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Dogs & Cats Meeting for the First Time

How was the first meeting between your cat and dog – amicable or adversarial? Read more

Reward Offered for Dog Stolen with Car

“I’m not worried about the vehicle,” Larry Burgoon said. “I’m worried about getting Miles back. The car, the contents of the car, they’re replaceable. Miles is not.” Read more

Boxer Loses His Mind over a Leaf

Who will win in this epic battle of dog vs. rustling leaf? Read more

Daisy & Jennifer

When Jennifer found Daisy on the side of the road while traveling she rescued the pregnant puppy mill escapee and gave her a good new life in a loving home. Read more

Family Pet Gets Rescued After Surviving Mudslide

After a devastating mudslide ravaged their home, the Kuntzes thought they had lost everything, but they discovered their dog Buddy was alive. Read more

Dog Thrown in Deep Pipe Helps in His Own Rescue

The society for the protection of animals (SPANS) in Novi Sad was present in the dog’s rescue and one of the rescuers recorded the successful mission with a camera. Read more

Rescue of Suki and her puppies

Suki and her puppies were rescued by volunteers with Gateway Pet Guardians on 3/23/2014 from an abandoned house in East St Louis. Read more

Magic for Dogs

You can’t fool a dog… the treat may disappear from their sight, but they can still smell it! Read more

TN Family Rescues Pet Stuck in Rock Wall

A Jack Russell Terrier spent one night trapped in a wall of rocks after it chased something into it. Lucky for the pet, its owners worked tirelessly to free him. Read more

Cupid Undergoes Corrective Surgery to Fix His Deformed Legs

Cupid was left in a snow bank and he suffered from deformed front legs, but thanks to Ruff Start Rescue and many animal lovers, he has undergone surgery and is on his way to recovery. Read more

Boston Terrier Puppy Bounces Like a Bunny

You can just imagine that cartoony, “sproing” noise when you watch… Read more

Disabled Dog Helps Save Incapacitated Owner’s Life

“I made arrangements for the dogs. I made arrangements to sell the house and kind of got everything cleaned up before I wasn’t able to do it anymore. I was getting so sick, the original doctors I was working with said, ‘Nothing more can be done.’” Read more

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