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Thor Just Does Not Want to Cooperate With Wake Up Time

This is not getting out of bed today, no matter what his human dad says! Read more

Can Your Dog Speak as well as These Dogs?

From “momma!” to “I love you,” these dogs can talk! Are your dogs as articulate? Read more

Norman and Earl Play Hide-and-go-Seek

Sure Norman, that tiny tree trunk will totally hide that giant body of yours. No problem! Read more

A Pinball Machine for a Bulldog

Bulldogs are also big fans of The Who’s Tommy as well… Read more

I've Heard of Cowboys, but Cowdogs?

When you’re a Cowdog, you don’t always have to bark to communicate. Read more

The Ten Funniest Pit Bull Videos from 2014

Pit bulls come on all shapes, colors and sizes. There is one thing they have in common across the board however, and that’s a never ending love of playtime. Read more

Silent Night Sleeping Puppies

It is impossible to watch this video without gushing over the cuteness! Read more

Gremlin Gets a "Real Job"

Gremlin seems to be the best candidate for the job! Read more

Dog Gets Groomed by Patagonian Maras

Who needs to go to a spa when your wild animal friends can groom you and make you relax? Read more

Joyful Dog Jumps on Bed

Does your dog get this crazy excited? Read more

Puppy Asks "Why Can't We Share?"

This cute puppy wants his fur-sibling to share his Kong with him. Read more

Two Adorable French Bull Dog Videos to Brighten Up your Monday

Here are two videos, specially picked to help bring a little more adorable into your day. Read more

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