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Kayakers Rescue Blind Dog Tied to a Rock and Thrown into River

Lucio, an old and blind dog was thrown in the Ebre River with his hind legs tied to a rock. Luckily, the canine was rescued and pulled to safety by two kayakers. Read more

Elderly Man and Dog Are True Friends

When Gabriela Martínez Castro heard Don Félix and Lobito’s story, she knew she had to do something to help them. She sent the pair to a pet hospital and told vets to do everything possible to save this dog’s life. Read more

There's a New Lady in the White House

The White House announced the addition of new lady to the First Family. This new lady is the four-legged kind. Meet Sunny! Read more

Young Girl Starts Business to Get a Dog

Madison Reed like many kids really wanted a dog. Her parents told her that if she wanted to get a dog she needed to pay the adoption fee herself. So Madison started making dog collars and leashes and soon not only had enough money to adopt a dog, but now pays for most of her dog’s veterinary care as well. Read more

Born in Freedom

Born in Freedom is the story of puppy mill survivor Matilda and her 6 puppies born into freedom. Read more

Abused Puppy Needs Surgery

After suffering horrible abuse from his owner a puppy in Michigan is on the mend. The three-month Australian Shepherd mix named Frankie needs surgery and one woman is stepping up to raise the funds. Read more

Twenty-Six Volunteers Help Bring Lost Dog Home

A Rottweiler named Sasha went missing five years ago from her home in Indiana. On Sunday she was reunited with her owner after being found in Phoenix, Arizona. Read more

Mark Your Calendars: Two Upcoming California Races to Benefit Rescues

For all you animal lovers who also love a good physical challenge or competition, there are two great “Races for the Rescues” coming up in Southern California, so mark your calendars! Read more

The Beloved Regal Giant Who Found Healing and a Home

Deacon, a beautiful and regal Great Dane, has come a long way since he was first brought to Peace, Love and Animals, a no-kill shelter in Alabama. Read more

China's New Lions Bark!

“The zoo was tricking us,” said a Zoo visitor. “They are showing us dogs as if they are lions.” Read more

Dogs Sniff out Elusive Millionaires

We’ve heard of sniffing dogs that detect explosives and drugs but now international airports are training our four-legged friends to detect cash. Smuggling money won’t get past these dogs! Read more

Seven Dogs Found in Garbage

In Spain, seven new born puppies were found inside a garbage can struggling to stay alive. Unfortunately, three of them died. Local rescue group is now caring for the surviving puppies. Read more

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