cute dog video

Happy Chihuahua Wags Tail Nonstop

Want to watch something tiny, cute and cuddly? Just hit play. Read more

This Dog Can't Stop Giving Kisses

Does your dog get this excited to see you come home? Read more

French Bulldog Befriends NYC Police Horse

Perez the Frenchie meets a police horse in NYC. Read more

Dog's Reaction to Best Friend's Return Is Priceless

Dog’s favorite human comes home after being away for two years, and receives the best welcome home display ever. Read more

Why Walk When you can Ride?

Does this qualify them for the carpool lane? Read more

Happy Dog Can't Stop Running

Dog runs happily and non-stop in his yard. Read more

A Canine Alarm Clock Could be Useful Indeed

Dogs trying to keep their humans awake Maybe someone should show them was a coffee maker is! Read more

Cuteness Overload

Put a smile on your face with these cute puppies. Read more

What's This Puppy Dreaming Of?

Hush little baby don’t say a word…wait, do tell me what you’re dreaming of. Read more

Cat Misses Dog Bestie After Being Gone Ten Days

This is what happens when you take a cat’s dog away for ten days. Read more

Husky Says "I Love You"

We love talking dogs! Read more

STATIC: The Hottest Look in Winter Fashion

Fang rocks the number one hottest look in doggy hairstyles for this winter fashion season. We’d say those are positive reactions from his humans. Read more

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