Inspirational Dog Videos

Grab a handkerchief and take in this moving and powerful collection of dog tales.

Video: 10 Most Inspiring Dog Rescues

How far will people go to rescue a pet in need? Watch and find out. Read more

Abandoned and Defeated Dog Waited for Death, but a Miracle Happened

A badly neglected dog only looked forward to death, but then a miracle happened. Read more

Abused Pit bull Cheats Death, Meets Autistic Boy and Then the Unexpected Happens

Two lives instantly transformed when Xena the starved and abandoned Pit bull met an autistic boy. Read more

The Heartwarming Story of Creed and Casper

Creed actually squeezed Casper’s paw in his hand. According to the nurse whom witnessed it, she remarked, “That dog just brought that boy back to life.” Read more

TurboRoo's Evolution of the Doggy Wheel Chair

Born without front legs, TurboRoo is getting a specially made, 3D printed doggy wheelchair thanks to Mark Daedrick, and his company “3dyn.” Read more

River Brings a Smile to the Face of Everyone he Meets

“River touches everybody’s heart,” said Lu Ann Jopp after meeting River while walking downtown. “Everybody has to come by and pet the dog.” Read more

Life Can Be So Incredible sometimes - Baby Lamb Adopted By An Unlikely Mother!

Dog looks after baby lamb Read more

In 95 Seconds, One Video Portrays Dog Ownership. The End Is Awesome!

No wonder this video went viral right away, they absolutely nailed it! No one can offer unconditional love like a dog can. Read more

Nobody Expected The Dog To Do This! Such A Great Mom

Very precious and heartwarming! Read more

Sweet Dog Cries for Joy in his Soldier Daddy's Lap

This dog is clearly expressing in his own way how much he loves and misses his daddy! Read more

RESCUED! Dog Lives Under Shed for a Year After Owner Dies

Woody was a filthy, matted mess, but even after a year with no care or love, he immediately responded to affection. Read more

Anderson Pooper: The Incredible Paralyzed Race Dog

Anderson Pooper is paralyzed in her back legs as a result of a spinal injury. Read more

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