Cute Dog Videos

Get your daily dose of cuteness with these adorable animal videos.

STATIC: The Hottest Look in Winter Fashion

Fang rocks the number one hottest look in doggy hairstyles for this winter fashion season. We’d say those are positive reactions from his humans. Read more

Dog “Gordon Ramsays” Food Demonstration

She’s only doing this in Chef Ramsay’s best interest… Read more

Dog & Australian Magpie Are Best Buddies

Even the laundry is entertaining for Sqwark! Read more

Husky Pup Tries Verbal Communication with Humans

A husky puppy tries verbal communication with the humans. Well, back to the drawing board! Read more

WWII Vet & Dog Go on Sledding Adventure

Though the dog jumps off as soon as the sled gets going, he happily races along and tries to keep up! Read more

Polite Dog Gets out of pool to "Go"

Brody keeps an old saying alive for a new generation. Read more

Tiny Dog vs. Watermelon

Tiny dog barks and big round watermelon. Read more

Dogs Getting the Upper Hand

A fun video that shows how dogs can sometimes get the better of their feline siblings. Read more

Introducing the First US National Peek-a-Boo Team

These dogs are expert level Peek-a-Boo champions. Can somebody say, “Olympic Gold?!?” Read more

A Day in the Life of A Pampered Active Dog

This dog has it made. Play. Eat. Sleep. Repeat. Read more

Dad Makes Dog’s Kennel Look Just Like Their Living Room

Other dogs appreciated being invited to Igor’s “home,” and Hera, a Saint Bernard, visited every day. Read more

Bathroom Time Always Means Time to Hang with Dad

Well, that’s one way to maintain a captive audience… Read more

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