• This Kangaroo Is Just One of the Dogs “He's a very placid creature... he comes up and wants a pat and a scratch. He even puts his arms up and wraps them around you like he's giving you a cuddle.”

  • How Medical Marijuana Saved a Dog’s Life “The best way to gauge your dog is to watch them. With my involvement with my dog, my vet feels comfortable with my decision,” Mansfield said.

  • I Am a Dog, Not a Thing “Do not mistake me for a mindless object. I can feel and I can think. I understand perhaps more than you do.”

  • Men Walk Half Mile Through Swamp to Rescue Injured Dog Thanks to a passing motorist, a police officer and a swamp tour guide, this dog has a second chance for a good life.

  • Man Jumps into Dirty Canal Waters to Save Stray Dog People gathered around a canal to witness how a man, with the help of two policemen, saved a dog trapped in the dirty waters.

  • 21 Dogs Who Are Completely Oblivious to How Enormous They Are “What’s that, you say? Crushing you? But I’m just a lapdog!”

  • Brave Dog Stops Murderer from Killing His Family “He just basically acted as a deterrent, and kept the intruder from coming upstairs,” Eric explained.


Starved Dog Who Survived on Rocks Living Happily Ever After

Woman Sleeps in Freezing NYC Park to Save Senior Feral Dog

Rescued Fighting Dog Crashes & Snores in Caregiver’s Arms

Schoep's Dad Adopts a New Rescue Dog

21 Dogs Who Are Completely Oblivious to How Enormous They Are

Adopted Rottweiler Saves Pregnant Woman from Knife Attack

Pet Owner Breaks the Law to Save Dog from Burning Apartment

Dog-Tethering to Become Illegal in Nashville

Hidden talents save death row dog at the last minute

Raven was only 3 months old and deemed “aggressive” so she was scheduled to be euthanized in Jacksonville 4 months ago. Fortunately for Raven, Natalie Tayman, the founder and executive director of Willow’s Second Chances, an animal rescue in Jacksonville came to her rescue with only hours to spare. Read more

Dog used for badger baiting now making incredible recovery

Delilah was near death, covered in burns and bites from being used as badger bait, and suffering from hypothermia when she was found by dog walkers. She was unconscious and malnourished when they brought her to a nearby veterinarian on January 17th and it is a miracle that she is alive at all. Read more

Spirit's Story

Spirit earned her name through the way she approached life and mothering her puppies despite many difficulties. Her spirit prevailed and her story has a happy ending. Read more

Injured Dog Surprises Many And Makes Incredible Recovery

Scoot was a dog that many were ready to give up on. Her hind legs were fused straight and many didn’t think she would ever be able to walk, but Scoot was determined to live and with the help of Southbark Animal Rescue she has proved everyone wrong. Read more

Man Jumps Into River To Save Dog's Life

An unknown man was the hero last Friday when he risked his life to save a dog that had been thrown into the River Ilen in West Cork, Ireland. Read more

Dog Saves Four Children From Fire

A fire in Niles, Michigan could have been a lot worse if a dog named Hector hadn’t come to the rescue. Not only did his barking alert his neighbors to the fire in their home, but he lead their four children to safety. Read more

Lovable Fat Cat & Fat Dog Contest Starts Today

It’s no secret that as a country, we are struggling with the migration to a largely sedentary lifestyle. And our pets are struggling right along with us. Read more

$10,000 reward offered for return of lost dog in Ohio

Marne went missing 2 weeks ago from her home in Geneva Township and Amy Rowan has really done all she can to find her. Now she is offering a huge cash reward for Marne’s return hoping the cash will outweigh any other reason for someone to keep her precious pup. Read more
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