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Frankenstein's Dog

Love is where you find it… Read more

Tarra & Bella: Friends for Life

After yesterday’s sad news, we were left wanting to see more of Bella & Tarra’s happier moments. Read more

Halloween Three - Splash's Revenge

A nasty old man decides he doesn’t want dogs coming “trick or treating” to his door after last year’s escapades. Read more

The Saturday Pet Blogger Hop: Vizsla Nurses Kitten

Sorry for the poor English… we usually speak French. On this video, our Vizsla is only 14 months young and she has never had puppies. Read more

Dog Riding A Donkey

Read more

Hey There Little Buddies

Volume required for ultimate cuteness. Read more

Sir Handsome of Medford

Sir Handsome (Sonny) is a slacker extraordinaire. Read more

Well Trained Puppy

Ruby is so well trained…she totally jacked the cookie. Read more

Which Does Not Belong?

Read more

Thor the Rock Monster

Read more

Crazy Bella

This is our Italian Greyhound. In front of people she is shy and timid. Read more


Housekeeping never looked so cute… Read more

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