Rescuing Anya from a Lonely World

Photo Credit: CJ Landry

Anya has never had a home but she deserves one, and after living alone in the woods for seven years, a team of animal lovers and dog trainers will attempt to rescue and save her.
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Schoep Passes Away


Only a month ago we celebrated Schoep’s twentieth birthday. Sadly on Wednesday Schoep passed away.
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Recently Adopted Dog Saves Family from Fire


Carolyn Swinson adopted a mastiff mix named Bear from a shelter only three weeks ago and he’s already more than returned the favor. When a fire broke out in Swinson’s home it was Bear who saved her and her grandson’s life.
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Cleft Palate Dog Bonds with Cleft Palate Kids

7.18.13 - Cleft Palate Dog

“The dog is an ideal vehicle. They have unconditional love. They don’t look at faces.”
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Help Save Annie Oakley

7.18.19 - Save Annie Oakley1

Let this be your good deed for the day!
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You Can End Animal Abuse. Here Is How


Here are four steps you can take to stop animal abuse and how to tell the government you want better treatment for animals. Sign the American petition to end the illegal dog meat trade.
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At the back of the A2 run hides a scared dog…


Shirley comes out of her shell when she is taken for walks and given one on one attention. A poignant profile on Shirley helped find her a forever home.
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Volunteers Rescue Dog from Ravine


Neighbors and volunteers with the Washington State Animal Response Team came together to rescue a dog that was trapped in a logging slash for four days.
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Courthouse Dog Retires after Seven Years of Helping Victims


After seven years Stilson, the first courtroom dog in Snohomish County, Washington is retiring. Over the years the black Labrador has comforted hundreds of children who were victims of abuse as they testified.
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Go Pet Friendly’s Amy Burkert Discusses Website and Traveling With Furry Friends

Burkert Family

For those of you who have not yet taken your summer vacation or have vacations planned later in the year, our interview with Amy Burkert could be quite helpful.
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Dog Stranded on Roof Reunited with Owner

Photo by Troy Wayrynen

Bennett Muasau slept on his front porch, hoping to catch sight of his beloved pet.
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Preston: The Stuffed Animal-loving Pit Bull in Search of a Forever Home

Preston-1 (2)

Late in the evening this past Thanksgiving, a family was pulling into their driveway after returning from a Thanksgiving get together. It was freezing outside
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UPDATE: Duct-Taped Kentucky Dog Recovering

7.17.13 - Update on Frodo3

“For a dog to have endured what Frodo did, it’s just hard to believe he still wants to be around humans, but he does,” Rebecca Eaves said.
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Give a Helping Paw to Birdie

7.17.13 - Helping Paw to Birdie

“It is heartbreaking to see a dog with such good spirit and willingness to live to enjoy each new day, being sidetracked by this terrible eye disorder.”
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Dog Survives Rattlesnake Bite to the Eye

Photo by Veterinary Referral Center of Colorado.

“The fact she lived at all was sort of a surprise to some of the doctors,” Cover said.
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Kidnapped and Abused Dog Gets Reunited with Owner

Photo Credit: Credit: 3TV

Keelo, a happy and loved Pit Bull mix, was stolen, kidnapped, abused, and left for dead. Luckily, the dog had some guardian angels that rescued him and help reunite him with his owner.
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Researchers Find Most Homemade Dog Food is Unhealthy


Many dog owners in recent years have turned to making their own home made dog food. A new study from researchers at the University of California Davis School of Veterinary Medicine found that making your own dog food might not be the best thing for your dog, as many homemade dog food recipes are nutritionally deficient.
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Beagles Rescued from Lab Play Outside for First Time Ever


On Monday seven beagles had a nice afternoon enjoying the sunshine and outdoors. Even though they are four-years-old, it was the first time they’d ever experienced it. The beagles were rescued by the Beagle Freedom Project from a laboratory in Virginia where they had spent their lives as test subjects.
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Odd Train Passenger Becomes Social Media Star and Gets Rescued


In Valparaiso, Chile, there is one special dog that has learned to use the train. This stray dog sleeps on the train, doesn’t bother other human commuters and evades train security.
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Illinois Police Rescue 8 Dogs


Police discovered eight pit bull mixes with no access to drinking water or food. Dog owner was arrested and charged with eight counts of animal neglect.
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