cute dog video

Basenji Plays Piano and Sings

A passionately musical dog performs solo and duets at the piano with a young girl. Read more

English Bulldog Puppy Finds Nirvana in an Inanimate Object

Agnes the English Bulldog puppy, despite her young age, seems to already know how to enjoy the little things in life. Read more

Dogs and Babies Compilation

Dogs are hanging out with babies in this cute compilation of video clips. Read more

Happy Dog Rolls in Grass: Cute Dog Maymo

Cute dog Maymo is extremely happy to roll around in the grass. Watch this cute pup twist, turn, snort and sniffle through a sun-dappled field in the cutest way possible. Read more

Dogs Love Babies Compilation

Dogs give babies love and kisses in this cute compilation of video clips. Read more

Buddy's Baby Crawling School

Bear Bear hasn’t gotten the hang of crawling so Buddy decided to show her how it’s done. Read more

Dog vs. Robot Spider: Cute Dog Maymo

Cute dog Maymo uses his ninja skills to defeat a fuzzy robot spider and then employs his adversary to massage his paws. Read more

This Dog Really Loves Adele

“Rev’s song I’ve sung this to him since he was a pup….his response to it is pretty adorable.” Read more

Dogs and Cats Meeting Babies For The First Time Compilation

Dogs and cats are very interested in the tiny humans joining their families in this cute compilation of video clips. Read more

Puppy vs. Pop Bottle

When it comes to pop bottles, there really is no competition. The dog always wins. Read more

Man Rescues Fox & Becomes Its Best Friend

He’d go on (leashed) walks, eat out of dog bowls, and even give belly! Read more

Dog Helps Mom Change Baby’s Diaper

Sure, doing it herself might be faster, but this way is far more entertaining. Read more

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