Funny Dog Videos

Funny, silly, and crazy moments form the dog world, immortalized in film.

Cute Animal Couples

There’s no denying it, these animal couples are just the cutest! Read more

Dogs Meet Thier Kitten Siblings for the First Time

These older dogs get to meet their little kitty siblings for the first time. Let the adorable begin! Read more

Video of Dog Playing Drum to White Stripes Song Goes Viral

Look out world, here comes newest star drummer, Maple! Seven Nation Army has never sounded better! Read more

Looking for Entertainment for Your Big Dog Wedding, Why Not John Legend?

John Legend does a music video for a dog wedding to promote fundraiser for online charity raffle. Read more

This Dog Will Kick Your Butt at Ping-Pong!

Border Collies are so smart you can teach them almost anything! Read more

This Dog Is Saving the Earth, One Piece of Trash at a Time

What a smart dog! She’s specially trained by her family to put trash in its proper place. Read more

Rupert the Fennec Fox Really Missed His Kitty

“It’s wonderful to see how excited Rupert is at seeing his friend again.” Read more

Senior Dog Shows Puppy Why Older Dogs Are Really Wiser

This elder dog is really wiser, he tricks a puppy while playing with him. Read more

Dog Can't Wait to Eat His Burger

This dog loves car rides, specially when they involve a stop by the burger joint drive through. Read more

This Dog Has one of the Coolest Besties Ever

One lucky dog gets to hang out and play with a marmoset as his bestie. Read more

Big Sister Takes Little Brother for a Walk

Sandy takes her little brother Ringo for a walk in the part. Read more

Here's How Lazy Dogs Fetch

This dog really wants to fetch that ball. Read more

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