Giveaway: Fine Art Print from Artist Lara Harris

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My name is Lara Harris and I am a primarily self-taught artist from Michigan.  I never actually thought I could paint, but picked up a brush in 2006 and have been hooked ever since.

Fudge & Friends


Paw Prints in the Heart

lou at ocean

Some animals, like people, leave bigger prints in your heart than others. But when a scruffy wire haired fox terrier named Louie Louie left this realm, there were more than paw prints in my heart, there were holes. Everything dies, I understand that, even more now that I live on a small farm, but the […]

The Saurday Pet Blogger Hop: The Canine GOP

republican dogs

A reader shared this cute, clever picture from a local store window, and it deserves a mention for creative genius.

Macro Sniffer

macro snooter

Stop Insulting Dogs!


I realize that most people do not intend to insult dogs when they say the following things about them, but if I were a dog, I’d find them less than complimentary.

Deciding When It’s Time

Thank you to "Free Desktop Backgrounds" for the Beautiful Dalmatian

The most difficult time for a pet lover…the most difficult time for a veterinarian…is the last stage of life – the good-bye, and more times than not, euthanasia.

Giveaway: Flash Gordon 3D Engraved Dog Tag

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Started in 2011 by Jeff and Jason Gordon, Flash Gordon Designs is all about making custom, designer pet id tags and charms that are durable, unique and great-looking.

When is it too late to socialize your dog?


My post last week was a check list of things that puppy owners need to go out of their way to expose their pups to. Proper socialization drastically cuts down on behavior issues developing later in life.

Giveaway: Bumperpet Custom Stickers

bumperpet safety gives you the ability to create custom removable stickers from your pet’s photos.

Chacha Loses a Paw, Gets a New Hand


Redditor Extreme_Matt’s girlfriend’s dog Chacha lost its paw when it was just a young puppy. This was the adorable reaction to a proposed prosthetic solution… 

Lake Tahoe: Pet Friendly Year-Round

Lake Tahoe Map

Lake Tahoe is best known for it’s winter activities – and for good reason, with an average of 125 inches of snow falling at lake level each year, and the ski areas getting even more!

Yes, Pit Bulls Suddenly Snap

1.9.15 - Yes, Pit Bulls Suddenly Snap

Five things you’ve always heard about pit bulls and why they’re all true.
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The Dark Age of Dog Training


I have been struggling with a website a friend shared with me.*

Book Giveaway: Pure Gold

pure gold

A captivating tale of rambunctious, quirky and loving dogs, told with tenderness and respect.

Giveaway: Retired from Racing, not from Life

Retired from Racing not from Life

The Retired from Racing, not from Life Art Book project is an extension of True North Greyhounds, a non-profit organization dedicated to making the world a happier, healthier place for greyhounds. .

Jack Laughing at Louis Singing


Jack laughing at Louis singing to Pavarotti…

Dogs Are Not Wolves in Designer Fleece Coats

wolf standing on a tree stump

Dogs have been as successful as they have been because of their ability to cooperate with us, not because of our ability to dominate them.

Prepare Before Your Pet Is Lost


Recently a friend’s foster dog slipped her collar and was on the run for twelve days. Eventually this lucky pup made it home safely, but her story got me thinking about how prepared we’d be in the same terrifying position.

The 12 Dogs of Christmas