• Golden Retriever Hilariously Fails at Dog Competition This competitor knows what a winner really is – the one who gets the most food!

  • Pets Now Welcome at Nebraska Homeless Shelter Andrew Phares was heartbroken to learn that homeless pet owners had to be turned away because of others’ allergies to pet dander.

  • “Hopeless” Cleft Palate Puppy Now Has a Fantastic Life “Ruby is famous and loved because of her differences, and I think there’s a powerful message in that,” said Jennifer.

  • Starving Garbage Can Getting Love from New Owner “I just couldn't imagine making her go away from me,” Megan Fritz said. “She's really attached, and we're happy with her and she's happy here.”

  • Dog Hitches a Ride on Side of Ambulance to Be with Owner “I was impressed,” Nicholson said. “He didn’t have to go to the hospital with me, but he did.”

  • French Bulldog Asks to Be Let on the Bed Alice is one talkative bulldog! She lets you know exactly what she wants!

  • Soldiers and Their Best Friends Thank you, veterans - humans and dogs!

  • Into the Loving Arms of Her New Dad “It was not until he saw Mira’s story and the look of despair in her eyes that he knew they were meant to be together.”


Dog Who Walked 30 Miles to Get Back Home Finds Forever Home

Liam Neeson Saves Dog from Abuse in Central Park

A Deer Walked Into Their Yard. You Won't Believe What Happens Next!

Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Pit Bull Lovers

Pit Bull Puppy’s Reaction to Being Reunited with Rescuer

Young Animal Activist Dies Defending Dog from Animal Abuser

Dog Torturer Sentenced to 15 Years in Prison

Couple Does “Newborn” Photo Shoot of Rescue Dog

After losing a leg, homeless Nina is looking for a new family to love

Nina has had a tough start in life. The young, sweet pit bull mix escaped from her yard only to be hit by a car and suffer severe damage to one of her legs. Read more

Ohio family is hoping to be reunited with dog missing after car crash

Car crashes can be very traumatic for humans, and sometimes more so for dogs. Evidently this was the case for Rosco who went missing after the car he was riding in crashed in Parma Heights Ohio, injuring it’s 3 passengers. It’s been nearly 2 weeks, and Rosco’s family desperately wants to find him. Read more

Firefighters revive dog trapped in a fire

A man lost everything when his home went up in flames. He thought he was going to lose his best friend Booger too, but firefighters were able to rescue and revive the German Shepherd. Read more

Missing Yorkie Bengi is Reunited With His Family

Bengi’s distraught guardian searched for 3 weeks after a hotel housekeeper allowed her little dog to escape into an unfamiliar area. The reunion between Bengi and his family was caught on video when he was found and returned. Read more

Newly adopted dog saves family from fire

The Ewing family has a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. It was only a few months ago that Russell and Krystal Ewing saved Tank when they adopted him. Now Tank is the one doing the rescuing. Read more

Groundbreaking research helps paralyzed dogs to walk

Thanks to researchers at Cambridge University in England several dogs, including a 10-year-old Daschund named Jasper, are walking again. For the past few years, scientists at Cambridge University have been working with dogs suffering from paralysis to test therapies and cell treatments that reverse the damage. The scientists found success by using cells grown from the lining of the dogs’ noses. So far 23 dogs have seen improvement from injecting these cells into their spines. Read more

Determined dog saves owner from rocket strike

We often hear stories about hero dogs that save their owners from house fires or unwanted intruders but yesterday a remarkable dog named Louisa saved her owner from a rocket attack. Read more

For Bomb Sniffing dogs, it's all about the tennis balls

The job of a bomb sniffing dog is extremely dangerous, but to them it’s all just a game about tennis balls. Wilber, a border collie whose job as army explosive detection dog in Afghanistan puts him in harms way on a daily basis, but he is happy as a clam. Read more
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Andrew Phares was heartbroken to learn that homeless..
At first it seems like the swatting does..
A dog responsible for detecting hundreds of cases..