Funny Dog Videos

Funny, silly, and crazy moments form the dog world, immortalized in film.

Norman and Earl Play Hide-and-go-Seek

Sure Norman, that tiny tree trunk will totally hide that giant body of yours. No problem! Read more

Cat Prefers Sleeping on Husky Friend

When you are besties, nothing is impossible! Read more

A Pinball Machine for a Bulldog

Bulldogs are also big fans of The Who’s Tommy as well… Read more

Dogs Chasing Their Own Leash

These dogs think thy will be able to catch their leash. Read more

Dog Just Wants to Play with the Dog on the Screen

Aww, poor guy. As smart as dogs are, it seems some will just never get the hang of virtual friendships… Read more

Dog Makes Unusual Friend during Walk on the Beach

These two snuggle-nuggets prove that just because we may look and think different, doesn’t mean we aren’t all deserving of the same love and respect from each other. Read more

Professional Escape Artists in Training

See some of the best escape artists hone their craft to get to greener pastures…..OK, maybe just closer to the box of treats! Either way, there guys are good. Read more

Crafty Bird Feeds Dogs Treats

Those dogs have got absolutely love that bird. Read more

Grandma Learns How NOT to Play Fetch

Is it cruel to laugh? Yes. But you’re going to anyway. And then you’re probably going to watch it again. Read more

Dog Enjoys Sled Ride

Who needs to walk on snow to enjoy winter when you can ride a sled? Read more

Stop, Thief! Animals Caught Stealing

An adorable compilation of animals trying to be sneaky. Read more

Lets Go Sledding!

“I don’t need to be a kid to enjoy sledding,” said the dog. Read more

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