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Aiko Ate the Cheese

Ya can’t blame a girl for lovin’ cheese! Read more

Puppy Struggles To Stay Awake During First Bath

Perhaps the bath is just too relaxing for this little puppy. Read more

Unusual sounds Dogs Make

If you need an emergency siren, just ask this dog. Read more

Lucy: Formerly Paralyzed Dog Walks Again

Senior dog Lucy was paralyzed when she came to the shelter. Now, after surgery, Lucy is walking again and has a spring in her step! Read more

Corgi and Lamb Make an Adorable Pair

Fashion the corgi and Tansy the black lamb are best buds, and love to play together. Read more

Puppy Mill Raid in Jackson County, West Virginia

A veterinarian on the scene commented that all of the dogs were small breeds like malteses, pugs and many others. Read more

This Dog Doesn't Like Our 44th President

This dog stops eating to show his political affiliation Read more

Rescuers save Dog Covered in Tar

No one imagined that under the black, smelly, hard coat of tar was a sweet and friendly brown dog. Read more

Lovestruck Puppies Can't Keep Their Paws Off Each Other

What a life these puppies have! Read more

A Huge Welcome Home from Two Little Dogs

WOW! What a greeting! How does that not make you smile? Read more

Abandoned and Defeated Dog Waited for Death, but a Miracle Happened

A badly neglected dog only looked forward to death, but then a miracle happened. Read more

Amazing! Firefighter Saves Dog from Home Engulfed in Flames

The rescued dog belongs to someone in the neighborhood and he was “chained up in the rear of the house.” Read more

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