• Boxer Loses His Marbles over Marbles Boxers certainly know how to keep themselves entertained!

  • Homeless Brazilian Dog Waits Outside Owner’s Hospital for Eight Days Days passed, but Seco stayed right outside. Hospital staff took pity on the dog, and provided him with food and water.

  • Fighting Dog Stolen from Shelter Found Safe; Corruption in Buffalo When animal lovers questioned how a fighting dog mysteriously vanished from a shelter, they discovered corruption in the City of Buffalo. Though they were attempted to be hushed up, advocates continued their battle until Ginja was found.

  • French Bulldog Puppy Argues Bedtime If you didn't love French bulldogs already, you will by the end of this video!

  • Man Receives 10-Year Sentence for Abuse of Pit Bull Puppy Halo may always have a limp and limited vision in one eye, but he is still a wiggly nine-month-old puppy who greets everyone he meets with kisses.

  • Officer Saves Brokenhearted Dog on Busy Road “For her to stop and take a moment of her time to show just a little compassion to an animal that obviously just lost his best friend goes to show us there are some people out there that really do care,” Michelle Carrington said.


Liam Neeson Saves Dog from Abuse in Central Park

Puppy Doe's Abuser Faces 55 Years in Prison; Held on $500,000 Bail

Heroic Man Rescues Dying Dog from Houston Highway

Pit Bull Puppy has a Special Gift for Comforting Others

Pit Bull Sacrifices Self to Save Owner from Attacker

Loving Dog Photobombs Baby Portrait

Boston Firefighter Risks Life to Save Husky from Icy Death

Ten-Year Shelter Dog Finally Gets a Home

WA Motorcyclist Ticketed for Dog Endangerment


Washington State Patrol trooper Russ Winger pulled over the driver seen in the photograph below on Tuesday. Read more

Fire Crews Stage Dramatic Rescue to Save Dog from Drowning


A dog has been saved in an exhausting rescue effort after it spent nearly two hours trapped under a southeast Wichita bridge in rising flood waters. Read more

Dog Friendly Summer Checklist


Summer is right around the corner and it’s time to start planning some dog friendly fun outdoors. Great adventures abound, and we have a few suggestions to get your wheels spinning for a memorable time with your pal. Read more

Giveaway: Dog Tuff Toy Prize Package


This week’s giveaway is all about fun for you and your dog. With winter waning, boredom busters are a perfect way to entertain your dog – win these and yours will be thrilled. Read more

Vintage Video: A Night in the Dog House (1952)


An inexplicably odd and intriguing clip from the British Pathe reel “Sophisticated She Dog” is surprisingly cute. And perfectly strange. Read more

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