cute dog video

Hendrix vs Pinecone

A puppy and a pinecone get ready to rumble… Read more

The Doorman Dog

That door must be so frustrated… Read more

The Saturday Pet Blogger Hop/Pixel Plays with Deer

A substantial mismatch makes for an adorable play date with Pixel the Yorkie and a friendly deer. Read more

Corgi Free Swim: Goro's Day at the Beach

A Corgi, a beautiful day at the beach and a submersible camera make for a fascinating swim session. Read more

Happy Chi Jumps for Joy

19 seconds of sheer, unbridled exuberance. Read more

Spike Loves Visa

What could be sweeter than a big Pibble in love with a kitty? Read more

Incredible Dog Tricks Performed by Jesse the Jack Russell

The world’s most famous JRT returns with another, and as always, we’re seriously impressed. Read more

A Tooth Brushing Terrier

An adorable example of terrier tenacity… Read more

The Bed Spins

Hang on – this is going to be a wild ride…. Read more

Boxer Pup Greets the Herd

An adorable encounter in the pasture. Read more

Nitro Throws a Pool Party

It’s time to cut loose with Nitro, and if you know him, you’ll be as happy to see this as we are. Read more

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