Cute Dog Videos

Get your daily dose of cuteness with these adorable animal videos.

Dogs Chasing Laser Pointers Compilation

And we thought they were just for cats! Dogs chase the red dot from the laser pointer in this cute compilation of video clips. Read more

Happy Puppy Fighting Sleep

Will you be able to watch its entire cuteness without nodding off? Read more

Adorable Puppies!

Just imagine you are in the same room with these little bundles of fun and your day will instantly be better! Read more

Dog Problems Humans Just Don't Understand

For a dog, glass doors can be confusing… confusing, yet tasty. Read more

A Very Doggy Valentine's Day

Ready for a little more puppy love? These little cuties will melt your heart! Read more

Freddie the Great Dane: Britain's Biggest Dog

A visit with Freddie, the 7ft. 4 in. Great Dane and his guardian at their Leigh-on-Sea, Essex UK home. Read more

Cute Fox Thinks She's a Dog

Dawn acts more like her dog pals at the sanctuary, enjoying playtime and attention from staff. Read more

Dog vs. Pineapple: Cute Dog Maymo

Watch cute dog Maymo’s first experience with a pineapple. As Penny looks on, Maymo licks, rolls over, and pounces on the fruit, waging the cutest battle ever against pineapple. Read more

Dalmatian Puppies - Too Cute

Who’s your favorite – Francie, Madison or Woodrow? Read more

Squirrel Hides Acorn in Bernese Mountain Dog's Fur

Will Wally be successful, or will he have to store his goodies elsewhere? Read more

Funny Dogs Doing Silly Things

Which of these clips is your favorite? Tell us in the comments section. Read more

Behind the Scenes of Puppy Bowl 2014

Which puppy did you find the cutest? Read more

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