Clever Fox Makes an Epic Sandwich

4.29.15 - Clever Fox Makes an Epic Sandwich2

He could use some practice on that meat-to-bread ratio, but otherwise his technique is stellar.
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Jealous Dog Demands Bro-Time With Dad

4.28.15 - video

Some dogs think the world revolves around them.
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What a Little Sassy-Pants!

4.28.15 - cute pup

How can something so tiny have so much attitude already?
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Puppy’s First Time at the Beach


A puppy named Coby goes to beach for the very first time.
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Dance Like No One Is Watching

Is that not the best expression ever!?!?

Some of these dogs are just itchy, but some of these other critters are clearly just getting down with their bad self!
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Sleeping Puppy Won’t Get Up


Puppy sleeps soundly even though it is time to get ready to go back to work.
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Dogs Playing With Their Kitty Siblings

4.24.15 - vid

A compilation of dogs and their kitty cat siblings playing together. Who says they can’t get along?
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Gus REALLY Wants an Indoor Pool

4.26.15 - Gus REALLY Wants an Indoor Pool1

And why shouldn’t we all have an indoor pool?
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German Shepherds Being Big Goofballs

4.23.15 - German Shepherds Being Goofballs

Not all dogs love the garden hose this much! If you have a silly shepherd, show us in the comments section.
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The Next Big Hollywood Star Is Here Crusoe the Dachshund


If Hollywood is looking for its next big dog star, we have him!
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Dog Loves to go Fishing, Or Does He?


This dog is so excited to be fishing he can’t stop talking.
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10 of the Funniest Corgis Ever

4.22.15 - Funniest Corgis

Who can resist such adorable little nuggets?
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Hang On Guys, I Got This One!

4.21.15 - video

This cat gets the door for his canine siblings.
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Talking Dog Wows Judges on Britain’s Got Talent

4.21.15 - Wendy the Talking Dog

That’s certainly some talent “Wendy” has!
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Dog Catches Marriage Proposal for her Human

4.21.15 - dog propose

Using a GoPro mini-cam and the “fetch” harness made specially for dogs, this man got his proposal filmed.
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Rescue Dog Bonnie Refuses to Eat Alone

4.21.15 - bonnie

Because Sharing a meal with your big brother is just the best!
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Cute Dog Can Take Mickey Mouse’s Job


Dog dressed up as Mickey Mouse is the cutest ever!
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Redefining the Term “Guard Dog”

4.20.15 - video

This clever dog guards his human’s bike for him while he is away.
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Amazing Dog “Works” Comforting Elderly at Nursing Home

4.20.15 - nursing dogFEAT

“She’s an angel,” said 90-year-old Ruth New as Nala hopped up onto Ruth’s bed and cuddles in next to her.
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This Girl Is Amazing at Patty Cake

4.20.15 - Patty Cake

Patty cake, patty cake, baker’s man. Give that dog a treat as fast as you can!
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