It’s Pit Bull Week – Let’s Celebrate!

8.28.15 - Pit Bull Week4

Pit bulls are lap beasts, and two of their favorite activities are snuggling and smooching.
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Man and Dog Take Cross Country Trip to Raise Money

5.24.15 - Sand5

“We’re on schedule to raise over $250,000 for these kids, just man, his dog, and his cell phone on the road,” Sandoval said.
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Advocates Urge pet Owners to Bring Pets Indoors during Extreme Cold

1.31.15 - new laws for cold

“It’s very important that we advocate for our pets and also make sure we have laws on the books that will protect them and we will continue advocating for them,” said Johnson.
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Dr. Laura Says On Air that All Pit Bulls Should Be Killed

12.19.14 - Dr. Laura Says All Pit Bulls Should Be Killed2

Janet Goree took to Twitter and asked followers to tweet photos of their pit bulls to Dr. Laura with the tag #whydoyouwantmedead.
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Let’s End Testing on Dogs and Other Animals

12.3.14 - Ban Animal Testing12

Yes, this is a gruesome topic that many would rather ignore than read about. But looking the other way is what allows animals to suffer.
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Dog Bite Fatalities: Breed or Human Problem?

5.6.14 - Dog Bite Fatalities - Breed or Human Problem

Statistics indicate that most of the factors surrounding dog-bite related fatalities are preventable and unrelated to dog breed. It is media reports rather than fact that spur the political decisions that lead to breed specific legislation.
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Why Today Is National Dog Fighting Awareness Day

4.8.14 - National Dog Fighting Awareness Day4

Dog fighting is a cultural embarrassment we should all feel. This is not about just locking up bad guys; this is about doing everything we can to bring this nightmarish practice to an end. We can’t rest until it does.
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Family Chooses Homelessness over Abandoning Pit Bull

3.13.14 - Family Chooses Homelessness over Abandoning Pit Bull3

“Pit bull owners are good,” Carol said. “Thanks to the pit bull community who came together, we have a place.”
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Help Save Mickey – His Life Depends on Us

2.27.14 - Help Save Mickey2

“He doesn’t look angry or aggressive at all – really mellow. It was just the circumstances of what happened,” said Melissa Gable with MCACC. “It’s a really tough decision, so we’re taking time to figure it out.”
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Celebrities Team up to Promote Shelter Dog Adoption

1.23.14 - Celebrities & Shelter Dogs2

“I’m honored to be part of the “See what good food can do” campaign, because I believe in the power of good food to help dogs look and feel their best while waiting for their loving home,” said David Ortiz.
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Rescued Pit Bull’s Legacy Lives On in Holiday Calendar

Photo Credit: Sara Cozolino Photography

Angels come in many forms. Some live with us for years as constant, treasured companions while others are only in our lives for brief but magical periods of time.
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James Gandolfini’s Final Film Advocates Pit Bull Rescue

8.8.13 - James Gandolfini1

It is hoped that Animal Rescue will help bring animal abuse issues into the spotlight, as well as help reduce the stigma on pit bulls.
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NJ Senate Passes Patrick’s Law Strengthening Animal Cruelty Penalties


The NJ State Senate voted unanimously yesterday in support of Patrick’s Law.
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For the Love of Dog


We draw our inspiration from wherever it comes.
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Animal Advocacy Starts with You


Most people think Humane Societies and animal control facilities are safe places for animals. Humane Societies and shelters exist to care for animals, after all.  But, do they actually provide adequate care?