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Dachshunds are all About the Dental Hygiene

Dogs that actually like to floss! Who’d have thought? Read more

English Bulldogs Are the Funniest Kinds of Dogs (Video)

Who could resist these roly-poly little nuggets? Read more

Firefighters Scramble to Rescue Dog Stuck on Cliff Side

When the emergency crews showed up, Smoky was rescued by firefighters. Using the specialized ladder on their truck, they were able to get right up to where Smoky was with relative ease. Read more

Young Fox Steals Golfer's Ball for Play Time

This little fox knows how to “have a ball” when it’s playtime. Living on or near a beautifully manicured golf course means no shortage of “toys!” Read more

Funny Dog Tries to Eat Cursor

This dog really wants to eat the “bug” on the computer screen. Read more

Boxers Are the Funniest Kinds of Dogs (Video)

If you think there’s a funnier dog breed we missed, share a video in the comments section. Read more

Dogs Doing Funny Things

Why are our dogs so funny? Watch this video and get a good laugh. Read more

Dog Gets Challenged to Fetch Ball

Peggy tries to fetch her ball without getting wet. Read more

Dog Won't Let You Study

This silly Siberian husky has something against schoolwork. Read more

Dog Finds Faster Way to Travel

Why use your legs when you can travel on wheels? Read more

Kill 'Em with Cuteness

Four adorable pups decide to bring a whole lot of cuteness, or in this cat’s case annoyance, into their “brother and/or sister from another mother’s” life. Read more

Senior Pugs Go on Valentine's Day Date

What’s more romantic than a carriage ride? Read more

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