How to Stay Cool on a Hot Summer Day


Some dogs just know how to stay cool when the days are too hot to handle.
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Dog Pool Party


Looking for something fun to do this weekend? Have a pool party with the dogs.
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Toddler Spoon Feeds Her Dog


When Africa the German Shepherd gets hungry, she knows she can count on her little owner for a good meal.
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Dog Tries to Play the Keyboard


Puppy tries his best to learn how to play the keyboard.
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Dog Rides Jet Ski


This dog is the coolest dog on the lake.
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Man Masters the Art of Barking

8.25.15 - human barking

A man learns to bark as well as dogs do. The reactions of some of the dogs are hilarious!
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Video: Tazo’s Best Day


Nothing makes a shelter dog happier than having dreams come true.
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It’s Back to School Time

8.20.15 - back to school

An adorable compilation of dogs dealing with their human kids going back to school.
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Is That Dog Really Dancing?


The rhythm flows naturally through this dog’s body!
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Dog Celebrates Positive News from Medical Test Results


Pet owners capture the moment they tell their pet she is cancer free. The dog’s reaction is priceless.
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This Is How K-9 Heroes Are Made


A K-9 puppy plays “lets catch the criminal” in a training session.
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Super Dogs at Work


Who needs superheroes when you can have a super pet
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Guilty Dog Gets the Cutest Defense Lawyer – His Human Sister


Why did this dog eat what he wasn’t supposed to? It wasn’t his fault. He was just hungry.
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Puppy Play Time


Cuteness overload! These puppies are full of energy and just adorable.
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Tiny Dog Carries Stubborn Cat Back Home


It wasn’t an easy task, but the little dog carries his kitty sibling back home.
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Woman Runs Marathon for the Love of Dogs


“I’m running not just to honor the dogs who rescued me, but for all the animals who are waiting to rescue a human,” said Karen Parente
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Cute Dog’s Bath Routine


Romeo enjoys his bath time with his rubber ducky friends.
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Expert Dating Advice from Your Dog!

8.3.15 - dating advice

Grab some expert first date advice from your dog!
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The Old Bait and Switch

8.3.15 - distraction

Why try to find your own chew toy, when you can just distract your sibling and take theirs? So much less work!
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Raven is Addison’s Protector and Snoozing Buddy

8.2.15 - Raven and Addison

“People that say ‘money can’t buy happiness’ have never paid an adoption fee,” said Kristin Leigh Rhynehart.
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