Dogs Having a Blast at the Beach

7.13.15 - Dogs Having Fun at the Beach

Being buried in shallow sand for a few minutes can be a great way to stay cool on those hot summer days!
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Adorable Little Dog Doesn’t Know the Door is Open

7.13.15 - doggy door

This poor little dog doesn’t realize that the back door is open, and patiently waits for someone to let him in.
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Woman Says Detroit Animal Control Neglected her Dog

7.13.15 - DAC dog death

“If I can get a ticket for neglecting my dog, you should get a ticket for neglecting my dog,” said Steward.
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Great Dane Gets Comfortable


Cuddling with your pet is not always comfortable. Watch what Roy Field goes through when his dog tries to snuggle up next to him.
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Man and Dog Rescued by Coast Guard After Days at Sea

7.12.15 - dog and man rescued

“There was a lot of smoke and not much left of the boat but it definitely made it easier for us to spot,” said the Coast Guard.
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Dog Being Rescued Panics Until Touched by Rescuer

7.12.15 - rescue

See the change in this dog when she comes in contact with a loving human for the first time in who knows how long.
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Bonsai: A Special Little Guy That’s a Living Miracle

7.11.15 - BonsaiFEAT

Bonsai was born the odds stacked against him big time, but is one adorable puppy that will steal your heart.
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Guilty Dog “Disappears”

7.10.15 - Guilty Dog Disappears

Matzo has been in the garbage, and there’s no hiding the evidence.  Mom tries to admonish him, but has a hard time staying mad at him when he pulls a disappearing act!     “If she can’t see me, I can’t be in trouble, right?”

Albuquerque Woman Shames Owner for Leaving Dog in Hot Car

7.9.15 - Woman Shames Dog Abuser2

“I love my dog and I would never subject him to torture, and it’s torture,” the impassioned woman said.
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Dog Says “Mama” Before Baby Can

7.9.15 - Dog Says Mama Before Baby

The 10-year-old dog, who has been trained to say “mama” for years, was rewarded after the video stopped.
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Here’s Why Labs Are Awesome Pets


Labs are not great pets because they can be trained. They have fun personalities too.
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Dog Steals Garden Hose & Drenches Human

7.8.15 - video

Crafty dog gets his mouth on a garden hose, and chases a human around, drenching him in the process!
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Lazy Dog Won’t Get Off His Back


This dog has no problem barking, even when he is lying on his back in a comfortable dog bed.
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You Scratch my Back, and I’ll Scratch Yours

7.7.15 - video

This dog truly believes in share and share alike!
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Dog Totally Ignores Baby Bud to Watch Women’s World Cup

7.7.15 - Dog Ignores Bestie for World Cup

“Hey, buddy – SCRAM! Can’t you see there’s a ball being kicked on tv??”
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Homeless Dog Makes 5,000 Mile Trek to Forever Home

7.7.14 - Hero1

Hero was taken off of the streets of Istanbul, and brought to the U.S. where he has found an amazing forever home with the Taylor family.
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Jealous Dog Forgives Owner


Dog feels jealous when her owner pets another dog.
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What A Little Snitch! You’re NOT Supposed to Sell out a Family member!

7.6.15 - Little dog

The bigger dog is clearly snitching on the little dog, and that’s just not right! Family is supposed to stick together, not tattle on each other!
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5 Things You Know if You Own a Pit Bull

7.7.15 - Pit Bull Truths

What thing do you know to be true of your pit bull?
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When Your Best Friends Won’t Stop Fighting…

7.6.15 - Tug-of-War

“Hey guys, I know you both like this ball, and you both like playing tug-of-war. But enough already!”
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