Inspirational Dog Videos

Grab a handkerchief and take in this moving and powerful collection of dog tales.

Halo: From Hopeless to Happily Ever After

The days spent wondering when she would eat again and if she would ever know kindness are now just a very distant memory. Read more

Paralyzed Dog “Runs” to Reunite with Deployed Dad

This dog gives a new meaning to determination! What an amazing scene. Read more

Best Mates Rescued and Need a Home

Going from what can only be assumed is a lifetime together on the streets, to together at a foster home, let’s make sure Anna and Aurora stay together forever. Read more

Canadian Animal Welfare Organizations Donate Dog Houses

These groups came together to make dog houses for Canadian dogs that are often forced to endure harsh, subzero temperatures. Read more

Dog Catches Marriage Proposal for her Human

Using a GoPro mini-cam and the “fetch” harness made specially for dogs, this man got his proposal filmed. Read more

Amazing Dog "Works" Comforting Elderly at Nursing Home

“She’s an angel,” said 90-year-old Ruth New as Nala hopped up onto Ruth’s bed and cuddles in next to her. Read more

Prison Inmates Help Transform Abused Puppy Mill Dog

Sometimes the least expected people are the ones that can help rehabilitate and transform abused dogs. Watch the video transformation of a puppy mill dog. Read more

Paralyzed Rescue Dog Is Adopted and Miraculously Recovers

“I heard some screaming up front and everybody came to the front office,” Yajko said. “It was literally a miracle.” Read more

Homeless Man and His Dog Receive Gift of a Lifetime

This homeless man never expected to he and his dog would sleep in a bed of his own, but thanks to Tom Mabe and PrankItFWD, their dream came true. Read more

What Started Out As a $1,000 Giveaway Turned Into So Much More…

“I owed it to these dogs to pay it forward. Who rescues who here is debatable.” Read more

Do Animals Have Souls?

The creative people of have a valid point here. Read more

The Recovery of This Abandoned Puppy Will Leave You Speechless

WARNING! This video WILL put tears in your eyes. Read more

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