cute dog video

Time Lapse: Puppy to Adult in 40 Seconds

Meet Dunder as a pup – and just look at him grow! Read more

The Saturday Pet Blogger Hop/The Dog Catcher

Purin may very well be on his way to fame with this brilliant trick. Read more

Family Dog Adopts Deer Fawn

Harley would like you to meet his beautiful new best friend. Read more

Dog Sticks Tongue Out On Cue

This may very well be the silliest, cutest dog trick ever. Read more

The Saturday Pet Blogger Hop/Mission Impossible

It’s form vs. function in this battle for the biscuit! Read more

Bouncing for Baby

Billy is so excited to meet new family member Isabelle that he’ll do absolutely anything to get a peek at her. Read more

The Ultimate Dog Tease

This is just so not fair…and that’s exactly what makes it so cute. Read more

Boxer Loves Whippits

Behold the cutest snack attack ever. Read more

Sparky: Dancing Dog Extraordinaire

Raw talent combined with brilliant editing make for one of the best dancing dog videos of late. Read more

Cute Attack: Great Dane Plays With His Adopted Chicks

We got our first look at Marmaduke and his flock of adopted chicks Monday, and now he’s back in a new video that gives you a closer look at this adorable arrangement. Read more

Puppy’s First Snowfall: A Slow Motion Spectacle

Slow motion effects combine with a slow, lazy snowfall to make for a near magical experience – for the viewer and the puppy! Read more

Food Fight: Cute, Controversial Video Goes Viral

A cringe-worthy clip is going big this week, and is already drawing substantial fire for promoting poor parenting practices and irresponsible pet ownership. Read more

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