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Dogs Chasing Their Tails - and Some of Them Winning!

For some dogs, it’s an expertly choreographed dance. Read more

Dog 75 Pounds Underweight Gets Rescued

“Somebody put some kind of effort into him,” Kelly explained. “He sits, he gives paw. He is very content.” Read more

Rascally Fox Steals Dog’s Toy

What is it more likely that this dog is thinking, that he wants the fox to leave his stuff alone, or that he wants to go out and play, too? Read more

Afghanistan veteran reunited with service dog in Boston

A U.S. Marine Corps veteran and the dog who worked by his side were reunited Wednesday months after serving together in Afghanistan. Read more

Marion County Sheriff’s Deputy Saves Dog Left in Hot Car

“Leaving a dog in a car on a 70 degree day can quickly end up in a car that is more like 100 degrees. So remembering that even if it is warm, not too hot outside, it still gets very hot in a parked car,” said Doctor Abbatanton. Read more

Cormorant, Minnesota Elects Dog as Mayor Over Human Candidate

Before being presented as the winner of the election, Duke received five hours of grooming so he would look his best. He will be officially sworn in to office on Saturday. The swearing in will take place at the city’s yearly fair. Read more

When You Put A Rescue Dog And A Baby Tiger Together, This Is What Happens… Oh My!

Cliff Grant the tiger cub was accidentally hurt by his mom, so he needed to be separated while he was rehabilitated. While he was getting better, workers at the zoo where he was decided he needed a playmate, and introduced him to Prada the dog. The two quickly became best friends, and now they play all the time! Zoo keepers are so confident the two won’t hurt each other, that they even let them play by themselves! Read more

Life Can Be So Incredible sometimes - Baby Lamb Adopted By An Unlikely Mother!

Dog looks after baby lamb Read more

Memphis Police Offer Cash Reward for Info in Dog Fighting Investigation

“They fight the dogs, then the dogs die or whatever, and they just get rid of them (on the street),” he said. Read more

In 95 Seconds, One Video Portrays Dog Ownership. The End Is Awesome!

No wonder this video went viral right away, they absolutely nailed it! No one can offer unconditional love like a dog can. Read more

Dogs vs. Water Hoses

These dogs and puppies are fascinated by water hoses. They attack, chase, bite… and they enjoy this summer refreshment! Read more

The Spinning Scottish Puppies

Puppies get a workout while drinking! Read more

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