• Dog Disabled from Life in a Cage Is Finally Free! “Sadly, we cannot spare him the pain he's already lived, but we can get him the medical attention he urgently needs and help him have the best future possible!”

  • Over $35,000 Raised for Man Who Walks 5 Miles a Day to See Dog “I can't thank everyone enough,” Pete said. “The words ‘thank you’ aren't big enough. Buster and I are going to be together again.”

  • She Sits in Her Cage, Waiting… She gets up and stands at the bars wagging her tail, but as people pass her by, she goes and sits back on her bed and waits.

  • This Dog has Been Waiting in a Shelter for Over 3,000 Days Please consider adopting this, or any other shelter dog for the holidays. Give them the forever home they deserve.

  • Pope Francis Says All Dogs Go to Heaven Let us not forget – the word animal comes from the Latin anima, which means soul.


Pit Bull Comforts Deer Tangled in Fence Until Help Arrives

Dog Who Walked 30 Miles to Get Back Home Finds Forever Home

Pit Bull Puppy’s Reaction to Being Reunited with Rescuer

A Deer Walked Into Their Yard. You Won't Believe What Happens Next!

Woman Who Left Starved Dog in Trash Found & Charged

Man Chooses Homelessness Rather Than Abandon Pit Bull

Couple Does “Newborn” Photo Shoot of Rescue Dog

Dogs Who Found Love at Shelter Get Adopted Together

Teenager saves dog from icy river

Brady Mulligan and his friends were hanging out by the Saugatuck River in Rhode Island when Brady became a hero and saved a dog’s life. Read more

Dog surrendered to shelter and facing death because owner believes he's gay

A dog in Tennessee is hours away from being put down after being surrendered to an overcrowded animal shelter because his owner believed the dog was gay. Read more

Zachary Quinto Raises Money for Shelters by Turning Adoption Story into Film

“This story is very close to all of us, as we have all rescued or fostered dogs over the years,” Quinto said. Read more

Cincinnati Dog Park Funded by Pub Crawl

“This is a resource that can help Cincinnati be a thriving metropolis for people who want to live here who love their pets.” Read more

Hartz Pulls Tainted Chicken Treats from Shelves

“Even though two-thirds of the treats we tested did not contain antibiotic residues, we would rather be overly cautious by voluntarily withdrawing these products from the market.” Read more

This year's Puppy Bowl will feature puppies rescued from Puerto Rico's Dead Dog Beach

Puerto Rico’s Dead Dog Beach is an animal lover’s nightmare. Every day unwanted dogs are dumped there and highlight Puerto Rico’s widespread problem with abandoned dogs. Read more

Dog severely burned trying to save her two puppies

Lucy, a four-year-old pit bull, suffered serious burns attempting to shield her two puppies from a fire that engulfed the makeshift crate they were sleeping in. Lucy is expected to make a full recovery and will soon be looking for a new family. Read more
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Jeff Bennett recently flew his 3,000th rescue animal..
This dog "will pump, YOU up!"
"When she was breathing well enough and opened..