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UPDATE: Disabled Pup Is Making Wonderful Recovery

Landis should go to a home with no concrete – lots of grass and carpeting are preferable. Hydrotherapy would be a huge plus! Read more

I've Heard of Cowboys, but Cowdogs?

When you’re a Cowdog, you don’t always have to bark to communicate. Read more

Black Lab Rescued After Six Years at Outdoor Kennel in New York

“He has never been in a house, a car or even [on] a short walk… he had no food, a frozen water bowl and [he] was very cold!” Read more

Dogs Doing Funny Things

Dogs can just do the funniest things to make us smile. Read more

Heartbroken Romeo Refuses to Leave His Juliet

“Dogs aren’t just animals without feelings. It shows they mourn just like we do.” Read more

Bonded for Life? It Seems So!

Is there anything cuter than two dogs in love? Not that we could think of. Read more

Tiny Dog Enjoys Playing at Dog Park

This tiny pup can’t wait to chase after his tennis ball. Read more

Police Request Help from Public in Abuse Case

People with information are asked to call animal services at 1-619-767-2740, or to call Crime Stoppers at 1-888-580-8477. Read more

She Sat in Her Cage, Waiting… But Not Anymore!

Her new dad, Ken, works with wildlife in Montana and will be able to take good care of her, as well as give her plenty of space to run. Read more

Dog Tied to Tree During Massive Storm Rescued

This is one heroic rescue! Read more

BuzzFeed's Myths and Facts About Pit Bulls

If you’ve never had a pit bull, you’re missing out! Adopt one today! Read more

Animals Fighting a Losing Battle Against Sleep

Sometimes, you just have to give in, and go to bed. Read more

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