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Norwegian Dog Detecting Underage Drinkers

A Springer Spaniel named Tutta is helping Norwegian alcohol retailers sniff out those using fake IDs to purchase alcohol. Read more

Firefighters Donates Seizure Alert Dog to Little Girl

We often write about the heroics of firefighters here at Life With Dogs. They are often saving our four-legged friends from emergencies. Firefighters in Corona, California were heroes in a different way last week when they donated a golden retriever puppy to be trained as an alert dog for an 8-year-old girl who suffers from seizures. Read more

Beloved Great Dane Giant George Passes Away

Giant George, a Great Dane that held the Guinness World Record for World’s Tallest Dog for over two years, passed away this week. Beloved by thousands, George used his fame to give back and will be missed by dog lovers everywhere. Read more

Brazilian Activists Rescue 200 Drug Test Beagles

Before storming the lab, activists went to police to inform them of the mistreatment of the animals, but said police took no action. Read more

Allentown Dog Leads to 50% Drop in Arson Rate

Judge can find traces of accelerants quickly and more efficiently than his human counterparts, which allows investigators to spend more time collecting evidence and interviewing witnesses. Read more

Neighbors Rally to Get Stuck Dog out of Sewer

Neighbors fed the dog and made online pleas until one organization – Stray Rescue of St. Louis – came to their aid. Read more

Miracle Dog Survives Euthanasia and Finds New Owner

An animal rescue group took Russel away from the facility that tried to euthanized him, and since then they worked hard to find him a new home. Weeks later Russel found a loving home. Read more

Washington Capitals and Shelter Dogs Team Up for Calendar Shoot

Professional Hockey players from the Washington Capitals teamed up with Homeward Trails Animal Rescue for a special photo shoot to create a calendar featuring the players and some of the shelter’s dogs. Read more

Ralph Lauren Partners with the ASPCA to Promote Shelter Dogs

A new campaign from Ralph Lauren stars shelter dogs and is helping to promote adopting shelter dogs. Since the ad was posted online each of the dogs featured in it have found a home. Read more

Dog Eats Owner's Toes and Likely Saves His Life

“He’s the reason I want to live. Without him, I would have closed up the business long ago,” Thomasson said. “The leg was in poor shape and needed to go, now I feel better.” Read more

Dog Safety Restraints to Be Installed in Southern Australian Ambulances

“To leave them (their dog) behind can be really distressing, but at the same time we’ve got to make sure they’re safe and not in the way of paramedics,” says Chris Towie. Read more

Where Is Phineas? Disputed Dog Goes Missing

Numerous threats have been made against the Sanders family and their dog, and for Phineas to suddenly vanish at this point in time seems to be more than coincidental. Read more

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