cute dog videos

Silent Night Sleeping Puppies

It is impossible to watch this video without gushing over the cuteness! Read more

Gremlin Gets a "Real Job"

Gremlin seems to be the best candidate for the job! Read more

Dog Gets Groomed by Patagonian Maras

Who needs to go to a spa when your wild animal friends can groom you and make you relax? Read more

Joyful Dog Jumps on Bed

Does your dog get this crazy excited? Read more

Puppy Asks "Why Can't We Share?"

This cute puppy wants his fur-sibling to share his Kong with him. Read more

Two Adorable French Bull Dog Videos to Brighten Up your Monday

Here are two videos, specially picked to help bring a little more adorable into your day. Read more

Cute Dogs Waking Up Their Owners (VIDEO)

These dogs will stop at nothing to get your behind out of bed, and they’ll drag ya if they have to! Read more

Dogs Who Just Can't Catch a Break

It’s hard to take a nap when the cat has stolen your bed! Read more

Dogs Acting Like Humans Compilation

Dogs do many of the things their people do, in this compilation of video clips. Read more

Ultimate Dog Shaming 2: Cute Dog Maymo & Puppy Penny

Watch Maymo the lemon beagle dog and his puppy sister Penny as they battle the vacuum cleaner, knock over kids, ruin neatly made beds, unroll the toilet paper and engage in other such acts of skullduggery. This cute dog and his cute puppy sister take dog shaming to epic proportions in this second installment of the Ultimate Dog Shaming, inadvertently creating Halloween costumes by tearing up toys meant for charity. Read more

The Saturday Pet Blogger Hop: A Flock of Shepherds

Five year old Pernille plays with 14 German Shepherds… Read more

Puppy's First Shoe

Jackson discovers the joys of playing with a shoe. Read more

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