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Forgotten and Abused Dog Finds Loving Family

After visiting the vet Trixie was diagnosed with flea infestation that was causing her anemia. The vet also discovered Trixie had a broken front tooth and some cuts and scrapes. Read more

Good Samaritan Rescues Injured Husky off the Streets

“I don’t like to see anybody in pain,” Collier told Lex18. “I’m a very empathetic person. It hurts me to see anybody hurt, and especially an animal that has no voice.” Read more

Emaciated Dog Named Autumn Doing Well and Ready for Adoption

A month ago Autumn was found in bad shape. She was so emaciated rescuers weren’t sure she would survive. With the help of Stevens-Swan Humane Society she is now healthy and looking for a new home. Read more

Beaker Recovering From Leg Injury

Beaker is just one of many stray dogs the Michigan Humane Society rescue team picks up every day. Read more

Dr. Buzby's ToeGrips: Stopping Dogs From Sliding on Floors

Dr. Buzby’s ToeGrips are a specially designed product for senior and special needs dogs who struggle on slippery surfaces. Read more

Blind Dog and His Guide Dog Brother Need a Good Home

Jeffrey and Jermaine were found as strays in West Philadelphia. Rescuers soon realized this pair shared a special bond. Not only are the two littermates, but Jeffrey is blind and Jermaine acts as his guide. Now the two are looking for a forever home that will take them both. Read more

After Going Through Prison Program, Rescued Pit Bull Finds Home

In a continuation of the filmed saga of Penelope, the pit bull rescued off the streets of Detroit, Penelope takes part in an innovative prison program Read more

Over 80 Dogs Rescued From Puppy Mills in OK & In Need of Homes

A few days ago, North Shore Animal League America in New York rescued over 80 dogs from puppy mills in Oklahoma, most of which will be up for adoption beginning tomorrow-Wednesday, October 23 Read more

Dogs Injured in Earthquake Get Married

The dogs got recently married. The ceremony was a romantic, royal-like celebration, and the public was invited to witness the pets’ sacred union. Read more

Breeder Neglects Pets and Gets Arrested

When officers arrived at the suspect’s home, they discovered the property had a rancid meat smell but weren’t sure if the stench was coming from the dog food in the kennels or the deceased pets. Read more

Trespassers Open Dog Kennels in Animal Shelter Forcing Dogs to Fight

It is unknown how many individuals jumped over the shelter’s fenced walls to commit this heinous crime. All about Animals did not have security cameras to catch the criminals in the act. Read more

Pregnant Dog Saves Man From Fire

Simon Spalding was sound asleep in his apartment last Saturday and completely unaware of the dangerous fire in his hallway. His smoke detector wasn’t working, but thankfully his dog Tipsy was there to alert him and save his life. Read more

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