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Twelve Days of Christmas- Dog Edition!

The dog twist in this Christmas rendition song is to remind everyone that is better to adopt. Read more

You Play and I Sing

This dog loves to sing! Read more

Dogs "Play" Banjos

Kermit the Frog is not the only four-legged animals that can play the banjo. Read more

The Eight-Week-Old Escape Artist

It’s never too early to learn how to get over fences. Read more

Dogs Also Believe in Santa

This dog landed on the “Nice” list. Watch to see what Santa got him Read more

Pugs At Play

Pugs strutting their stuff, and being the sassy little furballs they were born to be! Read more

Dog Keeps Baby Happy During Bath Time

Bath time is always fun when you share it with the dog. Read more

Puppy and His Chew Toy

Adorable puppy plays with his chew toy. Read more

Throw Me the Ball and Watch Me Jump

Aquiles loves to run after his ball. Read more

Please Cuddle with Me!

Ruff and Chica just want to make sure their owner will cuddle with them. Read more

Two Puppies and A Rottweiler Run Free

What dog doesn’t enjoy being playfully chased by another dog? Read more

A Talking Husky

Does your pet talk to you when you bark or howl like a dog? Read more

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