Funny Dog Videos

Funny, silly, and crazy moments form the dog world, immortalized in film.

Bulldog Papa Meets Daughter for First Time

Who’s tougher – daddy or daughter? Read more

Been waking up late for some reason

Kermit figures out how to use the snooze button on the alarm. Read more

Husky Says "No" to Kennel

There are those days when getting up and going to work is rough. For our dogs, it can be just as hard when we leave and they have to go into their kennels… Read more

Bulldogs Being Bulldogs

See these bulldogs eating, snoozing and having fun! Read more

Clever Beagle Raids Toaster Oven

Hopefully the food was in there for awhile and the toaster oven had cooled down…. but many dogs feel a hot oven is well worth the risk for scrumptious snacks! Read more

Boxer is a Creepy Sleeper

Some dogs are very cute sleepers, and this guy, well….. Read more

Dogs Wearing Boots for the First Time

Is there anything sillier looking than dogs in boots? Read more

Dogs Playing in Snow

Brrr, it’s cold out there – so stay inside and watch cute dog videos! Read more

Mosley in the Snow

Just look at Mosley go! Read more

Impossibly Cute Husky: Wolfie Growing Up, Part 1

In this video we see Wolfie’s first meeting with his cousin, Snow, and he does some showing off in adorable husky fashion. Read more

Sometimes All It Takes Is One Good Nudge...

When Iben is not harassing his big furry brother, he can usually be found curled up beside Navarro’s tail, using it as a pillow. Read more

Babies Laughing at Dogs Eating Bubbles Compilation 2013

Babies are overcome with laughter at dogs playing with bubbles in this cute compilation of video clips. Read more

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