• Handicapped Stray Rescued from Thailand Beach Gets New Life in Canada Thanks to a Canadian woman, a stray and paralyzed dog from Thailand was rescued from a beach and is now enjoying a new life.

  • Golden Retriever Hilariously Fails at Dog Competition This competitor knows what a winner really is – the one who gets the most food!

  • Pets Now Welcome at Nebraska Homeless Shelter Andrew Phares was heartbroken to learn that homeless pet owners had to be turned away because of others’ allergies to pet dander.

  • “Hopeless” Cleft Palate Puppy Now Has a Fantastic Life “Ruby is famous and loved because of her differences, and I think there’s a powerful message in that,” said Jennifer.

  • Starving Garbage Can Getting Love from New Owner “I just couldn't imagine making her go away from me,” Megan Fritz said. “She's really attached, and we're happy with her and she's happy here.”

  • Dog Hitches a Ride on Side of Ambulance to Be with Owner “I was impressed,” Nicholson said. “He didn’t have to go to the hospital with me, but he did.”

  • French Bulldog Asks to Be Let on the Bed Alice is one talkative bulldog! She lets you know exactly what she wants!


Dog Who Walked 30 Miles to Get Back Home Finds Forever Home

Liam Neeson Saves Dog from Abuse in Central Park

A Deer Walked Into Their Yard. You Won't Believe What Happens Next!

Pit Bull Puppy’s Reaction to Being Reunited with Rescuer

Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Pit Bull Lovers

Young Animal Activist Dies Defending Dog from Animal Abuser

Dog Torturer Sentenced to 15 Years in Prison

Couple Does “Newborn” Photo Shoot of Rescue Dog

Woman helps save Washington's wildlife dog

The Karelian Bear Dogs program in the state of Washington have become a critical part of wildlife management. The program almost went bankrupt when one of its dogs, Indy, needed life-saving surgery this summer. One woman recognized the importance of the program and raised money to save Indy and the program. Read more

Billboard helps bring home missing dog

When a dog went missing at the end of October in Edmonton, newspaper ads and lost dog flyers weren’t enough for one dog owner. He asked to put up a billboard with his missing dog’s information. The billboard now proudly has the word found plastered across it. Read more

Community saves dog hit by a car

Last Friday morning a guide dog named Abbey was the victim of a hit and run. The car sped off leaving Abbey with internal injuries and vet bills that her blind owner couldn’t afford. Read more

Rescue dogs saving lives by helping detect cancer

For a dog that has been abandoned, abused, or neglected, being given a loving home is wonderful, and finding a way to put their skills to work is even better. Read more

Lucky dog survives fall down mine shaft

Iso is a spirited Sprocker Spaniel which may explain how he ended up at the bottom of a 160 ft mine shaft in Cornwall. Fortunately he was found relatively uninjured the next day, but he was lucky to get out alive. Read more

Retired Police Dog Valiantly Risks his Life to Protect his Home

Drake may not have made it as a police dog, but he nearly gave his life trying to stop burglars from entering his owners home in West Palm Beach, California. The 5 year old german shepherd was home alone when 3 intruders entered. When he tried to protect his property, he was shot at least 4 times and is now fighting for his life. Read more
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