Dogs Meet Thier Kitten Siblings for the First Time

4.6.15 - quick am vid

These older dogs get to meet their little kitty siblings for the first time. Let the adorable begin!
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Koby Goes on an Easter Egg Hunt

4.5.15 - Koby Easter Egg Hunt

Koby is specially trained by his family to be able to handle his basket, and is very good with finding the eggs.
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This Dog Is Saving the Earth, One Piece of Trash at a Time

4.3.15 - trash dog 8pm video

What a smart dog! She’s specially trained by her family to put trash in its proper place.
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Man Trains Dog to Be Unofficial Greeter at Local Store

4.2.15 - 8pm video Jackson

“Now everybody wants to take him home – four months ago, nobody wanted him.”
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Rescued Puppy Enjoys First Bath Ever

3.31.15 -  11am

The adorable little face on this itsy-bits says everything you need to know.
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Big Sister Takes Little Brother for a Walk

3.30.15 - 8pm video

Sandy takes her little brother Ringo for a walk in the part.
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Happy Chihuahua Wags Tail Nonstop


Want to watch something tiny, cute and cuddly? Just hit play.
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This Dog Can’t Stop Giving Kisses


Does your dog get this excited to see you come home?
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French Bulldog Befriends NYC Police Horse

3.24.15- 8pm

Perez the Frenchie meets a police horse in NYC.
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Dog’s Reaction to Best Friend’s Return Is Priceless

3.22.15 - 8pm

Dog’s favorite human comes home after being away for two years, and receives the best welcome home display ever.
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Why Walk When you can Ride?

3.17.15 - 8am

Does this qualify them for the carpool lane?
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Happy Dog Can’t Stop Running


Dog runs happily and non-stop in his yard.
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A Canine Alarm Clock Could be Useful Indeed

3.16.15 - 8pm

Dogs trying to keep their humans awake Maybe someone should show them was a coffee maker is!
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Cuteness Overload


Put a smile on your face with these cute puppies.
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What’s This Puppy Dreaming Of?


Hush little baby don’t say a word…wait, do tell me what you’re dreaming of.
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Cat Misses Dog Bestie After Being Gone Ten Days

3.10.15 - 8pm vid

This is what happens when you take a cat’s dog away for ten days.
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Husky Says “I Love You”


We love talking dogs!
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STATIC: The Hottest Look in Winter Fashion

3.6.15 - 8pm

Fang rocks the number one hottest look in doggy hairstyles for this winter fashion season. We’d say those are positive reactions from his humans.
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Husky Pup Tries Verbal Communication with Humans

3.5.15 - 8am

A husky puppy tries verbal communication with the humans. Well, back to the drawing board!
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Polite Dog Gets out of pool to “Go”

3.3.15 - 8pmFEAT

Brody keeps an old saying alive for a new generation.
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