• 14 of the Funniest Dog Shaming Photos Ever Some dogs just might not be crazy about getting photos taken. They don’t know they’re being shamed, because they can’t read. But we do!

  • This Bulldog Puppy Has the Cutest Temper Tantrums Ever Who could resist this little cutie?

  • Doggy Pool Parties Becoming all the Rage They play and splash together, and some seem to have their eyes set on doggy Olympic gold with some of the diving moves on display. Others, prefer to just wade in, and relax.

  • 4 Dogs Taking the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge If you haven't already taken the challenge, consider yourself nominated!

  • Sailor Just Needs Some Help from Dad to Swim “Our dog sailor is getting better at swimming,” says proud papa Brad. “A great way to cool her off on a hot Arizona summer day.”

  • Puppy Saves 4-Year-Old Lost in Siberian Wilderness for 11 Days “We were sure that the puppy was next to the little girl all this time, warming her at night and scaring away wild animals,” Nikolayev said.

  • Ten-Month-Old baby and Puppy are best Friends According to Brandi, Eisleigh and Clyde really are the best of friends. They spend almost all of their time together, and their favorite thing to do is take naps. Check out this adorable video.


Dog Who Walked 30 Miles to Get Back Home Finds Forever Home

Liam Neeson Saves Dog from Abuse in Central Park

A Deer Walked Into Their Yard. You Won't Believe What Happens Next!

Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Pit Bull Lovers

Young Animal Activist Dies Defending Dog from Animal Abuser

Dog Torturer Sentenced to 15 Years in Prison

Couple Does “Newborn” Photo Shoot of Rescue Dog

Dogs Who Found Love at Shelter Get Adopted Together

The Saturday Pet Blogger Hop: Best Frenemies

2 month old kitten (Daphne) takes on tiny but more experienced Maltese (Luna). They are secretly in love… Read more

Anatolian Dogs Used to Guard Museums in Turkey

Guard dogs are not only used to protect homes. Museums are now looking into the age-old security system. Read more

Jet-setting Oscar Travels the World - Sometimes by Balloon!

Joanne Lefson adopted Oscar just a day before he was due to be euthanized, and now the pair travel around the world to raise awareness about homeless dogs. Read more

UPDATE: Hope, the abused Texas Pug, doing well and helping other dogs

Hope, a pug mix that was found badly abused in Texas in July, is recovering well with her new family the Moncriefs. Not only is Hope living a happy life now, she and the Moncriefs are helping other dogs in need. Read more

Dog's special condition requires her to use a high chair

When Starship came to the Greenville County Animal Care Shelter in South Carolina on June 30th she was starving. The shelter is guessing the Australian Cattle dog-Shepard puppy is about 4 months old, but her growth is stunted so the vet hasn’t been able to age her exactly. Starship growth has been stunted due to a digestive condition which makes it impossible for her to eat or drink unless she is upright. So the shelter has built her a high chair to eat from. Read more

Pennsylvania Puppy Mill Law isn’t being enforced

In 2009 Pennsylvania passed a law creating higher standards for breeding kennels to help combat the puppy mill epidemic in that state. However, a new report by the state’s Dog Law Advisory Board shows that the Department of Agriculture and its Dog Law Enforcement Office has done nothing to enforce that law. Read more

New Ordinance in Pasco County Cracks Down on Puppy Mills

It’s good news for dogs and cats in Pasco County, Florida this week as county commissioners endorsed an ordinance that makes it illegal to sell puppies or kittens at flea markets, parking lots and festivals. Read more
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