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Dogs Chasing Their Own Leash

These dogs think thy will be able to catch their leash. Read more

Dog Has a Brilliant Time with Her New Toy

Would your dog love this, eat this, or pee on it? Read more

Dog Just Wants to Play with the Dog on the Screen

Aww, poor guy. As smart as dogs are, it seems some will just never get the hang of virtual friendships… Read more

Amazing Rescue and Transformation of Homeless Dog from Houston, Texas

The before and after transformation for Pumpkin will have you thinking that you’re seeing two different dogs! My, what a little bit of TLC can do for a dogs pride! Read more

Dog Makes Unusual Friend during Walk on the Beach

These two snuggle-nuggets prove that just because we may look and think different, doesn’t mean we aren’t all deserving of the same love and respect from each other. Read more

Professional Escape Artists in Training

See some of the best escape artists hone their craft to get to greener pastures…..OK, maybe just closer to the box of treats! Either way, there guys are good. Read more

Reward Offered for Information on Dog Shooting Suspect

“I honestly can’t understand why people think that animal’s lives are any less valuable than our own. Again, I thought about what if somebody did that to my own dog?” said Shattuck. Read more

K911 Rescues a Little Pug in Need

This chronicles the rescue of “Panda” from a life of hunger and being left outside in the cold constantly. Freaking breeders. Remember, adopt, not shop. Read more

German Shepherd and Crow Play Ball

I wouldn’t want to get between wither of these two and that ball! Read more

Men Rescue Dog Trapped in River Island

Only animals lovers risk their lives to help animals in need. Read more

Puppy Playtime

PUPPIES! These husky puppies are just too cute not to watch. Read more

Colorado Firefighters Rescue Sophie from Icy Lake

A scared dog wandered onto an icy lake and fell through thin ice. Fortunately, local firefighters rescued the pet in time. Read more

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