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Dogs Save Owners from Christmas Tree Fire

This is a great time to remind people to ensure that holiday lighting should be unplugged before going to bed. Read more

Guide Dog Walks at Graduation with College Student

Sam Hogle couldn’t imagine walking across the stage at his graduations without his dog Mason by his side. Mason is his seeing-eye dog and attended every class with Sam at Kennesaw State University and last week when the two walked across the stage the crowd erupted into cheers. Read more

Dog Missing for Almost Two Years Reunited with Family

Almost two years ago a Chihuahua named Lily went missing from her family’s Arizona home. Since then her family had moved out of state and thought they’d never see her again. Then last Sunday they got a surprising e-mail that Lily had been found and with some help from some strangers Lily and her family were reunited. Read more

Dog Survives Being Hit by a Train Traveling 50 mph

A dog named Rex is lucky to be alive after he ran in front of an oncoming train traveling 50 mph. Rex sustained some serious injuries, including losing one of his eyes, but four months later he is almost fully recovered. Read more

Firefighters Rescue Springer spaniel from Well

A dog was trapped in a well for approximately 12 minutes. His body temperature dropped a few degrees but thanks to firefighters, the pet was rescued and he is now safe. Read more

Is the “Sanctuary of Neglect" Closing Its Doors for Good?

“I am offering to transfer OAS’ dogs to the one organization with the resources to take appropriate care of them: Best Friends Animal Society,” said Markwell. Read more

Houston's Homeless Dogs Get New Hero

A 6-year-old who aspires to become a veterinarian, asks guests to her birthday party that instead of bringing her a gift they bring donations for homeless dogs. Read more

A Home for the Holidays

It just takes one person to change a dog’s life. Are you the one person that can change one of these dogs’ lives? Read more

Dog Loses Paws and Makes Miraculous Recovery

An innocent dog from Brighton, UK, had over 3 lbs. of matted fur and her front paws had fallen off due to lack of circulation. Today she is healthy and loved. Read more

Labrador Saves Man Pinned Under Truck

A Labrador retriever saved 69-year-old Kirby Turcotte when he alerted his walker that Turcotte was pinned under a Chevy truck. Read more

The Story of Nikki: John Serba's Tribute to His Dearly Departed Dog

Nikki spent 14 wonderful years being John Serba’s quirky, playful and protective mutt. Read more

Dog Rescued from Trash Heap Makes Amazing Transformation

Miley and Frankie, currently in Los Angeles, are now ready to find homes. But these two are so sweet as a pair, it would be a real shame to not adopt them together! Read more

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