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A Canine Alarm Clock Could be Useful Indeed

Dogs trying to keep their humans awake Maybe someone should show them was a coffee maker is! Read more

Father and Son on Motorcycles Rescue Dog

A father and son out or a motorcycle run become heroes for a dog trapped in a plastic crate, left to die. Read more

Adorable Dachshunds Play Cops & Robbers

“Oakley, what the heck?! You ran right past me!” Read more

Hope for Paws Rescues Homeless Dog from Sewer Tunnel

Bitty’s Story – A scared homeless dog hidden in a sewer tunnel. Read more

Breakfast in bed was Never so Cute

Nothing like a good meal to start the day!! Read more

Motorcycle Club Blocks Traffic and Saves Dog on the Road

Bikers stop traffic and save a dog running frantically on a highway. Read more

Pets & Babies Being Utterly Adorable Together

These dogs and cats are quite helpful with their new family members! Read more

Animal Lovers Help Save Puerto Rican Dog Covered in Tar

A rescue organization stepped up to help save a Puerto Rican stray found covered in tar and thanks to them, the dog is alive and well today. Read more

Cuteness Overload

Put a smile on your face with these cute puppies. Read more

Jealous Dog Steals Kisses

No kiss for you! Read more

What's This Puppy Dreaming Of?

Hush little baby don’t say a word…wait, do tell me what you’re dreaming of. Read more

Bikers make Roadblock to get Scared Dog off Highway

These bikers banded together to make sure a dog loose on a highway wasn’t injured. Risking life and limb, they saved the dog. Read more

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