Funny Dog Videos

Funny, silly, and crazy moments form the dog world, immortalized in film.


OH NO!!! It’s DOGZILLA!!! Read more

Funny: When Dog Fetch Fails

These dogs are hilariously awful at catching and fetching. Read more

Shake it Off with Gremlin

Gramlin and crew get down to shake it off in their own doggy version of the song. Read more

Chihuahuas Taking on Great Danes

These Great Danes just want some fun or peace and quiet, but they might not be getting their way… Read more

Puppy Gets A Surfing Lesson From Older Friend

This little dog and his friends aim to be surfing champions! What a team! Read more

Sheltie Cheats on Treadmill Run

Is it really cheating if their front paws are still running? Read more

Silly Foxes Who Love Jumping on Trampolines

Pouncing, sliding, rolling, gnawing – trampolines provide so much fun for kits and grown foxes alike! Read more

Dog Has Interesting Way of Singing His Excitement

This video even won a prize on America’s Funniest Home Videos! Read more

Freddy and Friends

Freddy and his siblings have some fun outdoors, getting into and out of trouble. Read more

Pugs At Play

Pugs strutting their stuff, and being the sassy little furballs they were born to be! Read more

Dog Plays Tetherball by Itself

Thanks to Seattle Dog Spot for the quotes, and video link. Read more

20 Dogs Who Are Happy to Be Total Jerks

Dogs – so nice. Except when they’re just being jerks! Read more

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