Kevin and Lucy: A Forever Friendship that Inspired a New Career Path

Kevin and Lucy

In June 2011, Kevin was not feeling like life was going the way he had hoped. He had graduated from college in 2006 and was now working in a thankless job that he did not enjoy.
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Owner of Lost Dog that Boarded Staten Island Bus Found


Early Wednesday morning an American bulldog mix surprised a lot of commuters when she boarded the S94 bus in Staten Island and casually made her way to the back bench and sat down. The dog had no tags and an unregistered microchip, but one animal rescuer was determined to track her owner down.
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Dog Back to Normal after Losing Leg to Snake Bite


After losing her leg and nearly her life to a snake bite, Missy is on her way to a happy and healthy life again.
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Orthopedic Surgeon Saves Two Dogs Hit by a Car


Dr. John Keating normally operates on patients with only two legs, but the orthopedic surgeon made a special effort to help two dogs who were hit by a car. Without his help the two dogs would’ve been put down.
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Veteran’s Service Dog Helps Him Get His Life Back


Sgt. Nick Bennett has his life back thanks to spending only two weeks with his new service dog Festus.
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UC Davis Veterinary Hospital Helps Blind Rescue Dog See


UC Davis Veterinary Teaching Hospital is helping blind dogs see again. They helped a 5-year-old German shorthaired pointer named Hank see again.
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Norman the Scooter Dog Sets World Record

Photo Credit: Erik S. Lesser/EPA

On Friday, Norman the Scooter Dog made an attempt at a Guinness World Record and succeeded at becoming the fastest dog on a scooter. His world record attempt was part of an event that benefited Road Trip Home, a charity that saves animals from high-kill shelters.
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Dog Fighter Sentenced Up to 6 ½ Years in Prison

7.12.13 - Dog Fighter Sentenced2

“I believe it was cruel and horrendous,” Judge Flaherty said of Bryant’s treatment of the dogs.
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Foster Dog Runs for Help to Save Collapsed Man

7.12.13 - Hero Foster Dog

Cloe kept backing toward Chuck, leading the Brock family to find the unresponsive man.
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Fireman Rescues Dog Trapped on Window Ledge

7.12.13 - Dog on Window Ledge

“He must have wiggled through and couldn’t figure out how to get back in,” said James Morgan.
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Dogs Dumped in Desert Get Rescued


It is cruel and inhumane to leave your animals outside to fend for themselves without food or water. The person who abandoned these dogs will be held responsible.
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Stray Dog Continues to Elude Animal Services After Five Years


A stray dog in Fayetteville, Arkansas has managed to avoid capture for five years, evading animal services in 92 attempts. The dog that has become to be known as Lucky Black Dog is infamous in the city.
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Foster Dog Saves Man’s Life


Chuck Weintraub has been rescuing dogs for years. Last week one of his foster dogs returned the favor when she saved his life.
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A Story of Hope

Hope (2) (Small)

One very cold day in February, a beautiful German Shepherd was found abandoned, lying in a ditch by a cornfield. A volunteer from Wayside Waifs, a Kansas City animal rescue organization
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Judges Allow Sexual Abuse Victim’s Comfort Dog in Court

7.11.13 - Comfort Dog in Court1

“Rosie… would allow child victims of violent assaults to confront their abusers in court and seek justice.”
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Walmart Employee Fired After Reporting Dog Left in Hot Truck

7.11.13 - Walmart Firing

“Now I’m worried that other associates won’t say anything and they’ll be afraid that they’ll lose their job if they do say something,” Carla said.
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Reward Offered to Find Killer of Dog by Fireworks

7.11.13 - Firework Killing

“This defenseless puppy suffered a terrifying and painful death, and there is absolutely no excuse for such a depraved act of cruelty,” said Erin Huang.
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122 Dogs Removed from Colorado Hoarder

Photo Credit: Dumb Friends League

Authorities said the removal of more than 120 dogs from an Adams County, Col., home is the largest hoarding case they have seen in the area. The hoarder said it was out of love and not cruelty that he ended up with so many dogs.
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Soldier Reunited with Afghan Puppy on Fourth of July


On the Fourth of July one soldier was reunited with a dog he fell in love with in Afghanistan. Staff Sgt. Kevin Brady and Bailey were reunited thanks to Guardians of Rescue.
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Service Dog Sticks by Owner’s Side Even in the Air


Dan McManus’ dog Shadow lives up to his name. Shadow is a psychiatric service dog that helps McManus deal with separation anxiety. Shadow is by McManus’ side all the time, doing everything McManus does including hang gliding.
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