Funny Dog Videos

Funny, silly, and crazy moments form the dog world, immortalized in film.

Quincy REALLY Loves Road Trips

There is no dog who is down for a road trip as much as Quincy! Read more

Cute Baby Animals Falling Asleep

Baby animals falling asleep is just adorable, and this video is no exception. Plus, there are fun facts with every animal! Read more

Adorable Husky Puppy Argues Bathtime

“But I don’t WANNA take a bath… there’s water in there!” Read more

Haiku's Car Wash Horror

Insert scary Jaws theme music here. Read more

Dogs Who Really Love Dad

Here are a few dogs who really, really love dad. Read more

Dogs Who Just LOVE the Playground

You may have seen dogs on swings and slides, but have you ever seen a Corgi on a carousel? Read more

Puppies Getting Stuck in Things

They’ll figure it out eventually… right? Read more

Corgi Refuses to Come out from Couch Lair

Under-the-couch dens are perfect for low-riding little Corgis! Read more

Dachshunds Play with Balloon

Who needs a ball when there are balloons, the toy that plays fetch with you? Read more

Great Dane Is Scared of a Frog

Great Danes have no concept of just how big they really are. Read more

Husky Puppies Play-Fighting

These adorable little furballs can be quite a pawful for the new mom. Read more

Rescue Pit Bull Finds Racing Buddy in Deer

“Zeke is a recent rescue dog and loves to watch the wildlife wander through the backyard. He’s a love bug, a couch potato and that’s the most we have ever seen him move!” Read more

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