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Comfort Dog Brings Asperger’s Meltdown to a Screeching Halt

People with Asperger’s syndrome can be prone to emotional meltdowns that include self-harm, and a therapy dog like Samson can quickly help soothe them. Read more

Dog Miraculously Survives Fall Out of Car on Highway

Before she knew it, Rowdy had the window down and had half his body out the window. The wind caught him and pulled him right out onto the highway. Read more

Orphaned Lion Cub is Adopted by Dog

After losing both siblings to illness and being rejected by his mother, this lion cub has found a home with a mother dog at the Nama Zoo! Read more

Heroic Senior Dog Saves Her Family from Charging Moose

“That dog didn’t hesitate one bit. As soon as she saw that moose go after us, she went right after it and didn’t back down.” Read more

Pit Bulls are the BEST!

Buzzfeed tells us all about how those itty bitty pitties are just so irresistable! We tend to agree! Read more

You Call That a Bark?!?

Maybe he doesn’t know he’s a dog, or just forgot how to bark. At any rate, that is quite a vocalization entirely un-dog-like! Read more

Police Break into Hot Car to Rescue Dog from Overheating

The Roswell, Georgia Police Department broke into a hot car to rescue a dog left inside, then posts video of rescue to their Facebook page. Read more

Quirky Corgis!

Did you know Corgis are considered a dying breed?  Fewer of them are being bred each year. Read more

Nine Things You Shouldn’t Do on Instagram... Unless You’re a Pug

Who could resist a cute lil pug like this? Read more

World Cup Pup

This adorable little guy could be an excellent addition to your football club. World Cup, here we come! Read more

What do Corgis Do Over the Summer?

Corgis have their own beach day at Huntington Beach, California. Read more

Dogs That Are Bad at Fetch

Some of these dogs forgot how to dog… Read more

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