cute dog video

Puppy Loves the Air Conditioning

Watch this cute puppy sleep on top of the AC vent Read more

Dog Feels Guilty About Wetting the Floor

Don’t be mad. It was an accident. Read more

Dogs Meet Their Baby Brother

Two adorable Siberian Huskies get introduced to a new pack member, a baby! Read more

Dog Is Excited Football Season Is Back

Meet Charlie, a devoted and excited canine football fan. Watch what he does when the game is on. Read more

Great Dane Is Sad He Can't Go Out and Play

This Great Dane sure wished he could go out and play. Read more

Dog Steals Sleeping Dog's Treats

Clever dog becomes a treat thief while her canine sibling sleeps. Read more

Puppy Leaps into Owner's Arms

This cute little puppy takes a leap of faith…into his owner’s arms Read more

Cutest Puppies Dreaming

What do dreaming puppies look like? Watch and see. Read more

Dog Enjoys His Birthday Cake

How do you celebrate your pet’s birthday? Do you buy your pet a doggy cake or tasty steak? Read more

Cute Time Lapse! Dog and Owner Sleeping on Sofa

Want to see 19 seconds of cuteness? Watch Zoey snooze right along her owner. Read more

Cuteness Overload: Introducing Mickey The Tiny Pomeranian Puppy

Mickey is too cute for words, just watch the video and your heart will melt. Read more

I'm Stunned by What This Dog Does Upon Entering the House. That's Definitely Not Normal!

I have never seen such a polite dog. After he comes in from outdoor playing, he wipes his feet to make sure he doesn’t bring any dirt into the house. Read more

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