Cooperation Makes It Happen

5.9.15 - 3pm video

If we just could work together, we could get so much more done.
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With Dogs Like These, Who Needs Alarm Clocks?

5.7.15 - dog nap

Could there even possibly be anything better than snuggling with your dog? We don’t think so.
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Bulldogs Who Are Quite Possibly More Ham than Dog

5.8.15 - Bulldogs or Ham

These guys are no less than 75 percent pork product.
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English Bulldog Throws a Hilarious Hissy Fit

5.7.15 - Barley Throws a Hissy Fit

If there is one thing you need to know about bulldogs, it is that they are masters of the temper tantrum.
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Guilty Dog Eats Caramels


“Don’t look at me. I didn’t eat it,” says this guilty dog.
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This Dog Uses EVERYTHING The Good Lord Gave Him

5.6.15 - butt bark

This dog barks with so much effort, his entire body gets into it! Now there’s a dog that always gives his all!
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Dog Tries to Sing Along


Messi the dog wants to sing along. Who do you think sounds better, Messi or the dog toy?
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Sweetest & Silliest Sleeping Dogs

5.5.15 - sleepy dogs

Some people just can’t let sleeping dogs sleep!
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Dogs Hate the Cone


Dogs acting funny while wearing the cone.
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Dogs Hate Mondays Too


Humans are not the only ones that dislike Monday mornings.
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Funniest Animals of April

5.1.15 - Funniest Animals of April3

Do you have a funnier video? Share it with us and we’ll feature it on the site!
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Drones Deliver Puppy


Puppies cannot be delivered by drones, right? Watch and learn.
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Dog Makes Himself a Swingset

4.30.15 - Dog Makes His Own Swingset5

You can almost see the cogs turning as he figures out just how to get himself up high enough to catch the rope.
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Dogs Who Totally Forgot They Were Dogs

4.30.15 - Dogs Who Totally Forgot They Were Dogs

These pups are so pampered they’ve forgotten they’re not people!
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Dog Thinks Bed Sheets Are Towels


Why do our pets dry themselves on our bed sheets after their bath.
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Jealous Dog Demands Bro-Time With Dad

4.28.15 - video

Some dogs think the world revolves around them.
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Dog Tries to “Eat” Sibling

4.28.15 - Dog Tries to “Eat” Sibling

“Yeah, I’m…. I’m gonna eat you…. or at least, very gently cradle your head…. in my mouth.”
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What a Little Sassy-Pants!

4.28.15 - cute pup

How can something so tiny have so much attitude already?
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Dance Like No One Is Watching

Is that not the best expression ever!?!?

Some of these dogs are just itchy, but some of these other critters are clearly just getting down with their bad self!
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This Dog REALLY Hated Winter

4.27.15 - This Dog REALLY Hates Snow

This is one dog who probably wouldn’t object to wearing boots!
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