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Woman Proves That Dogs Can Be Trained To Sniff Out Anything

“I can travel, I can go out to eat, I can do things that I couldn’t do before,” said Dawn. Read more

Dog Can't Contain His Excitement

This dog can’t believe where he is going…The dog park! Read more

K9 Service Puppy Named After Hero Officer

“Officer Renn was an avid dog lover, and the addition of this K9 will be a powerful reminder of the work that Officer Renn did throughout his career,” said Mayor Greg Ballard Read more

Kissy French Bulldog Makes Babies Squeal with Laughter

Just watching these three is enough to make anyone just as happy. Read more

Burglar Manages to Flee World's Most Savage Guard Dog

Hopefully this reprobate has learned his lesson! Read more

Buffalo Dogs Take on the Blizzard

Typical Buffalo dogs – snow is just another adventure! Read more

Great Dane in York Haven, Pennsylvania has Nineteen Puppies

“It’s a shocker, but I’m glad that they’re all here,” Brandon Terry said. Read more

These Dogs Know How to Body Surf

A day at the beach with the dogs. Read more

Amazing Jenga Dog Stacks 50 Treats On His Nose

Is this dog amazing, or what? Fifty treats balanced on his nose! Read more

Little Squeaky Rottweilers At Play

Rottweilers with a squeaky toy have a good time on the lawn together. Read more

Abandoned Dog Struck by Car Changes Rescuer’s Life

“Hundreds of people had walked by her before we arrived and they did nothing to help her. They chose to not stop and see Layla’s despair and abandonment, and to not take action.” Read more

Throw Me the Ball and Watch Me Jump

Aquiles loves to run after his ball. Read more

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