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Spanish gangs steal dogs from shelters for dog fights

In some cases, dogs have been stolen and then returned to the shelters weeks later. The dogs come back with visible dog fight wounds. Read more

Six men arrested for poisoning and killing 200 dogs

It is believed the men fed poisoned meat to the dogs in an abandoned lot. Some of the dogs reached a nearby hospital before dying. Doctors discovered the dogs and tried to save them, but it was too late. Read more

University of Limerick Students Murder Small Dog as Part of Their Celebrations

Shame on these students and shame on the University of Limerick by allowing them to stay in college. The end of exam times is a very exciting time for many college students but most don’t murder dogs in their relief at being done with examinations. I guess University of Limerick (Limerick, Ireland) students are the sick exception. Read more

Dog Defies Odds and Survives Serious Tornado Injuries

When first responders found Tala after the devastating tornadoes in Oklahoma, they didn’t think she was going to make it. She had been impaled by a piece of wood, but Tala is a fighter and she has surprised everyone by surviving. Read more

Phoenix Finds Forever Home with Foster Mom

Phoenix, the Jack Russell terrier that was badly burned last fall, now has a forever home. For the past seven months Judi Bunge has been Phoenix’s foster, caring for him around the clock and helping him to recover. The bond that the two have formed made it clear to the Buffalo Small Animal Hospital that Bunge was the right person to provide Phoenix with his permanent home. Read more

Dog That Lost Own Litter Adopts Orphaned Puppies in Need

A stray Rottweiler mix has become the saving grace for six orphaned puppies. Bertha lost her own litter of puppies while trying to give birth, but has now adopted the six puppies who were in need of a mom. Read more

Collaboration Results in 17 Mill Dogs Rescued

A joint collaboration of several rescue organizations resulted in 17 puppies and dogs being rescued from a puppy mill Read more

Fat Rat’s Journey: Sometimes the Best Things Are Worth Waiting For

Not all dogs just “click” with a loving family within a short time of arriving at a rescue or shelter. For some, it is a longer process and one that can end in euthanasia if they are in the wrong shelter. Read more

Couture dogs of New York

If you are a dog lover you are no stranger to pampering your pooch. Photographer Paul Nathan has captured New York’s best-dressed dogs in his book “Couture Dogs of New York.” Read more

Washington Shelter Dogs Help Heal Teens

Forget the sedatives and other medications. Bring on the shelter dogs! Read more

You Can Help Move Oregon "Tethering Bill" Into Law

If you live in Oregon, today is a good day to reach out to your state Senators. Today is the day they are voting on limiting how long a dog can be chained in one place or left exposed to the elements. Read more

Rescued Paralyzed Dog Making Strides to Walk Again

Found paralyzed and barricaded under a carport back in April, Copper is now making progress towards walking again thanks to the help of rescuers. Read more

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