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Dog's Reaction to Best Friend's Return Is Priceless

Dog’s favorite human comes home after being away for two years, and receives the best welcome home display ever. Read more

Rescuers Thought it was one Dog They Were Rescuing...

Legend Animal Rescue and Rescue from the Hart thought that it was one simple dog they were looking for. Boy did they get a surprise! Read more

Missing Dog Found After Escaping Kennel

“Not in a million years do you ever think that’s going to happen,” Kaufman said. Read more

Brazil's Best Guard Dog

That hammock does look very cozy though…. Read more

Some of the Silliest Dogs You'll Ever See

No matter if it’s intentional, or just dogs being dogs, these guys are funny. Read more

Total of 22 Dogs Rescued from High-Kill Shelters

“Ten-thousand dogs a day are euthanized in the United States, and it’s not a dog problem, it’s a people problem,” Rork said. Read more

Dogs Welcoming Home their Military Humans

Nowhere else is the phrase “Man’s best friend” more clearly evident. Read more

Animal Rescuers Help Dog Stuck in Iron Gate

A street dog struggled to free himself from a metal gate. Animal rescuer came to his aid, saving him from the gate and from the hardships of street life. Read more

Super Cute Puppy Is SO Excited to Eat

“We’ve been using a baby walker until he gets bigger and I will build him an adjustable Bailey chair.” Read more

Lazy Dog Has Interesting Way of Moving Off Chair

Why not let gravity do all the work? Read more

Spaghetti-Eating Competition: Golden Retriever vs. German Shepherd

Before viewing, comment who you think will win. No spoilers, anyone! Read more

Dog Takes Over Bed

No dog would sleep in a dog bed when they can easily take over their owner’s bed. Read more

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