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Gremlin and Stiggy Hanging Out with Uncle Bill

Do these guys know how to have a good time, or what? Read more

Dog Begs to Be allowed on Bed

This little dog is working his magic to get away with his wish…to be allowed on the bed. Read more

16 Golden Retriever Puppies Being Total Dweebs

Check out the dog sleeping behind the bathroom sink! How in the world is sleeping like that in any way comfortable?  What a bunch of hams! Read more

Heaven... Just Heaven

It wouldn’t even feel right to get a paycheck for this job. Read more

Tiny Dog Is a Pony-Jumping Master

Now THIS is an agility course! Read more

The Doggie Teeter-Totter

Sometimes, you give a little. Sometimes, you get a little. Sometimes you go nowhere at all! Read more

Dog vs. Tree Branch

This dog really enjoys playing with wood sticks. Read more

Dog Absolutely LOVES His First Time on the Merry-Go-Round

Who says the park is just for kids? Read more

Paralyzed Rescue Dog Is Adopted and Miraculously Recovers

“I heard some screaming up front and everybody came to the front office,” Yajko said. “It was literally a miracle.” Read more

What Happens When Dog Wants to Play with Cat

Hey cat, do you want to play? A friendly pup learns that you can’t always mess with the cat. Read more

Disabled Bonded German Shepherd Ladies Rescued & Need a Home

“I have been begging and pleading with everyone I know to pull these seniors, and am told they have NO commitment.” Read more

Ricky-Charlie May or May Not Like Raincoats

How would you explain his behavior with the raincoat? Is he scared of it? Is it comforting? Is he just being a goofball? Read more

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