• Dog Who Beat All Odds Is Now the Happiest in the World Because of her never-ending smile, she is called the “happiest dog in the world.”

  • Adopted Dog Saves Two People from Drowing in Riptide Heroic Nico wasn't known to have ever been in the ocean.

  • Pit Bull Is Inseparable from the Kitten Whose Life She Saved “Each morning and when I go to get Kitty she is usually snuggled with Pittie.”

  • Meals on Wheels Now Catering for Pets “If seniors are giving meals to pets, they're not getting proper nutrition for themselves.”

  • Stray Dogs Attend Funeral of Woman Who Fed Them When an animal lover passed away, the stray dog she fed attended her funeral. They went to church and visited her at the funeral home.

  • Florida Deputy Befriends Wandering Pit Bull It seems like this dog was just looking for someone to play with!

  • Apollo, the Dog with No Face Receives a Miracle Veterinarians were able to pull a miracle and reconstruct Apollo's face using the healthy skin that was still hanging on the dog's face.

  • The Recovery of This Abandoned Puppy Will Leave You Speechless WARNING! This video WILL put tears in your eyes.

  • Fritz Is Perhaps the Worst When it Comes to Catching Fritz just can't seem to catch a thing his human tosses his way.

  • Cabela’s Abusers Arrested and Charged Cabela is doing amazingly well, and has been showered with gifts and love.


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What an excellent puppy-sitter!
“I think it’s good for people to know..
Is it possible that along with being happier..
This dog really wants to fetch that ball.