• Crying Rottweiler Mourns His Dead Twin Brother “Clearly you can see in his eyes, he is crying for his brother who had passed, as his world around him just crumbled. We both grieve and cry for our brother...”

  • Man Finds Missing Best Friend While Searching for New Dog “I opened the door and he just flew right in and buried his head in my armpit and just started whining like a baby.”

  • State Representative Aims to End Breed-Specific Insurance Clauses “There are people who literally will have their insurance dropped because they have a certain breed of dog, which I think is ridiculous,” Rep. Kupchick said.

  • The Transformation of These Neglected Dogs Will Shock You “I couldn’t tell if they were sheep or dogs. You couldn’t see their faces. They looked so badly matted and injured. I have never seen an animal in that state.”

  • Almost Frozen Pit Bull Is Brought Back to Life When rescuers arrived, they thought it was too late to save the emaciated pit bull they found almost frozen to her crate, but the abused dog was alive.

  • I Took My Dying Dog on a Bucket List Adventure “Doing a bucket list for Gizelle not only helped me cope with losing her, it was also one wild ride. So paw in hand, we packed our bags and set off.”

  • Mama Dog Refuses to Leave Cemetery Where She Buried Her Puppy “If this doesn't prove that dogs have feelings just like humans do, I don't think anything else will,” Hunter said.


Pit Bull Comforts Deer Tangled in Fence Until Help Arrives

I Took My Dying Dog on a Bucket List Adventure

Pit Bull Puppy’s Reaction to Being Reunited with Rescuer

Dog Who Walked 30 Miles to Get Back Home Finds Forever Home

UPDATE: Dog Who Cried at Shelter Has Been Adopted

Would You Steal a Dog to Save Its Life?

Woman Who Left Starved Dog in Trash Found & Charged

Man Chooses Homelessness Rather Than Abandon Pit Bull

Hartz Pulls Tainted Chicken Treats from Shelves

“Even though two-thirds of the treats we tested did not contain antibiotic residues, we would rather be overly cautious by voluntarily withdrawing these products from the market.” Read more

This year's Puppy Bowl will feature puppies rescued from Puerto Rico's Dead Dog Beach

Puerto Rico’s Dead Dog Beach is an animal lover’s nightmare. Every day unwanted dogs are dumped there and highlight Puerto Rico’s widespread problem with abandoned dogs. Read more

Dog severely burned trying to save her two puppies

Lucy, a four-year-old pit bull, suffered serious burns attempting to shield her two puppies from a fire that engulfed the makeshift crate they were sleeping in. Lucy is expected to make a full recovery and will soon be looking for a new family. Read more

UPDATE: Mina will get the formal military burial he deserves

The story of June Etlinger and her mission to have military working dog Mina receive a proper soldier’s burial caught the attention of a lot of people last week. Oakland County’s director of public services Mike Zehnder was one of those people and he wanted to make sure Mina would get the formal military burial the black lab deserves. Read more

Elderly couple heartbroken over missing dog, but not giving up hope

A Cleveland woman whose dog went missing on November 15th is doing the only thing she can to maintain hope that her dog will come home; writing letters. Marge Brown, who is 87, let her dog out in the yard, and then Megan, a 17 year old Yorkshire terrier, disappeared. Since that day her family has been searching relentlessly and reaching out for help from their community, refusing to give up on the idea that Megan will come back to them. Read more

Owner neglects dog, then claims he found her to avoid paying for treatment

A dog with severe neck injuries is being treated for her injuries after being turned in to authorities in Spokane. The man who dropped her off claimed that he found her by the side of the road, but the sad truth is that it was actually the owner who had brought in the badly neglected and injured dog. Read more

Dog survives shooting and becomes PAWS mascot

Forrest’s life has a taken a 180 degree turn since the day in December when he was taken to the park, tied to a tree, and shot. Now, the handsome bull mastiff will be the star of the show at a benefit being held by the Ohio Public Animal Welfare Society (PAWS). Read more
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