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My Dog Plays Better Basketball Than You

Petey the volleyball dog has learned how to play basketball – and is a master at shooting hoops. Read more

Dog Afraid of Julia Roberts

“So we’re sitting back watching TV when I see my dog flip out over something he saw on the pages of an open magazine Read more

Which Dog is Guilty of Trashing the House?

Today’s mystery thriller stars Tank, Jed and Xena in a hilarious puzzler. Read more

Gus Gets a New Pool

Of course, this would look much nicer in the houseRead more

Honk if You're Hairy

Read more

Yuki The Talking Shiba Inu

It is often said that if you’ve seen one talking dog video, you’ve seen them all. Read more

Hot Dog Trap and Release

And if you think that sounds strange, just wait until you see it… Read more

Tree Climbing Terrier

Stubs is the ultimate fetcher. Read more

The Making of Jenga Dog

After some claimed shenanigans, suggesting camera trickery or the use of glue to hold this improbable, wavering tower of treats together, the videographer has offered a closer look at how last week’s viral hit video was made. Read more

Boring Dogs

Read more

Fading Fast

Pooped puppy vs. sandman… Read more

Raspbelly (Howling Lessons II)

This is an absolute scream – literally! Read more

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