Sheldon and Dolly are Best Friends

2.24.15 - am

That is one FAST turtle! Wonder who taught him those moves…
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English Bulldogs Win Funniest Dog Contest

2.23.15 - English Bulldogs Are the Funniest Dogs - Winner2

The roll down hills, they skateboard, they watch tv like humans… how could English bulldogs NOT be the funniest?
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Puppy Shows Older Dog HE Owns Food Bowl

2.23.15 - 8am

This brave little guy shows his older sibling who’s the boss of the bowl!
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Adorable Puppy is Outsmarted by Frisbee

2.22.15 - 800

Well, the performance certainly is a tour de force, but we think it’s a bit late to submit for an Academy Award nomination…
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Assault with a Deadly Weapon (Dog Tails)

2.21.15 - 1130am

When dogs get excited, they wag their tail. This dog uses it as a method to obtain and maintain attention away from his sibling. Sometimes, they’re too smart.
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These Dogs Have a Unique way of Relieving Themselves

2.20.15 - pm vid

Well, if you’ve gotta go, you gotta go. However, these dogs add a bit a fun while they’re at it! Call it showboating if you must. We call it highly skilled!
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Pit Bulls Are the Funniest Kinds of Dogs!  (Video)

2.20.15 - Pit Bulls Are the Funniest Dogs

Pit bulls – those satellite ears & wrinkly foreheads always let you know when they’re in the mood to play!
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Hungry Dog and a Bag of Chips


Intruder alert FAIL! This dog is too busy eating to pay attention at whoever is at the door.
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French Bulldogs Are the Funniest Kinds of Dogs!  (Video)

2.19.15 - French Bulldogs

They squeak, argue, and swat at you when they don’t get their way.
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Dog Has a Blast Playing On His Own


Nothing is better for this dog than play time.
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Corgi Gives Basketball Clinic While Swimming

2.18.15 - pm

Sign this one up for the NBA. Who knows? Maybe we’re seeing the next Charles “Bark-“ley! You know, just with more hair.
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Huskies Are the Funniest Kinds of Dogs  (Video)

2.18.15 - Funniest Dogs - Huskies

Huskies talk, jounce, tease, sing, and are just downright quirky!
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English Bulldogs Are the Funniest Kinds of Dogs (Video)

2.17.15 - Funniest Dogs - Bulldogs

Who could resist these roly-poly little nuggets?
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Young Fox Steals Golfer’s Ball for Play Time

2.17.15 - fox golf

This little fox knows how to “have a ball” when it’s playtime. Living on or near a beautifully manicured golf course means no shortage of “toys!”
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Funny Dog Tries to Eat Cursor


This dog really wants to eat the “bug” on the computer screen.
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Boxers Are the Funniest Kinds of Dogs (Video)

2.16.15 - Funniest Dogs - Boxers

If you think there’s a funnier dog breed we missed, share a video in the comments section.
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Dogs Doing Funny Things


Why are our dogs so funny? Watch this video and get a good laugh.
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Dog Gets Challenged to Fetch Ball


Peggy tries to fetch her ball without getting wet.
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Dog Won’t Let You Study


This silly Siberian husky has something against schoolwork.
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Dog Finds Faster Way to Travel


Why use your legs when you can travel on wheels?
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