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Someone Needs to See a Doggy Eye Doctor

Maybe he just needs his prescription checked… Read more

See What This Fox Thinks of Bubbles!

Everyone loves bubbles, right? Read more

Prison Inmates Help Transform Abused Puppy Mill Dog

Sometimes the least expected people are the ones that can help rehabilitate and transform abused dogs. Watch the video transformation of a puppy mill dog. Read more

Man Jumps into Dirty Canal Waters to Save Stray Dog

People gathered around a canal to witness how a man, with the help of two policemen, saved a dog trapped in the dirty waters. Read more

Ultimate Belly Rub Compilation

What dog doesn’t love a good belly scratchin’? Well, these guys LOVE IT! Read more

Miracle Dog Survives Two Days in Wrecked Car

“It’s a miracle, it really is,” said Autumn Jolley, founder of Power of the Paw. “And he’s a little fighter.” Read more

Dog Is Utterly Bewildered by a Flower Petal

It’s not a cat, squirrel, raccoon, or duck, but this creature still warrants a thorough investigation and attack! Read more

Dog Goes to Dog Park

Here’s what the dog park feels like from a dog’s view. Read more

Want to Raise Empathetic Kids?  Get Them a Dog.

Unlike IQ, which is fixed at birth, EQ can grow and be nurtured, and what better way than with a loving pet who is a gift to the whole family? Read more

Fearless Dog Chases After a Shark

“She went up to the tail of that shark, sniffed it, said ‘ok,’ turned around, and that shark just swam on.” Read more

Daring Rescue of Small Dog from House Fire

Firefighters are some of the bravest people in the world, and we thank them for the vital services they provide. Read more

Gremlin and Stiggy Hanging Out with Uncle Bill

Do these guys know how to have a good time, or what? Read more

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