cute dog video

Sheldon and Dolly are Best Friends

That is one FAST turtle! Wonder who taught him those moves… Read more

Adorable Puppy is Outsmarted by Frisbee

Well, the performance certainly is a tour de force, but we think it’s a bit late to submit for an Academy Award nomination… Read more

Assault with a Deadly Weapon (Dog Tails)

When dogs get excited, they wag their tail. This dog uses it as a method to obtain and maintain attention away from his sibling. Sometimes, they’re too smart. Read more

Corgi Gives Basketball Clinic While Swimming

Sign this one up for the NBA. Who knows? Maybe we’re seeing the next Charles “Bark-“ley! You know, just with more hair. Read more

Dog Finds Faster Way to Travel

Why use your legs when you can travel on wheels? Read more

Golden Retriever Imitates Fire Truck

He might have Mariah Carey beat on the octave range… Read more

The Answer is "NO!"

“But mom! I don’t wanna get up yet. PLEASE! Just five more minutes?!?” Read more

What a Bunch of Lazy Bones!

Some of these dogs are clearly master level lazy dogs. Such skill can only be achieved through dedication and a lot of hard days doing nothing at all. Read more

Dog Loves to Watch Ping Pong

This dog has her sights set on being a world ping pong champion! Go Tessie, go! Read more

Problem Solving Dog Finds Hidden Treats

This dog is one smart, (and hungry) dog. Wonder where he picks up his ideas from… Read more

Pick Me! Pick Me!

Who wants a tasty snack? This guy! Read more

Dog Waits Patiently for his Human Siblings School Bus

The highlight of this dog’s day is when his best friend comes home from school. What a good boy! Read more

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