Funny Dog Videos

Funny, silly, and crazy moments form the dog world, immortalized in film.

Dog and Cheetah Frolic in the Snow

Big cats are no different than house cats when it comes to how they play with dogs. Read more

Best Dog Vines of 2013

Which clip is your favorite? Tell us in the comment thread. Read more

Impossibly Cute Puppy: Wolfie's First Week

Warning: Huskies are howlers, so prepare to have your ears assailed! He’s adorable though – it’s worth it! Read more

Dogs Begging to Be Pet

Dogs are hedonists, and will do anything to be loved and pet and scratched all day. Read more

Cutest Dog and Cat Ever

A cat’s “happy feet” means a doggie massage – what could be more symbiotic than that? Read more

Dog in Snow Maze

What a great way to have some fun on snowy winter days. Read more

Protective Pit Bull Smooches Sleeping Owner

But not everyone enjoys receiving eye kisses as much as some dogs like giving them! Read more

Boxer Tries to Get Fake Dog to Play

Will he figure it out, or just keep trying? Read more

Puppy Armies vs. Lone Cats

It’s a good thing cats have amazing leaping abilities…. and that puppies tire quickly! Read more

Dog Plays Fetch by Himself in a Creek

This little guy has no problem making his own fun when no one’s around. Read more

Tiny Dog vs. Big Dog Park

No dog at the park was a match for this little guy! Read more

Welsh Corgi's Reaction to First Reflection

Will Mocha and Mirror Mocha be friends or foes? Read more

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