cute dog video

It's Pool Day for the Dogs

Lexy and Toby have fun at the pool. Read more

Dog Helps Dog Out of Car

Don’t hesitate to call this dog, if your dog needs help getting out of a car. Read more

A Look Inside the Mind of a Puppy

Some cavalier puppies give us a piece of their mind. Read more

A Bowl Full of Cuteness

Our friends at The Pet Collective give us some corgi pups in a strainer, to add a touch of extra cuteness to your day! Read more

Matisse and His Human Dance Circles Around the Competition

Matisse and his human gave the performance of a lifetime on Britain’s Got Talent. Read more

Remembering Our Dog Heroes On Memorial Day

A tribute to our war fallen four-legged heroes on Memorial Day. Read more

A Dog and His Stick Are Not Easily Parted

Keep trying! You’ll get it….eventually. Read more

How to Tell if Your Boyfriend is a Cheater

Be careful who you ride around town with in your car. You never know who could spot you, and the consequences are pretty steep. Read more

Video: A Dog's Unconditional Love

The unconditional love of our pets extends even after our own death. Watch this fictional video and get ready to shed a tear. Read more

Talking Dog Says I Love You

Talking dog expresses his love for Grannie by saying “I love Grannie.” Read more

Some "Secret" Dog Words from Life in the Dog House

Find out what a “snibben” is, and how it can help you and your dog become a little bit closer. Read more

Morning Cuteness Alert - Puppies!

Noting is cuter than puppies and these two are sure adorable. Read more

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