Funny Dog Videos

Funny, silly, and crazy moments form the dog world, immortalized in film.

Little Dog Carries Cat Home

Cat: I don’t enjoy this, but not enough to mount an effective resistance. Read more

Dogs Doing Funny Things

Dogs can just do the funniest things to make us smile. Read more

BuzzFeed's Myths and Facts About Pit Bulls

If you’ve never had a pit bull, you’re missing out! Adopt one today! Read more

Animals Fighting a Losing Battle Against Sleep

Sometimes, you just have to give in, and go to bed. Read more

Dog Is Happy to Get His Belly Rubbed

When a dog gives you his belly, you know what you have to do. Give him a belly rub! Read more

Adorable French Bulldogs in a Ball-Pit

It’s a puppy ball-pit mosh pit! Read more

Tiny Puppy LOVES Being Tickled

This video is sure to chase the winter blues away! Read more

Dog Jumps for Joy When Watching TV

This dog has a funny reaction to an animated movie star. Read more

Brady the Guilty Dog Ate Someone Else's Cookies

“Don’t look at me. I didn’t do it,” said the guilty dog. Read more

Puppy Has Hilarious Reaction to Food Dish Being Filled

This young lad is very smart and does all sorts of tricks – there will certainly be more videos! Read more

The Ten Funniest Pit Bull Videos from 2014

Pit bulls come on all shapes, colors and sizes. There is one thing they have in common across the board however, and that’s a never ending love of playtime. Read more

Dog Parties Too Much into the New Year

This is what your pet looks likes after partying all night long. Read more

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