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The Saturday Pet Blogger Hop: French Bulldog Dance Party

Get a good look at this happy little Frenchie while you can, because once you hit that play button the action never lets up. Read more

Kittyhead Loves Sharkey

These two need to get a room. Read more

Max Smiles for Belly Rubs

Just a little to the left and a bit lower please… Read more

Super Fetch!

See the blur of fur flying over that great big fence? That would be Superdog. Read more

Salsa Dancing Chi

El Wily returns to celebrate Cinco de Mayo… Read more

The Sofa Started It

Or something like that. ;) Read more

Like Baby, Like Dog

A father plays Simon Says with his daughter–and his dog! Read more

A Pit Bull’s Royal Bath

Now that is a properly pampered pibble. :) Read more

A Tap Dancing Pomeranian

Very, very happy feet. Read more

The Pug Head Tilt

Nobody does it better. Read more

The Saturday Pet Blogger Hop/Lucky Loves Aijka

Last week’s adorable report of a bear cub that wandered onto the Logar family farm in Slovenia and befriended their dog went viral overnight, and if you thought the pictures were cute, wait until you see this new video of Lucky and Aijka in action. Read more

Dog Takes Kitty Off-roading

It’s every dog’s dream, realized. Read more

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