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Rescued Senior Dog Saves Dogsitters from Deadly House Fire

“Five to ten minutes later, it was a ball of flames,” William explained. “We just got out of there on time.” Read more

These Pets Are Great at Playing Dead

These dogs must be a blast at parties! Read more

Playtime With Some Adorable Yorkies

A Yorkie compilation so cute it’s impossible to watch without smiling! Read more

Heroic Firefighter in Spain Saves Puppy Using Mouth to Mouth

After five long minutes of tireless work, the puppy started to move its legs. Thankfully, the dog showed some signs of life and was finally whisked off to a vet for proper treatment. Read more

Woman Running Puppy Mill Will Not Regain Custody of Dogs

The hearing took place over two hours. While things were underway inside the courthouse, protesters gathers outside in the hope that she wouldn’t be allowed to retain custody of the dogs, and got their wish. Read more

Hey Cat, That's my Plate!

Dogs and cats can be friends, but just because they get along doesn’t mean they have to share every thing. Read more

Missing Police Dog Found at Local Shelter

“The dog, for whatever reason, chose to climb over the fence and take off,” said Lieutenant Mike Cook of the Riverside Police. Read more

Audrey, Slayer of Bubbles

Audrey the Bubble Slayer putting on quite a display! Go Audrey! Go! Read more

Corgi Puppy Takes on Terrifying Spoon

“Scout sees a spoon for the first time. She is not a fan,” says mom Melissa. Read more

Dogs Meet Their Baby Brother

Two adorable Siberian Huskies get introduced to a new pack member, a baby! Read more

Man and Dog Are Walking 1,200 Miles for Cancer

“That’s why I wanted to do this walk – it gives me time to heal and makes my heart feel better,” Frasier confessed. Read more

These Dogs’ Best Friends Are Rescued Raccoons

Raccoons – the greedy, grabby, climby, bitey little siblings your dogs have always wanted! Read more

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