A Painful Memory

From an old friend: Read more

Giveaway: Toby and Max Jewelry

Sandy Comstock of Toby and Max Jewelry has been creating exquisite jewelry for over 30 years. Read more

The Saturday Pet Blogger Hop: Amber the Dog Loves Downhill Mountain Biking

Amber my Hungarian Vizsla dog railing the trails at Swinley Forest (The Lookout) filmed using my GoPro, including onboard footage from Amber’s back! Read more

Teaching Your Dog to "Drop It"


A brief, effective demonstration of techniques that will help you teach your dog to leave it. Read more

Maddie on Things

Photographer Theron Humphrey presents an unusual series of photographs of a dog with the unique gift of balance. Read more

Kennel Cough

The medical name for kennel cough is infectious tracheobronchitis. Read more

Giveaway: Fine Art Print from Artist Lara Harris

My name is Lara Harris and I am a primarily self-taught artist from Michigan.  I never actually thought I could paint, but picked up a brush in 2006 and have been hooked ever since. Read more

Fudge & Friends

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Paw Prints in the Heart

Some animals, like people, leave bigger prints in your heart than others. But when a scruffy wire haired fox terrier named Louie Louie left this realm, there were more than paw prints in my heart, there were holes. Everything dies, I understand that, even more now that I live on a small farm, but the idea that Louie would someday be invisible seemed more fantasy than future reality. Read more

The Saurday Pet Blogger Hop: The Canine GOP

A reader shared this cute, clever picture from a local store window, and it deserves a mention for creative genius. Read more

Macro Sniffer

Read more

Stop Insulting Dogs!

I realize that most people do not intend to insult dogs when they say the following things about them, but if I were a dog, I’d find them less than complimentary. Read more

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