Cute Dog Videos

Get your daily dose of cuteness with these adorable animal videos.

A Huge Welcome Home from Two Little Dogs

WOW! What a greeting! How does that not make you smile? Read more

Dog Is Excited Football Season Is Back

Meet Charlie, a devoted and excited canine football fan. Watch what he does when the game is on. Read more

This Silly Little Guy Refuses to Enter Until He Knows Door is Opened

This little guy has got to see it to believe it! Read more

Guard Dog in Training Takes on Suspicious Dog

Who’s that doggie in the mirror? I don’t know, but I’m gonna get him! Read more

Rocko the Singing Pit bull

This beautiful dog loves to sing while his owner plays the harmonica. Read more

Great Dane Is Sad He Can't Go Out and Play

This Great Dane sure wished he could go out and play. Read more

This Wonder Dog Can Catch 30 Treats in a Row!

Mila has so many fantastic qualities that it would be hard to pass her up. She’s even become quite the swimmer! Read more

Adorable Pup Plays Fetch by Himself

It’s a combo game of fetch and beat the ball down the stairs! Read more

Smart Dog Opens Gate

A baby gate is no match for this dog. Read more

Dog Steals Sleeping Dog's Treats

Clever dog becomes a treat thief while her canine sibling sleeps. Read more

Happy Saint Bernard Takes Prisoner of Love

Love can hurt… especially if you have a 100-pound lap-beast! Read more

Puppy Leaps into Owner's Arms

This cute little puppy takes a leap of faith…into his owner’s arms Read more

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