Funny Dog Videos

Funny, silly, and crazy moments form the dog world, immortalized in film.

Dog Stops Softball College Game When it Steals Players' Gloves

Have you ever met a dog that wants to be a catcher on a softball team? Here’s your chance. Read more

This Dog REALLY Hates the Mail

Perhaps the mail man or woman should start slipping some treats in the mail slot first! Read more

Dogs Annoying Cats with Their Friendship

Do you have a dog that just annoys your cat with its friendship, or are they best buddies? Share your best photo of them in the comments section on Facebook! Read more

Bunk's Birthday Balloons

All balloons were harmed during the making of this video… but don’t worry, Bunk didn’t ingest a single one! Read more

Dogs Playing Fetch by Themselves

Who needs a human when there’s a hill or a set of stairs to play fetch with? Read more

Dogs Who Love Trampolines

You’ve seen a few of these before, but there’s nothing like the joy of a dog having a blast on a trampoline. Read more

Dog's Funny Reaction to Squirrel

Does your dog go crazy for squirrels? Watch what Rocco does when he spots one but can’t chase after it. Read more

Four-Legged Car Vandal Caught on Tape

Now that “the culprit has been identified,” the canine delinquent will be stopped before inflicting future damages to private property. Read more

Lazy Dog Refuses to Get out of Bed

Most dogs can’t wait to get up and go outside first thing in the morning. Then there are others… Read more

Dachshund Stuck in Coat Sleeve

Anybody else think this is probably not the first sleeve this dog’s gotten stuck in? Read more

Boxer Loses His Marbles over Marbles

Boxers certainly know how to keep themselves entertained! Read more

Dog Getting Licked by a Crazy Goat

Goats are so weird. Read more

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