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Husky Puppy Tackles Mom

This rambunctious youngster wants to play – and it doesn’t matter if mom wants to or not! Read more

Rescued Fighting Dogs Now Seek New Homes

It was a long process, but many of the former fighters have shown themselves to be the loving, sweet dogs they always should have been. Read more

Kissing Dad: Cute Dogs Maymo & Penny

Watch cute dog Penny the lemon beagle surprise her “dad” (cute dog Maymo) with kisses. Read more

Duncan Lou Who's First Trip to the Beach

Two-legged wonder dog Duncan Lou Who shows that having two legs is in no way a disability for him – he can run just as fast as the other dogs on the beach! Read more

Dog V.S. Balloons

These 74 balloons are no match for Simon! Read more

Sophie Rolls, Because She Likes To

There is never an inappropriate time or place to roll. Read more

English Bulldog Puppy Shares Good Morning Smooches With Baby

It’s amazing how quickly we can find friendship in our lives. For this little pup and his young friend, friendship took no time at all. Read more

How Many Tricks Can Your Dog Do?

Meet Jesse, a Jack Russell Terrier that not only knows how to do house chores but seems to enjoy them too. Read more

Rescuers Work to Save Dogs After Numerous Bodies Found in Detroit Park

DAWG, a non-profit rescue organization, speaks with The American Strays Project about the dead dogs that have been found at River Rouge Park in Detroit. Read more

Romanian Stray Gets Rescued from Icy Canal

What are two Romanian fishermen to do when they hear the desperate cries of a trapped dog in an icy canal? Well, what else but to rescue the dog. Read more

Dogs & Cats Meeting for the First Time

How was the first meeting between your cat and dog – amicable or adversarial? Read more

Reward Offered for Dog Stolen with Car

“I’m not worried about the vehicle,” Larry Burgoon said. “I’m worried about getting Miles back. The car, the contents of the car, they’re replaceable. Miles is not.” Read more

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