breed specific legislation

South Dakota Celebrates Pit Bull Independence Day

“We are kind of hoping that it sets the tone for the rest of the Midwest states,” said Vicktory dog owner Jacque Johnson. Read more

Dog Bite Fatalities: Breed or Human Problem?

Statistics indicate that most of the factors surrounding dog-bite related fatalities are preventable and unrelated to dog breed. It is media reports rather than fact that spur the political decisions that lead to breed specific legislation. Read more

Rally in Capital Held to Show Dogs ‘Are Born Inherently Good’

On Saturday, activists gathered in Washington D.C. for a demonstration against “breed-specific legislation”, or laws that ban or restrict ownership of dogs by breed, most commonly, pit bulls. Read more

Washington State Proposes Bill to End BSL

“Human beings used to get chickens and put them together and have them fight, but we would never declare chickens as violent creatures,” said Rep. Christ Reykdal. Read more

Germans Outraged by Government's Demand of Comatose Boy's Dog

Doctors have seen Dylan’s condition improve in Tascha’s presence, and “strongly advise” against separating him from his therapy dog. Read more

President Obama Stands Up for Pit Bulls & Blasts BSL

“We don’t support breed-specific legislation — research shows that bans on certain types of dogs are largely ineffective and often a waste of public resources.” Read more

Nevada Bans Breed Specific Legislation

Assemblyman James Ohrenschall said: I’m proud of sponsoring this legislation because it will help keep our innocent friends from being killed needlessly and senselessly. Read more

Connecticut House Bans Dog Breed Bans

BSL leads to bully breeds being dropped off at shelters that are no longer able to adopt them out. Read more

Connecticut Proposes Bill to Ban Breed Specific Legislation

“It’s like saying because I am blonde, I’m stupid. I’m not saying a dog can’t be labeled as dangerous, but its breed can’t be the criteria.” Read more

Breed Specific Legislation Fight Continues in Maryland

After a victory in August against a bill that deemed pit bulls ‘inherently dangerous’, an altered version of the bill threatens pit bulls and their owners again. Read more

Breed Specific Legislation and Alpha Dog Mythology

Touting the concept that dogs are inclined to seek a higher status in their relationships with people, including displaying aggression to do it, is scary. Read more