The Doggie Teeter-Totter

4.14.15 - tugs

Sometimes, you give a little. Sometimes, you get a little. Sometimes you go nowhere at all!
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Dog vs. Tree Branch


This dog really enjoys playing with wood sticks.
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Dog Absolutely LOVES His First Time on the Merry-Go-Round

4.13.15 - Dog Loves Merry-Go-Round

Who says the park is just for kids?
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What Happens When Dog Wants to Play with Cat


Hey cat, do you want to play? A friendly pup learns that you can’t always mess with the cat.
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Ricky-Charlie May or May Not Like Raincoats

4.11.15 - Ricky-Charlie2

How would you explain his behavior with the raincoat? Is he scared of it? Is it comforting? Is he just being a goofball?
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Ears – They Give You Wiiinnngggs!

4.10.15 - ear wings

Now that is a set of ears! If only he could be trained to flap them faster…
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No Dogs Allowed at the Dinner Table, Except Maybe This Guy

4.9.15 - 8pm video

This dog somehow got opposable thumbs, and has taught himself how to sit at the table and eat.
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Princess Leia the Boxer Loves Her Binkie


Just like babies, sometimes dogs need a little help getting to sleep…
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Dog Takes Owner on Walk


It seems this dog was too excited to be outside that he forgot his owner was the one taking him on a walk.
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Darn Those Pesky Shadow Puppets!

4.8.15 - funny bulldog

This bull dog is having a full on conversation…with a shadow puppet…
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Is That a Mop or a Dog?


Don’t be fooled by this “mop,” we’re sure it won’t be any good at cleaning your floors.
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Dogs Just LOVE to Give Kisses!

4.7.15 -dog kisses

A cute video exploring some of the possible reasons dogs can be furry kiss factories.
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Silliest Dachshunds Video

4.6.15 - Silly Dachshunds

Which video clip was your favorite? Tell us in the comments section!
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Cute Animal Couples

4.6.15 - 8pm

There’s no denying it, these animal couples are just the cutest!
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Dogs Meet Thier Kitten Siblings for the First Time

4.6.15 - quick am vid

These older dogs get to meet their little kitty siblings for the first time. Let the adorable begin!
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Video of Dog Playing Drum to White Stripes Song Goes Viral

4.4.15 - maple drums

Look out world, here comes newest star drummer, Maple! Seven Nation Army has never sounded better!
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Looking for Entertainment for Your Big Dog Wedding, Why Not John Legend?

4.4.15 - John Legend

John Legend does a music video for a dog wedding to promote fundraiser for online charity raffle.
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This Dog Will Kick Your Butt at Ping-Pong!

4.3.15 - Skilled Dog Plays Ping Pong

Border Collies are so smart you can teach them almost anything!
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This Dog Is Saving the Earth, One Piece of Trash at a Time

4.3.15 - trash dog 8pm video

What a smart dog! She’s specially trained by her family to put trash in its proper place.
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Rupert the Fennec Fox Really Missed His Kitty

4.2.15 - Fennec Fox Really Missed His Kitty

“It’s wonderful to see how excited Rupert is at seeing his friend again.”
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