Inspirational Dog Videos

Grab a handkerchief and take in this moving and powerful collection of dog tales.

Misa Minnie Passes Her Therapy Dog Test

Watch as little Yorkie Misa Minnie aces her TDI Therapy Dog Test to become a therapy dog. Read more

From Trash to Treasure

A scared dog, trapped inside a garbage bin, was waiting to be rescued or to be crushed with the rest of the garbage. Thankfully the dog was rescued before a garbage truck came to pick up the trash. Read more

MHS Returns Mrs. Hamilton's Diamond

It’s frightening when a pet goes missing. It’s even more frightening when your pet is not only your best friend, but your only companion. Watch Mrs. Hamilton and Diamond’s heartwarming reunion! Read more

Incredibly Ill Pit Bull Gets Rescued & Completely Transforms

The road to recovery was a long one, but little by little, the true Gideon emerged. Once his body was healed, his sweet and silly personality shined like a starburst. Read more

Duncan Lou Who's First Trip to the Beach

Two-legged wonder dog Duncan Lou Who shows that having two legs is in no way a disability for him – he can run just as fast as the other dogs on the beach! Read more

Daisy & Jennifer

When Jennifer found Daisy on the side of the road while traveling she rescued the pregnant puppy mill escapee and gave her a good new life in a loving home. Read more

Rescue of Suki and her puppies

Suki and her puppies were rescued by volunteers with Gateway Pet Guardians on 3/23/2014 from an abandoned house in East St Louis. Read more

Cupid Undergoes Corrective Surgery to Fix His Deformed Legs

Cupid was left in a snow bank and he suffered from deformed front legs, but thanks to Ruff Start Rescue and many animal lovers, he has undergone surgery and is on his way to recovery. Read more

A Sick Homeless Pit Bull is Rescued & Makes an Inspiring Transformation!

This video from a Bill Foundation rescuer is both heart wrenching and heartwarming, as we see the horrific conditions Gideon was living in, followed by the amazing transformation he makes. Read more

If at first you don't succeed.... Duncan Lou Who

Duncan is a young two-legged dog who is meeting life’s everyday challenges with an inspiring spirit and will. Duncan gets around and plays, for the most part, like any other dog. Stairs, however, present a challenge but Duncan proves he can conquer them, too. Read more

Sickly, Abused Senior Dog Makes Nine

“Nobody wants to take a dog that you don’t know what kind of life they’ve had,” Mariesa said. “He’s had a terrible life! He’s not been loved or taken care of as much as he deserves to be, and he’s still a wonderful, loving companion.” Read more

This Ad Is Proof that Dogs Make Everything Better

Don’t hug your dog too tightly after this one! Read more

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