Sweetest & Silliest Sleeping Dogs

5.5.15 - sleepy dogs

Some people just can’t let sleeping dogs sleep!
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Stray from Iowa Sent to Nepal as Search and Rescue Dog

5.5.15 - Stray Search

“It is wonderful to see a dog that was running lose, picked up, trained. And now, he’s rescuing people.” said Gary.
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These Dogs Just Love Their Guinea Pigs

5.6.15 - These Dogs Just Love Their Guinea Pigs

“Cinnamon Spice loves Oscar! She enjoys nibbling on his cheeks to get him to start licking her. They really love each other and are sad when they are apart.”
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Halo: From Hopeless to Happily Ever After

5.5.15 - From Hopeless to Homed

The days spent wondering when she would eat again and if she would ever know kindness are now just a very distant memory.
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Dogs Hate the Cone


Dogs acting funny while wearing the cone.
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Dogs Hate Mondays Too


Humans are not the only ones that dislike Monday mornings.
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Dog Loves Bicycle Rides


This dog doesn’t need a bicycle basket to sit in while riding around town with his owner.
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Man Dumps Sick Puppy in Stranger’s Backyard


A man caught on video abandoned a sick puppy in a stranger’s backyard, now police are looking for this man.
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Paralyzed Dog “Runs” to Reunite with Deployed Dad

5.1.15 - video

This dog gives a new meaning to determination! What an amazing scene.
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The Happiest Dog to Ever Take a Bath

5.1.15 - Happy Dog Loves Baths

“Rubber duckie, you’re the one. You make bath time really fun…”
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Funniest Animals of April

5.1.15 - Funniest Animals of April3

Do you have a funnier video? Share it with us and we’ll feature it on the site!
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Drones Deliver Puppy


Puppies cannot be delivered by drones, right? Watch and learn.
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Dog Makes Himself a Swingset

4.30.15 - Dog Makes His Own Swingset5

You can almost see the cogs turning as he figures out just how to get himself up high enough to catch the rope.
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Dogs Who Totally Forgot They Were Dogs

4.30.15 - Dogs Who Totally Forgot They Were Dogs

These pups are so pampered they’ve forgotten they’re not people!
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Local Fire Crew Raising Money for Girl’s Service Dog

4.30.15 - SydneeFEAT

Leah O’Kelly, Sydnee’s mom said, “I’m blown away by all the help. It’s very humbling.”
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Hairy Pets Become Best Friends


Best friends (even in the animal kingdom) have many things in common. This duo bond over their cute hair.
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Senior Man Punches a Bear in the Face to Save Tiny Dog

4.29.15 - Man Punches Bear to Save Dog1

“The man or beast that I run from ain’t been born, and his mama’s already dead,” Carl Moore said.
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Best Mates Rescued and Need a Home

4.29.15 - video

Going from what can only be assumed is a lifetime together on the streets, to together at a foster home, let’s make sure Anna and Aurora stay together forever.
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Stray Pit Bull Found Nursing Kitten On Roadside

4.29.15 - pittyFEAT

No one at the Mercy Animal Clinic knows the story behind these two, but they do know that dog loves that kitty.
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Dog Thinks Bed Sheets Are Towels


Why do our pets dry themselves on our bed sheets after their bath.
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