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Dog Rescued from Abandoned Pool Needs New Home

The dog was bleeding from its nose and had a difficult time standing. Veterinarians pulled worms from the dog’s infected wounds. Read more

Dog and Elephant Become Best Friends

Dogs can also be elephants’ best friends. Read more

Woman Goes from Apathetic to Opening Detroit Rescue Organization

In the season two premier of the film series, “American Strays,” a woman describes how her life has changed from not even considering allowing a dog in her house Read more

Young Sisters Raise Money to Stop Puppy Mills

Two young sisters are doing their part to raise awareness and help stop puppy mills. The two girls set up a lemonade stand outside of their local pet store to help raise funds for Eleventh Hour Rescue. Read more

Dogs Rescued from Colorado Floods

A dramatic rescue photo and an aerial video shared by a Denver TV news department caught two of the many dog rescues from the recent devastating Colorado floods. Read more

Dog Saves Family from Fire Just in Time

A New Zealand family is alive today because of their alert dog Muggles. A fire destroyed everything the family owned but Muggles was able to alert the family and get them out of danger just in time. Read more

The Special Bond Between a Dying Boy and a Therapy Dog

A special young boy named Creed Campbell spent most of his short life battling illness. He spent half his life in the hospital, but thanks to a special bond formed with a service dog named Casper the young boy had a best friend and happy memories. Read more

Dog Crosses State Lines and Gets Reunited with Owner

In a panic, the Heirs called local animal control and police to report their lost dog. They never imagined Ralphie, a Japanese chin and Bichon mix, had crossed state lines. Read more

Boy Carries Dog through Flood Waters

A boy carries his dog while walking in flood waters. Read more

Dog Shot with Arrow Recovers. Police Arrest Shooter

Police arrest 13-year-old boy in connection with this crime. Read more

Firefighters Revive Unconscious Dog Pulled from a Fire

A dog named Stella is alive and well thanks to the Santa Monica firefighters that refuse to give up on the dog they pulled from a burning apartment building. Read more

Woman Reunite with Lost Dog After Three Years

Three years have passed since Patty Corbat’s dog Olivia went missing. She had given up hope of ever seeing her dog again, but this Saturday the two were reunited after Olivia was found only 8 miles away from her home. Read more

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