This Is How K-9 Heroes Are Made


A K-9 puppy plays “lets catch the criminal” in a training session.
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Silly Dog Goes for a Swim in a Ball Pit

ball pit

One dog, plus one kiddie pool and a TON of plastic balls is an equation for adorable!
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Florida Man Is Single-Handedly Saving the Everglades Strays

8.14.15 - Eddy's K-9 Rescue1

“After Hurricane Andrew, Eddy started feeding and rescuing dogs, cats, monkeys, birds, horses, pigs and just about any living things that were affected.”
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This Dog Is a Pro at Street-Crossing

8.12.15 - Traffic

Not only does he wait for the light to change, but he knows better than to jaywalk!
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Super Dogs at Work


Who needs superheroes when you can have a super pet
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Guilty Dog Gets the Cutest Defense Lawyer – His Human Sister


Why did this dog eat what he wasn’t supposed to? It wasn’t his fault. He was just hungry.
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Puppy Play Time


Cuteness overload! These puppies are full of energy and just adorable.
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Cute Toys Scare Dogs


Even our four-legged friends are scared of some things…stuffed toys.
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Tiny Dog Carries Stubborn Cat Back Home


It wasn’t an easy task, but the little dog carries his kitty sibling back home.
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Woman Runs Marathon for the Love of Dogs


“I’m running not just to honor the dogs who rescued me, but for all the animals who are waiting to rescue a human,” said Karen Parente
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Adorable Dachshund Digs in His Sleep

8.10.15 - Sleep Digging

At least it was just a couch cushion, and not the garden!
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Bulldog Turns Hammock into a Playground

8.10.15 - Bulldog & Hammock1

It seems unlikely that he’ll ever be giving up this toy!
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Dog is Rescued After Ten Years of Neglect

8.10.15 - Rusty

A “vicious” and “aggressive” dog finds a new human and forever home after a decade of neglect.
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Funny: Dogs Having a Bad Day


Mondays suck! Watch these dogs struggle with the start of the week. Weekends should be longer.
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Man Says His Yorkie Scared Off Bigfoot

8.7.15 - Yorkie Scares Off Bigfoot

“[He] saved me from a possible encounter,” Walters said. “I love him more than ever.”
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Friends:  Puppies Edition

8.7.15 - Friends2

Absolutely adorable, but clearly someone has a Matthew Perry fixation!
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Maddie Fills Up Her Own Pool

8.6.15 - Maddie Fills Up Pool

Now, if only she could master the virtue of patience…
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NFL Player Suffers in Hot Car to Raise Awareness

8.5.15 - NFL Player Sits in Hot Car1

“If you’re going to make a dog a part of your family, then make him a part of your family. Don’t treat him like you wouldn’t treat someone you cared about.”
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This Dog Looks Very Funny While Sleeping


This little Chihuahua looks funny while sleeping.
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Loyal Dog Waits for Deceased Owner Outside Brazil’s Hospital


A nearby pet store feeds and cares for a loyal four-legged friend, patiently waiting outside a hospital for his owner to come out.
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