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Bathing Bravo Is Not so Easy

Trying to get Bravo into the bathtub is pretty comical. Read more

A Heartwarming Story for a Cold December Morning

That all important best friend. The one that stands by our side no matter what. It’s what makes life worth it. Read more

Happy Birthday? Not for this Dog!

Happy birthday to the ground! Read more

“Awwwwww, but I Just Want to Snuggle With You!”

Poor doggy, no snuggles for you. Read more

Fridge Raiding Dog Busted By Owner Using Mini Cam

Well, at least the mystery of the messy kitchen is now solved. And Allie would have gotten away with it too, if it wasn’t for those pesky mini cameras! Read more

Large Doberman Gets Scared by Tiny Plush Toy

This lady Doberman doesn’t know how to react when she meets a Beanie Baby that looks and “sounds” just like her. Read more

(Not) The Three Tenors

Hey, maybe they’ll do O Sole Mio for an encore! Read more

Meet the “Meanest” Dog in all of Japan

All Mari’s human wants is a kiss.  Is that so wrong? Read more

Extreme Puppy Makeover

There’s nothing better than helping those in need. Comedian Tom Mabe does just that to many pets in need with his “Prank It Fwd.” Read more

Dashing Through the Snow......

Some dogs just can’t be stopped from playing in the snow. No matter if it’s just a dusting, or eyeball-deep, it’s all good, Read more

Dogs Who Are Loving Winter

These dogs don’t mind being out in the snow, just so long as they have a warm, cozy bed to come in to! Read more

Dog Prays Before Going to Bed

Do you think he even brushed his teeth first? Read more

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