Funny Dog Videos

Funny, silly, and crazy moments form the dog world, immortalized in film.

Why Walk Down the Stairs When You Can Slide Down Instead?

This dog might just bee too lazy to walk down the stairs. Read more

The Handstanding Dog

This Jack Russell Terrier is full of tricks! From a hand stand to jumping rope to a belly crawl, there’s nothing this dog can’t do! Read more

Top 10 Funny Guilty Dogs Compilation

These dogs are ashamed of their actions, but I bet they’ll do it again when they get the chance! Read more

What? No Dogs Allowed On the Couch?

What do you mean I’m not allowed on the couch? Read more

Dear Cat, This is a Dog

An older cat helps his little brother out with an explanation of what a dog is. Read more

Dogs and Cats Who REALLY Love Taking Baths

Don’t you wish you had one like this? Read more

These Pets Are Great at Playing Dead

These dogs must be a blast at parties! Read more

Playtime With Some Adorable Yorkies

A Yorkie compilation so cute it’s impossible to watch without smiling! Read more

Hey Cat, That's my Plate!

Dogs and cats can be friends, but just because they get along doesn’t mean they have to share every thing. Read more

Audrey, Slayer of Bubbles

Audrey the Bubble Slayer putting on quite a display! Go Audrey! Go! Read more

Corgi Puppy Takes on Terrifying Spoon

“Scout sees a spoon for the first time. She is not a fan,” says mom Melissa. Read more

These Dogs’ Best Friends Are Rescued Raccoons

Raccoons – the greedy, grabby, climby, bitey little siblings your dogs have always wanted! Read more

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