Funny Dog Videos

Funny, silly, and crazy moments form the dog world, immortalized in film.

Lazy Dog Refuses to Get out of Bed

Most dogs can’t wait to get up and go outside first thing in the morning. Then there are others… Read more

Dachshund Stuck in Coat Sleeve

Anybody else think this is probably not the first sleeve this dog’s gotten stuck in? Read more

Boxer Loses His Marbles over Marbles

Boxers certainly know how to keep themselves entertained! Read more

Dog Getting Licked by a Crazy Goat

Goats are so weird. Read more

The Dog Who Totally Thought She Could Fly

Dog fails are fantastic, as long as they don’t get hurt! Read more

French Bulldog Puppy Argues Bedtime

If you didn’t love French bulldogs already, you will by the end of this video! Read more

Super Sweet Great Dane Just Wants to Cuddle

This is guaranteed to be the sweetest video you’ll see all day. Read more

Dog Goes Berserk Eating Bubbles

Some dogs are scared of bubbles, but not Mia! Read more

Husky Puppy Tackles Mom

This rambunctious youngster wants to play – and it doesn’t matter if mom wants to or not! Read more

Duncan Lou Who's First Trip to the Beach

Two-legged wonder dog Duncan Lou Who shows that having two legs is in no way a disability for him – he can run just as fast as the other dogs on the beach! Read more

Dog V.S. Balloons

These 74 balloons are no match for Simon! Read more

Sophie Rolls, Because She Likes To

There is never an inappropriate time or place to roll. Read more

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