Cute Dog Videos

Get your daily dose of cuteness with these adorable animal videos.

French Bulldog Puppy Makes “Romantic” Leap into Owner's Arms

It’s only the first leap that’s scary! Read more

A Group of Videos Sure to Bring a Smile to Your Face

These silly little guys bring a smile to the face of everyone who see them. Read more

For this Dog Bath Time is Fun Time!

Does your dog get this excited about bath time? Read more

Dog’s New Dentist?

“My parents’ pet raccoon, Oscar, messing with the very patient Price the Beagle at our pool.” Read more

Honey and Muesli: Evolution of a Friendship

See the blossoming relationship between Great Dane Honey and Muesli the kitten, as well as what Honey was like as a big playful puppy with Lemon, another of the family’s cats. Read more

Vicious Pit Bull "Attacks" Baby Girl

Macey had a reputation with other children before this happened… Read more

This Bulldog Puppy Has the Cutest Temper Tantrums Ever

Who could resist this little cutie? Read more

Bird Serenades Dog During Dinner

Who doesn’t like a little music with dinner? Read more

Cuteness Overload: Introducing Mickey The Tiny Pomeranian Puppy

Mickey is too cute for words, just watch the video and your heart will melt. Read more

Mr. Pepper's First Time Being Allowed on the Bed

“I bet if Mr. Pepper could smile and say ‘thank you,’ that’s what he would do!” Read more

Sailor Just Needs Some Help from Dad to Swim

“Our dog sailor is getting better at swimming,” says proud papa Brad. “A great way to cool her off on a hot Arizona summer day.” Read more

Dogs Chasing Their Tails - and Some of Them Winning!

For some dogs, it’s an expertly choreographed dance. Read more

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