Cute Dog Videos

Get your daily dose of cuteness with these adorable animal videos.

Cooking with Mo - Puffy Buffet Bites

Mo seems far more interested in the camera woman than cooking…. but that could be because he’s a dog and cares more about the end product! Read more

Time-Lapse Video of Bedtime with Eight Dogs

Feel free to share the bedtime rituals and photos with your critters in the comments section. Read more

Dog Helps Owner Care for Injured Stray

In China, a man enlisted the help of his pet, a pit bull-Labrador cross named Black Tiger, to care for an injured four-legged friend. Read more

Deaf Pug excited to see his owner return home

An older, deaf pug sings loudly and off-key while showing happiness and excitement at seeing his petmom upon her return home. Read more

Golden Retriever Puppy Meets the Brush

Be you friend or foe, spiky creature?? Read more

Dog's reunion with Navy pilot!

Welcome home! This boxer, Zeus, was very happy to see his guardian after a nine-month deployment! Read more

Meat Tug-of-War: Dog vs. Kitten

Slightly vexed, the dog looks as if to say, “Really? Show me your worst.” Read more

Salsa Dancing Dogs

It seems only small dogs have the right body type for these maneuvers – can you imagine a Great Dane being able to dance like this? Read more

Cute Dogs Demand Petting Compilation

Cute dogs make it clear that they want some affection in this compilation of video clips. Read more

Head-Massaged Husky is the Happiest Dog You'll Ever See

“What is that thing? Get it away from me! No…. wait…. ah, right there!” Read more

Happy and Excited Dogs

It’s hard to get a screen shot of dogs this bouncy and wiggly! Read more

Dogs vs. Bubbles: Cute Dogs Maymo & Penny

Cute dogs Maymo & Penny have fun with edible bubbles. Watch these cute pups chase, lunge at, and ultimately conquer the army of bubbles in uniquely cute fashion. The bubbles used in this video are non-toxic and especially made for pets. Read more

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