Funny Dog Videos

Funny, silly, and crazy moments form the dog world, immortalized in film.

Dog Wants to Hold Hands

It doesn’t seem to matter that Adam has to drive – Tommy wants to hold hands! Read more

Ultimate Guilty Dog Compilation

You’ve seen Denver the guilty dog, now see the rest! Read more

Archer vs. the Green Ball

“My nine-week-old corgi, Archer, got super excited when I gave him this ball that has a bell inside. I think he thought it was alive and he needed to show it who’s the boss.” – YouTube uploader sandonabeachbythesea Read more

Cutest Dog and Cat Fight

See the best “fight” between a cat and a dog. Read more

Branch Manager and Assistant Branch Manager

Adopted dogs Sparty-kins and the Lokers have fun playing in the backyard. Read more

Pit Bull Puppies Play Ball

How long will these bouncy balls last under the pressure of puppy teeth? Read more

Siberian Husky Has Fun in the Leaves

No one has as much fun in the leaves as Butch! Read more

Baby Elephant Tries to Wake Dog

See how gently this elephant (and human) try to wake this dog so the pair can play. Read more

Dog Makes Daring Escape from Kitchen

Dogs with separation anxiety will do anything to get closer to their owners. Read more

Cute Dog Has Interesting Way of Eating a Bone

Is Frankenstein deejaying, or eating that bone? Read more

Silly Dog Chases His Tail

Cookie T.’s three-year-old granddaughter loves watching Chance spin in circles! Read more

Dogs Who Love Water

These dogs just can’t get enough! Read more

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