Super Cute Puppy Is SO Excited to Eat

3.23.15 - Super Cute Puppy Is SO Excited to Eat

“We’ve been using a baby walker until he gets bigger and I will build him an adjustable Bailey chair.”
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Lazy Dog Has Interesting Way of Moving Off Chair

3.20.15 - Lazy German Shepherd Slides Off of Chair

Why not let gravity do all the work?
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Spaghetti-Eating Competition: Golden Retriever vs. German Shepherd

3.19.15 - Spaghetti-Eating Competition

Before viewing, comment who you think will win. No spoilers, anyone!
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Dog Takes Over Bed


No dog would sleep in a dog bed when they can easily take over their owner’s bed.
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The Stig REALLY Loves Laundry

3.18.15 - Stig Loves Doing Laundry

Does he also sort and fold?
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Beagle on a Grate Prepares for Lift-Off

3.17.15 - Beagle on a Grate

“I believe I can fly… I believe I can touch the sky…”
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Why Walk When you can Ride?

3.17.15 - 8am

Does this qualify them for the carpool lane?
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A Canine Alarm Clock Could be Useful Indeed

3.16.15 - 8pm

Dogs trying to keep their humans awake Maybe someone should show them was a coffee maker is!
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Adorable Dachshunds Play Cops & Robbers

3.16.15 - Weiner Dog Police Department

“Oakley, what the heck?! You ran right past me!”
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Breakfast in bed was Never so Cute

3.13.15 - 8pm

Nothing like a good meal to start the day!!
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Jealous Dog Steals Kisses

3.12.15 - Jealous Dog Interrupts Kisses

No kiss for you!
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Animals Take on Their Mirror Twins

3.11.15 - Animals vs. Mirrors

Just be careful not to let them go the way of Narcissus…
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Boston Terrier Won’t Get Out of Baby’s Crib

3.10.15 - Boston Terrier Won't Stay Out of Baby's Crib

“Keira and Humphrey’s bond is going strong! It is a blast to see a child and a dog be best buds!”
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Dog + Wedding Dress = DISASTER!

3.10.15 - 8am

This dog was so excited to see her human, or maybe, she doesn’t want her human getting married….
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Timid Great Dane Meets a Gosling

3.9.15 - Great Dane Meets Gosling

Such gentle giants!
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Start off Your Monday with a Laugh and a Contest for You and Your Dog!

3.9.15 - 8am video

No matter what it is they’re actually saying, some of them really do sound like just maybe, they could almost participate in verbal communication with humans!
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STATIC: The Hottest Look in Winter Fashion

3.6.15 - 8pm

Fang rocks the number one hottest look in doggy hairstyles for this winter fashion season. We’d say those are positive reactions from his humans.
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Dog Has Wild Reaction to Ear Drops

3.6.15 - Dog Reacts to Ear Drops

Poor guy! We’d have the same reaction!
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Dog “Gordon Ramsays” Food Demonstration

3.5.15 - Dog Sabotages Food Demonstration

She’s only doing this in Chef Ramsay’s best interest…
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Dog & Australian Magpie Are Best Buddies

3.5.15 - Dog & Crow Are Best Buddies

Even the laundry is entertaining for Sqwark!
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