Inspirational Dog Videos

Grab a handkerchief and take in this moving and powerful collection of dog tales.

New 3D Printed Front Legs Give Disabled Dog New “Leash on Life”

“I kept looking at his photo, and hearing his story, and I cried literally every time,” explained Tara Anderson. “I had to try and help this dog.” Read more

Mama Dog Adopts Kittens into Her Litter

This momma dog seems to just LOVE being a mom. Regardless of who the kids are! Read more

The Rescue of Miley Then and Now

This is the before and after rescue video of Miley. What a great job the loving people at Hope for Paws are! Read more

A Heartwarming Story for a Cold December Morning

That all important best friend. The one that stands by our side no matter what. It’s what makes life worth it. Read more

Extreme Puppy Makeover

There’s nothing better than helping those in need. Comedian Tom Mabe does just that to many pets in need with his “Prank It Fwd.” Read more

Sadie and Solar Are More Than Just Besties

“When Tender Loving Canines trained Solar to be a service dog for her, she found much more than a helper, she found a best friend.” Read more

This Puppy Shows that Miracles Do Happen

A dog suffering from Swimmers Syndrome learns how to walk again. Read more

Luna's Journey: From Starvation to 100% Health

CANDi photographer Tracey Buyce encounters a dying dog and does everything she can to save the pet’s life. This is Luna’s story. Read more

Harley: A Dream to Call My Own

Once upon a time there was a very small puppy mill dog with a really big dream. And then his dream came true. Read more

Video: 10 Most Inspiring Dog Rescues

How far will people go to rescue a pet in need? Watch and find out. Read more

Abandoned and Defeated Dog Waited for Death, but a Miracle Happened

A badly neglected dog only looked forward to death, but then a miracle happened. Read more

Abused Pit bull Cheats Death, Meets Autistic Boy and Then the Unexpected Happens

Two lives instantly transformed when Xena the starved and abandoned Pit bull met an autistic boy. Read more

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