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Man Training Puppy Creates Bell-Ringing Monster

At this rate, Maddie is sure to be 500 pounds. Hopefully he trained her to ring the bell just to go outside and run around! Read more

Dog Doesn't Like the Pinky Finger

Every time this dog sees the pinky finger she barks. Read more

Pug Finds New "Toy" to Play With

Why play with dog toys when you can play with sunglasses? Read more

When Dakota Says It's Time to Play.....

When Dakota says it’s time to play, then it’s time to play! What a talkative husky! Read more

Funny Dog Sleeping

Pets do some unusual things while asleep. Read more

Weather Dog Totally Steals the Show!

Ripple just doesn’t care about the weather! Read more

No Treats? No Tricks!

“No treats? No tricks! These are the rules mom, and you know them well by now!” – Sebastian Read more

Snoring Dog Fights Gravity

Will the snoring pooch fall of the couch? Read more

Not Even a Million Treats Will Get This Puppy to Go Downstairs!

Dakota does NOT appreciate being teased when she’s up against something so scary! Read more

Funny Loveable English Bulldog

A kissing Bulldog! Read more

Puppy Plays with Stuffed Toy

This cute puppy is so happy to be playing with his favorite toy. Read more

Video: 10 Most Inspiring Dog Rescues

How far will people go to rescue a pet in need? Watch and find out. Read more

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