Jealous Dog Demands Bro-Time With Dad

4.28.15 - video

Some dogs think the world revolves around them.
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What a Little Sassy-Pants!

4.28.15 - cute pup

How can something so tiny have so much attitude already?
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Puppy’s First Time at the Beach


A puppy named Coby goes to beach for the very first time.
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Dance Like No One Is Watching

Is that not the best expression ever!?!?

Some of these dogs are just itchy, but some of these other critters are clearly just getting down with their bad self!
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Sleeping Puppy Won’t Get Up


Puppy sleeps soundly even though it is time to get ready to go back to work.
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Dogs Playing With Their Kitty Siblings

4.24.15 - vid

A compilation of dogs and their kitty cat siblings playing together. Who says they can’t get along?
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Hang On Guys, I Got This One!

4.21.15 - video

This cat gets the door for his canine siblings.
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Rescue Dog Bonnie Refuses to Eat Alone

4.21.15 - bonnie

Because Sharing a meal with your big brother is just the best!
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Cute Dog Can Take Mickey Mouse’s Job


Dog dressed up as Mickey Mouse is the cutest ever!
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Redefining the Term “Guard Dog”

4.20.15 - video

This clever dog guards his human’s bike for him while he is away.
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No One’s Better Than a Singing Dog


And a 1, and a 2, and a 3. This dog loves to sing!
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Ultimate Belly Rub Compilation

4.16.15 - video

What dog doesn’t love a good belly scratchin’? Well, these guys LOVE IT!
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Gremlin and Stiggy Hanging Out with Uncle Bill

4.15.15 - life in the dog house

Do these guys know how to have a good time, or what?
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Dog Begs to Be allowed on Bed


This little dog is working his magic to get away with his wish…to be allowed on the bed.
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16 Golden Retriever Puppies Being Total Dweebs

4.14.15 - 8pm

Check out the dog sleeping behind the bathroom sink! How in the world is sleeping like that in any way comfortable?  What a bunch of hams!
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Dogs Just LOVE to Give Kisses!

4.7.15 -dog kisses

A cute video exploring some of the possible reasons dogs can be furry kiss factories.
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The Easter Doggy Has No Need to Hop!


Dog in bunny costume hitches a Roomba ride.
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Cute Animal Couples

4.6.15 - 8pm

There’s no denying it, these animal couples are just the cutest!
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Dogs Meet Thier Kitten Siblings for the First Time

4.6.15 - quick am vid

These older dogs get to meet their little kitty siblings for the first time. Let the adorable begin!
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Koby Goes on an Easter Egg Hunt

4.5.15 - Koby Easter Egg Hunt

Koby is specially trained by his family to be able to handle his basket, and is very good with finding the eggs.
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