Dog and Teddy Give New Meaning to Waterbed

6.11.15 - dog water

This dog’s idea of a lazy afternoon? Take one dog, one floatation device, favorite teddy and a cool pool to relax in!
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Allow Us to Introduce to You, Jurassic Dog!

6.10.15 - 8pm

This dog gives a new meaning to “t-rex!”
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German Shepherd Tries to Play Video Game with Humans

6.9.15 - video

This dog is just mad because someone skipped his turn!
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Beagle Puppy Just Won’t Let Go

6.9.15 - Puppy Won't Let Go

This cute little puppy is just so confused – what’s going on??
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Dogs are the Best Problem Solvers

6.8.15 - 8pm vid

Dogs flex their brain muscles in a funny video.
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This Dog Purrs Just Like a Cat!

6.7.15 - Dog Purrs Like Cat

Seems like these guys may be spending a little too much time with their cat siblings…
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What the Heck Is Making That Sound?!?!

6.5.15 - 8pm video

This poor dog is very confused about what exactly is making that awful sound. The baby is having a good time though!
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Happy Dog Smiles for the Camera

6.5.15 - Smile for the Camera

She isn’t baring her teeth – this is definitely a smile!
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Baby Cakes Discovers She Has a Tail… and Really Loves Mud!

6.4.15 - Baby Cakes8

Baby Cakes is so entertaining – everyone needs a rescue pup like this!
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These Animals Are a Bit Species Confused

6.4.15 - 8pm

Try as they may, they can never truly become real dogs. That doesn’t seem to stop them from doing their best to be as dog-like as they possibly can, and it’s adorable!
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Dogs Steal the Show in This Time-Lapse Pregnancy Video

6.4.15 - Dogs Steal the Show4

“I planned to have the dogs in the shots. Although most of the time they decided how,” new dad Byron said.
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See How Much This Pittopotamus Loves Lounging in a Bath


Check out how much this cutie loves hanging out in a nice bath! What a ham!
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Maybe This is What They Mean When They Say “Blues Hound”

6.3.15 - blues hound

Could this be the second coming of the late blues master B.B. King, or is this just one dog that knows how to get down?
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Dog Drinks Shower Water


This dog loves to drink water from the shower.
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Dog Goes Berserk for Laughing Monkey Toy

6.3.15 - Dog Goes Berserk for Laughing Monkey Toy

This monkey might just drive dogs bananas!
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Spaz Kills All the Water Balloons on His Trampoline

6.2.15 - Spaz Pops Water Balloons

“That dog has drenched that trampoline with the blood of his enemies,” sockiethesock said.
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Funny Dog Asks for His Food


When this dog is hungry he brings his bowl. Funny dog.
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Basil Is NOT Happy About His New Life Jacket

6.1.15 - Basil Hates His Life Jacket

Something tells me he wouldn’t need a life jacket to float, anyway…
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Dog Helps Dog Out of Car


Don’t hesitate to call this dog, if your dog needs help getting out of a car.
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Dog is Not Happy About Being Called Last for Dinner

5.29.15 - vid

Check out the attitude on this dog! He’s upset about being called last for dinner.
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