A Look Inside the Mind of a Puppy

5.27.15 - 8pm vid

Some cavalier puppies give us a piece of their mind.
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A Bowl Full of Cuteness

5.27.15 - puppy bowl

Our friends at The Pet Collective give us some corgi pups in a strainer, to add a touch of extra cuteness to your day!
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Matisse and His Human Dance Circles Around the Competition

5.26.15 - MatisseFEAT

Matisse and his human gave the performance of a lifetime on Britain’s Got Talent.
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Remembering Our Dog Heroes On Memorial Day


A tribute to our war fallen four-legged heroes on Memorial Day.
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A Dog and His Stick Are Not Easily Parted

5.22.15 - dog and stick

Keep trying! You’ll get it….eventually.
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How to Tell if Your Boyfriend is a Cheater

5.21.15 - video

Be careful who you ride around town with in your car. You never know who could spot you, and the consequences are pretty steep.
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Video: A Dog’s Unconditional Love


The unconditional love of our pets extends even after our own death. Watch this fictional video and get ready to shed a tear.
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Talking Dog Says I Love You


Talking dog expresses his love for Grannie by saying “I love Grannie.”
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Some “Secret” Dog Words from Life in the Dog House

5.19.15 - snibben

Find out what a “snibben” is, and how it can help you and your dog become a little bit closer.
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Morning Cuteness Alert – Puppies!


Noting is cuter than puppies and these two are sure adorable.
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To All of the Dog Mom’s Out There

5.10.15 - dog video

A song and video for all of the dog mom’s out there! Happy Mother’s Day!
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With Dogs Like These, Who Needs Alarm Clocks?

5.7.15 - dog nap

Could there even possibly be anything better than snuggling with your dog? We don’t think so.
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This Dog Uses EVERYTHING The Good Lord Gave Him

5.6.15 - butt bark

This dog barks with so much effort, his entire body gets into it! Now there’s a dog that always gives his all!
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Sweetest & Silliest Sleeping Dogs

5.5.15 - sleepy dogs

Some people just can’t let sleeping dogs sleep!
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Dog Loves Bicycle Rides


This dog doesn’t need a bicycle basket to sit in while riding around town with his owner.
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Paralyzed Dog “Runs” to Reunite with Deployed Dad

5.1.15 - video

This dog gives a new meaning to determination! What an amazing scene.
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Hairy Pets Become Best Friends


Best friends (even in the animal kingdom) have many things in common. This duo bond over their cute hair.
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Jealous Dog Demands Bro-Time With Dad

4.28.15 - video

Some dogs think the world revolves around them.
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What a Little Sassy-Pants!

4.28.15 - cute pup

How can something so tiny have so much attitude already?
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Puppy’s First Time at the Beach


A puppy named Coby goes to beach for the very first time.
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