• State Representative Aims to End Breed-Specific Insurance Clauses “There are people who literally will have their insurance dropped because they have a certain breed of dog, which I think is ridiculous,” Rep. Kupchick said.

  • The Transformation of These Neglected Dogs Will Shock You “I couldn’t tell if they were sheep or dogs. You couldn’t see their faces. They looked so badly matted and injured. I have never seen an animal in that state.”

  • Almost Frozen Pit Bull Is Brought Back to Life When rescuers arrived, they thought it was too late to save the emaciated pit bull they found almost frozen to her crate, but the abused dog was alive.

  • I Took My Dying Dog on a Bucket List Adventure “Doing a bucket list for Gizelle not only helped me cope with losing her, it was also one wild ride. So paw in hand, we packed our bags and set off.”

  • California Police Dog Gets Promoted to Detective What’s even better is that her handler was also made a detective, so they’ll be able to stay together.

  • Would You Steal a Dog to Save Its Life? “The dog could barely stand up she was so weak. She was shaking, she was so cold,” Autumn said. “I don’t think I stole her, I think I saved her.”

  • Dog in Seattle Learns to Take Bus Alone Eclipse is one smart cookie! This dog knows how to take public transportation to and from the local dog park!

  • Little Dog Carries Cat Home Cat: I don't enjoy this, but not enough to mount an effective resistance.

  • Mama Dog Refuses to Leave Cemetery Where She Buried Her Puppy “If this doesn't prove that dogs have feelings just like humans do, I don't think anything else will,” Hunter said.


Pit Bull Comforts Deer Tangled in Fence Until Help Arrives

I Took My Dying Dog on a Bucket List Adventure

Pit Bull Puppy’s Reaction to Being Reunited with Rescuer

Dog Who Walked 30 Miles to Get Back Home Finds Forever Home

UPDATE: Dog Who Cried at Shelter Has Been Adopted

Would You Steal a Dog to Save Its Life?

Woman Who Left Starved Dog in Trash Found & Charged

Man Chooses Homelessness Rather Than Abandon Pit Bull

Facebook Post Leads to Dog Being Reunited with his Family

When Ann Miller proudly posted a photo of her the golden retriever she had just adopted to her Facebook page she couldn’t imagine what it would lead to. Read more

Dog Forms Special Friendship with Rare White Lion

Honey is the zoo dog at the Darling Downs Zoo in Queensland, Australia. As Zoo dog Honey gets to see and interact with lots of different animals, but recently a special bond has developed between Honey and the zoo’s four-month-old white lion cub Kwanza. Read more

Dog Who Had His Legs Cut Off Getting Help To Walk Again

Fabio gets around the best he can. His back legs are stumps, a painful reminder of horrible abuse he suffered in the past. Now veterinarians in New Orleans are hoping to make things a little easier for Fabio. Read more

Faust, Dog Adopted From Thailand, is Lost Then Found in Ohio

Faust waited for 5 years in a Thai shelter to be adopted, then bolted from her crate when she arrived in the US to go to her new home. Now she is truly and safely home. Read more

Homeless dog gets eye surgery and is now looking for a new home

Madison was rescued off the streets of Phoenix, Arizona and in need of eye surgery. Now that she is able to see properly the Rottweiler mix is looking to find her forever home. Read more

Injured Puppy Brings in Over $30,000 in Donations

Several weeks ago, a four-month-old shepherd mix named Jackson arrived at the Greater Moncton SPCA in Canada. He was in bad shape due to abuse and would need about $3,000 to help repair his injuries. When the Great Moncton SPCA asked for help for Jackson via SPCA they response they got was overwhelming as over $30,000 in donations came in to help the puppy. Read more

A return home for Lily, after a 3 year absence

A reclusive anatolian shepherd that is afraid of humans due to being abused as a pup is going back to his original rescuer after a 3 year absence. The 170 pound dog is named Lily, and she was born on a farm in Appalachia, Ohio and kept confined to a small pen with no protection from the elements. Read more

New Delhi police dog being honored in retirement

A New Delhi police dog is retiring after a long and distinguished career in public service, and she is being honored for her efforts. The much beloved dog named Anu is the only female doberman on the force, the other 14 dogs all being labradors and she has helped arrest many drug dealers and other criminals during her 10 year career. Read more
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