Funny Dog Videos

Funny, silly, and crazy moments form the dog world, immortalized in film.

Video: Get Off My Pillow

Pixie sees Sassy sleeping on the pillow and she needs to do something about it. Read more

Dog Loves to Watch Ping Pong

This dog has her sights set on being a world ping pong champion! Go Tessie, go! Read more

Problem Solving Dog Finds Hidden Treats

This dog is one smart, (and hungry) dog. Wonder where he picks up his ideas from… Read more

This Dog's Yoga Skills Puts Humans to Shame!

Of course, dogs stay pretty flexible doing all that self-cleaning…. Read more

Dogs and Cats Loving Winter More Than Humanly Possible

Tell us about your pets’ winter adventures in the comments section! Read more

Pick Me! Pick Me!

Who wants a tasty snack? This guy! Read more

Dog Waits Patiently for his Human Siblings School Bus

The highlight of this dog’s day is when his best friend comes home from school. What a good boy! Read more

Orphaned Lamb Raised by Collies now Thinks it’s a Dog

“I’ve never seen anything like this before. It’s really unusual,” said Mackenzie. Read more

Why Walk When You Can Roll?

The dog’s owner said it was his first time on the train. He was very well behaved and very cute. (The dog, that is!) :D Read more

Dalmatian with a Silly Snore

Check out the silly snore on this adorable, sleeping dalmatian! Read more

Best Friends Fur-ever

No matter what your choice is, be it dog, cat, fish, hamster or goat. When you have a best friend, life just gets that much better. Read more

When Play-Fighting Goes Wrong...

It seems pretty clear who the winner of this round is. Read more

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