cute dog video

Boston Terriers Gone Wild

Here is a cute video of our dogs and their buddies doing what they do best! Read more

A Stranger Among Us

Pay no mind to the video title – it doesn’t look like these two will be bagging a buck any time soon… Read more

A Warm Welcome Home

Molly meets her guardian at the airport and welcomes her home from Afghanistan. ♥ Read more

Gabe Rocks!

Training does not have to mean all work and no play. Read more

Rocky: Green Day’s New Singer

A new video posted on YouTube shows Green Day front man Billie Joe Armstrong accompanied his dog Rocky on the piano. Read more

Dog Adopts Panther and Wolf Cubs

Three unrelated animals form a family in this touching tale of motherly love. Read more

Salsa Dog Dance Off

Rarely does a sequel compare to the original, but in this case, it may just be even sillier. Read more

The 2011 Pre-Westminster Fashion Show

This beautifully produced video is your backstage pass to some of the cutest pre-Westminster festivities we’ve seen. Read more

The Saturday Pet Blogger Hop/Guilty As Charged

Now that the weekend is here things are looking up – unless you’re this dog! Read more

Mother’s Little Helper

Very short, and awfully sweet. Read more

Passed Out Pit Bull

This is Mojo, a 6 month old pit bull. Here’s how he sleeps, usually, on his back…. Read more

The Saturday Pet Blogger Hop/Biker Dog

Before you dive in to this week’s blog hop fun, take a quick spin through the video below and meet biker dog. Read more

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