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Heroic Dog Saves Her Mom from a Deadly House Fire

“They’re my heroes. Today I love them even more. They’re amazing. I can’t believe they did this. They saved my life,” Lorie said. Read more

Snow and Wolfie are Two Talkative Huskies

Weather talking back to their owner, or saying who knows what to each other, they sure do seem to have a lot to say. Read more

4 Dogs Taking the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

If you haven’t already taken the challenge, consider yourself nominated! Read more

Bird Serenades Dog During Dinner

Who doesn’t like a little music with dinner? Read more

Woman and Dog Chased in Park by Bear in Colorado

“We ask people to always use leashes because of how much wildlife we have,” said Jennifer. “We think it’s the safer way to go to protect wildlife and to protect your pet.” Read more

Dog Jumps in Pool After Favorite Toy

This little dog uses the diving board to jump into the pool. Read more

Couple Searching for Stolen Pit Bull Puppy

“Just bring her back,” said Ford. “She’s a family member to us.” Read more

Hope for Paws Rescues Three Dogs and Nine Pups from Desert

Delaney actually came right out on her own to waiting volunteers, and couldn’t be more appreciative for the rescue. Read more

River Brings a Smile to the Face of Everyone he Meets

“River touches everybody’s heart,” said Lu Ann Jopp after meeting River while walking downtown. “Everybody has to come by and pet the dog.” Read more

Cuteness Overload: Introducing Mickey The Tiny Pomeranian Puppy

Mickey is too cute for words, just watch the video and your heart will melt. Read more

Mr. Pepper's First Time Being Allowed on the Bed

“I bet if Mr. Pepper could smile and say ‘thank you,’ that’s what he would do!” Read more

Dog Freaks Out When His Owner Dives Underwater

Have you ever been this worried? Read more

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