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Couple Honors Beloved Pet by Helping Others

Dave and Jill Cottone were heartbroken when their dog Sedona passed away from cancer. They have turned their grief into a positive when they started the Sedona Grace Foundation. Read more

Strangers Go Above and Beyond to Help Injured Dog During Georgia's Ice Storm

Last week much of Georgia was hit by a crippling ice storm. During the storm several strangers teamed up to save a dog that had been found injured on the side of the road and was in need of surgery. Read more

Mark Zuckerberg's Dog Beast Rules Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg might be one of the most influential people of the last decade, but Beast is the one in charge at home. Read more

On 17 Years of Loving a Dog

It’s often said that a love from a dog is unconditional. Really, it’s so much more than that. Everything that could go wrong in a human relationship, never does with a dog. Read more

Animal Lovers Save Street Dogs from Sochi's Culling Program

“Let’s call things by their real name. These dogs are biological trash,” said Alexei Sorokin, the owner of Basya (Basia) Services, who is in charge of rounding up dogs and disposing of them. Read more

Animal Lover Saves Stray Dog Stabbed by Homeless Person

A community dog received 4 stab wounds and wondered the streets in pain for 28 days. Thanks to Alexandra Morales, the dog was taken to a vet clinic and is receiving medical help. Read more

Dog and Owner Rescued from Collapsed Snow Fort

Police officers rescued a man and his dog after the pair were trapped inside a collapsed snow fort. Read more

Dog Buried in Snow Barks and Saves Its Own Life

A group of snowboarders brought along a dog for their day of fun in the slopes. Little did they know they will be rescuing the pet from an avalanche. Read more

Two Chihuahuas Covered In Glue Need Your Help

Animal control officers are currently investigating the case and hope the community can step in to help catch the criminals. Read more

Dog Narrowly Survives Coyote Attack

When Keira Ledoux looked out into her backyard late Thursday morning she was horrified at what she saw. A coyote stood ready to pounce on her 11-year-old dog Paige. Ledoux didn’t think but quickly grabbed a bat and ran outside to scare the coyote off, just in time to save Paige’s life. Read more

Police Dog Tracks and Saves Missing Injured Woman

When an injured woman went missing a police dog named Ska came to the rescue and helped officials find her in time. Read more

Firefighters Save Injured Dog from Car Accident

Firefighters in Murfreesboro, Tennessee came to the rescue of a Jack Russell Terrier that was injured in a car crash early Sunday morning. Read more

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