• Pets Who Are Brilliant at Hiding in Plain Sight These camouflaged cats and dogs have probably been sat or trod upon a time or twelve!

  • Complete Strangers Unite to Keep a Dog from Dying in a Tar Pit “Everybody came and brought something and tried to help, and everybody had ideas, and there were 20 people out here trying to get this little dog out.”

  • This Kangaroo Is Just One of the Dogs “He's a very placid creature... he comes up and wants a pat and a scratch. He even puts his arms up and wraps them around you like he's giving you a cuddle.”

  • How Medical Marijuana Saved a Dog’s Life “The best way to gauge your dog is to watch them. With my involvement with my dog, my vet feels comfortable with my decision,” Mansfield said.

  • 11-Year-Old Boy Uses His Allowance to Save Shelter Animals “Congratulations to Flurry and Pumpkin on their sponsorship, and a huge THANK YOU to this amazing young man,” the shelter said.

  • I Am a Dog, Not a Thing “Do not mistake me for a mindless object. I can feel and I can think. I understand perhaps more than you do.”

  • Astronaut Sneaks Dogs Into Official Photo Astronaut Leland Melvin snuck his rescue dogs into his official NASA photoshoot.

  • Men Walk Half Mile Through Swamp to Rescue Injured Dog Thanks to a passing motorist, a police officer and a swamp tour guide, this dog has a second chance for a good life.


Starved Dog Who Survived on Rocks Living Happily Ever After

Woman Sleeps in Freezing NYC Park to Save Senior Feral Dog

Rescued Fighting Dog Crashes & Snores in Caregiver’s Arms

21 Dogs Who Are Completely Oblivious to How Enormous They Are

Schoep's Dad Adopts a New Rescue Dog

Adopted Rottweiler Saves Pregnant Woman from Knife Attack

Pet Owner Breaks the Law to Save Dog from Burning Apartment

Dog-Tethering to Become Illegal in Nashville

URGENT: Please Help Save Phineas

It is hoped that media attention and petitions will shame the mayor and judge into changing their decisions. Read more

Family Dog Befriends Visiting Fawn

“They kept playing with each other and chasing each other around the lawn,” Deb said. “It’s crazy.” Read more

Diet and Your Pet's Food

Being an animal behaviorist for dogs and cats, I have seen “higher-quality” pet foods I had recommended fizzle in quality while increasing in price. Read more

Thirteen Dogs Rescued after Found Trapped in Abandoned Swimming Pool

Police in Spain found 13 dogs in an abandoned swimming pool lot. The dogs were malnourished, abused, dehydrated and infested with fleas. Read more

Adoption Brings New Life for Marine and Husky

Dodge is the five millionth adoption through PetSmart Charities. Read more

$50,000 Raised for Tornado Victim Whose Dog Emerged from Debris

My goal is to ease her recovery, raise enough money to help her start to rebuild or relocate her life, DeRuggiero said. Read more
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These camouflaged cats and dogs have probably been..