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Dog Buried in Snow Barks and Saves Its Own Life

A group of snowboarders brought along a dog for their day of fun in the slopes. Little did they know they will be rescuing the pet from an avalanche. Read more

Two Chihuahuas Covered In Glue Need Your Help

Animal control officers are currently investigating the case and hope the community can step in to help catch the criminals. Read more

Dog Narrowly Survives Coyote Attack

When Keira Ledoux looked out into her backyard late Thursday morning she was horrified at what she saw. A coyote stood ready to pounce on her 11-year-old dog Paige. Ledoux didn’t think but quickly grabbed a bat and ran outside to scare the coyote off, just in time to save Paige’s life. Read more

Police Dog Tracks and Saves Missing Injured Woman

When an injured woman went missing a police dog named Ska came to the rescue and helped officials find her in time. Read more

Firefighters Save Injured Dog from Car Accident

Firefighters in Murfreesboro, Tennessee came to the rescue of a Jack Russell Terrier that was injured in a car crash early Sunday morning. Read more

Fashion Show to Benefit Senior Dogs

In three days, the third annual canine couture catwalk event, Haute Dog SF 3, will be held in San Francisco to benefit Muttville Senior Dog Rescue. Read more

Odd News: Dog Gets Stuck In Tree

Firefighter Capt. Mike Bruno has worked 37 years on the job and has seen his share of cats stuck in trees, but in January he rescued his first ever, tree-stranded dog. Read more

Man Rescues Dog from Icy Reservoir

Last week a dog was in danger of drowning after falling through the ice of a reservoir in Virginia when a nearby business owner came to his rescue. Read more

Pit Bull Rescued in Second Largest Dog Fighting Bust Finds Forever Home

Last August, Addison was rescued with hundreds of other dogs in the second largest dog fighting bust in U.S. history. Now the pit bull is getting a fresh start with a new family. Read more

Firefighters Rescue Dog from Sinkhole

A woman nearly fell into a deep sinkhole while out for a walk with her dog on Sunday. She managed to save herself, but when her dog came running to help he ended up falling into the deep sinkhole. Firefighters came to his rescue and saved the dog. Read more

PA Police Rescue Dog Tied to Street Sign

Police rescue and abandoned pit bull off the cold streets of McAdoo, Pa., when concerned animal lovers called in to report the dog had been left out tight to a pole. Read more

Dog Rescued after Falling 150 ft. in Chuckanut Mountains

On Jan 21, 2014, a pet fell 150 ft. in Chuckanut Mountains. Twenty hours later the dog was hoisted to safety and reunited with its worried owner. Read more

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