - world cup pup

This adorable little guy could be an excellent addition to your football club. World Cup, here we come!
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What do Corgis Do Over the Summer?


Corgis have their own beach day at Huntington Beach, California.
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This Dog is Going to Pump, YOU UP!

6.12.15 - video

This dog is all about getting ripped!
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This Dog Is Ready for Pro-Level Soccer!

6.12.15 - Dog Playing Soccer

He even seems to know one of the most important rules of soccer (football) – no touching the ball with your hands… or front paws!
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Hoagie Is Looking for Love This Summer

6.11.15 - Hoagie

Hoagie here is looking for a forever family this summer. If you’re an avid swimmer, Hoagie may be the perfect best buddy for you!
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Dog Totally Loses His Mind at PetSmart

6.11.15 - PetSmart

What dog DOESN’T love going to PetSmart?
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Dog and Teddy Give New Meaning to Waterbed

6.11.15 - dog water

This dog’s idea of a lazy afternoon? Take one dog, one floatation device, favorite teddy and a cool pool to relax in!
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Allow Us to Introduce to You, Jurassic Dog!

6.10.15 - 8pm

This dog gives a new meaning to “t-rex!”
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Dog Has An Awesome Way to Hug His Favorite Kid

6.10.15 - Unique Dog Hug

Is this a hug, or a new version of ring around the rosy?
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