Rescued Fighting Dog Crashes & Snores in Caregiver’s Arms

4.10.15 - Rescued Fighting Dog Falls Asleep in Caregivers Arms4

“Instead of ignoring the furry heap that laid in her yard, a concerned citizen called us. Because of that, Fudge’s life has been saved.”
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Amazing Reunion of Family and Stolen Dog Found at Cockfighting Bust

4.3.15 - Amazing Reunion of Family and Stolen Dog Found at Cockfighting Bust5

“Everybody was crying. There was no doubt that she knew who that was.”
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Kentucky to Strengthen Dog-Fighting Laws

2.4.15 - Kentucky to Strengthen Dog-Fighting Laws2

The laws are so lenient that many consider the state to be a “hotbed” of fighting activities.
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Man Gets Himself Arrested After Posting Dog Fighting Video

11.19.14 - Man Gets Himself Arrested for Posting Dog Fighting Video1

“[It’s] unknown if he’s in a ring, but by looking at his dog and what he was doing, that’s what people do when they train dogs to fight and kill other dogs,” said officer Joe Gomez.
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Bait Puppy Survives Dog Attack and Fights for His Life


“It breaks my heart. Totally breaks my heart to see him in that much pain and that he’s you know only three months old,” said said Chrissy Cutulli.
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Dog Rescued from Garbage after Surviving Dog Attack


“The dog was so weak, he couldn’t stand up,” Tim Clifton said. “You know how trash smells after several days in the sun? That’s how I found him.”
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Dog Owner Saves Own Dog from Coyote Attack

Bob and Bailey. Photo Credit: NBC Chicago

A Chicago man was getting ready to take out his garbage when he hear this fearsome roaring going on and there was his dog standing toe to toe with this coyote.
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UPDATE: Former Bait Dog, Roo the Resilient, Now Only Knows Love


Former bait dog, Roo, is doing great after her first surgery to straighten her leg. She is loved and learning how to be a spoiled house pet.
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Pit Bulls Rescued from NJ Fighting Ring Ready to be Adopted

1.18.13 - Dog Fight 3

Dogs seized from fighting rings can range in aggression. Some can be aggressive with other dogs, with humans, or perhaps just need a bit of proper training and socialization.
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Dog Forced to Fight in Animal Shelter is Adopted

9.18.12 - Chopper 2

Chopper was forced to fight and kill at an animal shelter last month, but now he will be going to a home where the only fighting will be over which of the six kids get to pet him.
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