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Firefighter Helps Dogs Injured in VA Fire

A Va., Firefighter not only risks his life rescuing humans and pets, but he goes above and beyond to make sure that those that need help the most, get it. Read more

Elderly Woman Goes into Assisted Living, Leaving 16 Pets Behind

For two week, 13 dogs and 3 puppies fended for themselves. Neighbors left food and water for the animals, but they couldn’t properly care for all pets. Read more

Jogger Saves Dog & Owner from Drowning in Lake Michigan

“He kept saying, ‘Save the dog first.’ I kept saying, ‘No, we’re going to save your life first and then the dog, your life is more important,’ but he insisted on pulling up the dog first.” Read more

Recall Issued on Pro-Pet Foods

Symptoms of salmonella poisoning include fever, abdominal cramping, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration, lethargy and shock. Read more

Rescue of Emaciated Mama & Puppies Inspires a Community

“You could tell she was the happiest dog in the world,” Jackie Kane said. “And for that dog to trust us, to have that kind of bond with us is beyond words.” Read more

Dogs from Olympic Animal Sanctuary Get Real Chance at a Happy Life

Mission accomplished! One hundred-twenty-four dogs were released to a reputable rescue after months of protests. They are now getting the help they need. Read more

Couple Honors Beloved Pet by Helping Others

Dave and Jill Cottone were heartbroken when their dog Sedona passed away from cancer. They have turned their grief into a positive when they started the Sedona Grace Foundation. Read more

Strangers Go Above and Beyond to Help Injured Dog During Georgia's Ice Storm

Last week much of Georgia was hit by a crippling ice storm. During the storm several strangers teamed up to save a dog that had been found injured on the side of the road and was in need of surgery. Read more

Mark Zuckerberg's Dog Beast Rules Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg might be one of the most influential people of the last decade, but Beast is the one in charge at home. Read more

On 17 Years of Loving a Dog

It’s often said that a love from a dog is unconditional. Really, it’s so much more than that. Everything that could go wrong in a human relationship, never does with a dog. Read more

Animal Lovers Save Street Dogs from Sochi's Culling Program

“Let’s call things by their real name. These dogs are biological trash,” said Alexei Sorokin, the owner of Basya (Basia) Services, who is in charge of rounding up dogs and disposing of them. Read more

Animal Lover Saves Stray Dog Stabbed by Homeless Person

A community dog received 4 stab wounds and wondered the streets in pain for 28 days. Thanks to Alexandra Morales, the dog was taken to a vet clinic and is receiving medical help. Read more

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