• Dog Jumps Out of Abuser’s Truck and into the Arms of Rescuers “What I want to do is change their lives and show them life is not all bad, and people are not all bad,” Rafi said.

  • Rescued Weimaraner Survived by Eating Rocks and Twigs “This experience has taught me to not give up hope. Even the worst cases of neglect and abuse can be saved, especially if the community comes together to help out.”

  • 24 Dogs Making the Most Hilarious Faces Dogs are just so goofy!

  • INSTANT KARMA: Man Who Burned Puppy Gets Shot in Groin For all the times you've wished an abuser could suffer even a fraction of the pain they've inflicted on an innocent animal...

  • Pit Bull Saves Many Lives in Devastating Fire A heroic dog suffered multiple burns in a fire where he saved a dozen people. Many came together to save the dog's life.


Dog Who Walked 30 Miles to Get Back Home Finds Forever Home

Liam Neeson Saves Dog from Abuse in Central Park

A Deer Walked Into Their Yard. You Won't Believe What Happens Next!

Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Pit Bull Lovers

Young Animal Activist Dies Defending Dog from Animal Abuser

Dog Torturer Sentenced to 15 Years in Prison

Couple Does “Newborn” Photo Shoot of Rescue Dog

Dogs Who Found Love at Shelter Get Adopted Together

$1000 Reward Offered for Dog in Carjacking

New Orleans resident needs the public’s help in locating her Chihuahua/Jack Russell mix named Skeeter. Read more

After three years man finds his missing dog

It was almost three years ago that James Robinson’s bloodhound Waylon went missing. Robinson became so lonely without his best friend that he started going to a local shelter to visit another bloodhound named Daisy Mae. After filling out adoption papers for Daisy Mae he took a stroll through the shelter and was shocked when he spotted his long lost dog. Read more

Dog needs a new home after owner is killed by drunk driver

This past July, Stubby lost his owner, Tracy Handel, when she was hit and killed by a drunk driver. He has been staying with a friend of Handel’s since the accident, but is now in need of a good home. Read more

Puppy found on fire making improvements in his recovery

Police in Buffalo, New York are investigating the discovery of a Jack Russell Terrier found on fire Monday night. The puppy, which veterinarians believe is 16-weeks-old, was taken to the animal hospital where he has shown signs of improvement since Monday. The hospital, which has named the dog Phoenix, is not sure if he will make a full recovery. Read more

Do you have a stressed dog? Play it some Mozart

Sometimes what is true for humans is also true for dogs. In the case of music that soothes, dogs definitely respond better to classical music than heavy metal according to a study at Colorado State University. Professor Lori Kogan studied kennelled dogs response to music for 4 months and what she found was quite amazing. Read more

Mother hopes to give her autistic son the gift of 4 paws

Nelson is a 12 year boy who suffers from autism, epilepsy and encephalopathy. He goes to school at McGuffey Sixth Grade Center where he deals with balance problems, a lack of depth perception, and low motor skills, in addition to suffering from seizures. Read more

Missing Dog Has Surprise Reunion With Family at Adoption Event

A 13 year old dog missing for seven months returned home on Saturday thanks to a chance encounter at a Tractor Supply store. Read more
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