Funny Dog Videos

Funny, silly, and crazy moments form the dog world, immortalized in film.

4 Dogs Taking the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

If you haven’t already taken the challenge, consider yourself nominated! Read more

Bird Serenades Dog During Dinner

Who doesn’t like a little music with dinner? Read more

Mr. Pepper's First Time Being Allowed on the Bed

“I bet if Mr. Pepper could smile and say ‘thank you,’ that’s what he would do!” Read more

Dogs Chasing Their Tails - and Some of Them Winning!

For some dogs, it’s an expertly choreographed dance. Read more

Rascally Fox Steals Dog’s Toy

What is it more likely that this dog is thinking, that he wants the fox to leave his stuff alone, or that he wants to go out and play, too? Read more

Cormorant, Minnesota Elects Dog as Mayor Over Human Candidate

Before being presented as the winner of the election, Duke received five hours of grooming so he would look his best. He will be officially sworn in to office on Saturday. The swearing in will take place at the city’s yearly fair. Read more

Dogs vs. Water Hoses

These dogs and puppies are fascinated by water hoses. They attack, chase, bite… and they enjoy this summer refreshment! Read more

The Spinning Scottish Puppies

Puppies get a workout while drinking! Read more

This Fluffy Dog Is Having The Most Adorable Existential Crisis

Watch him having a super cute doggy meltdown. Read more

This Rottweiler LOVES Showers!

Some dogs like baths, but showers?? Read more

Sneaking Lion Gives Dog a Fright

This dog thinks he’s running the show, but he’s got another thing coming! Read more

This Dog's Reaction to the Leaf Pile is to Die For!

Butch’s owner had just finished raking all the leaves when Butch discovered the pile. He didn’t waste any time before jumping in and having a blast! Read more

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