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Iraq "Hero" Dog Saved from Fire

By the next day, Hero was back to her normal self. She is expected to make a full recovery. In addition to saving Hero, firefighters also made sure they saved Justin’s medals, awards, photos and the flag that was draped over his coffin. Read more

Left or Right Tail Wags: What Your Dog is Telling You

When dogs saw an otherwise expressionless dog swish to the right, they remained relaxed. But when the tail waved to the left, their heart rates increased and they began looking anxious. Read more

Austin Firefighters Save Dog from Flash Flood

“We don’t just rescue two-legged victims…we love our four-legged friends as well,” the Austin Fire Department said on their Facebook page. Read more

Blog Author’s Devotion to Her Terminally Ill Dog Inspires Many

Roxanne Hawn, author of the blog Champion of my Heart, has become famous for dedication to her dog Lilly, who became terminally ill after a rare adverse reaction Read more

No-Chance Rescue Dog Becomes Police K-9

“Everyone at the local RSPCA branch is thrilled that Chance is getting this second shot at life with the West Yorkshire Police in such a useful role. There are so many rescue animals just waiting for a new home and Chance is a great ambassador for rescue dogs everywhere.” Read more

Pit Bull Saves Owner from Dog Attack

Warrawong, New South Wales resident Debbie Patek was attacked when her neighbor’s bull terrier got loose and broke through her fence. She called to her pit bull mix Brian, and he rushed to her defense. Read more

Valerie, the Puppy with a Heart of Fur

Finding a good home for Valerie should be no problem. After all, who could resist a puppy who wears her heart on her slee- uh, fur? Read more

Dog Loses Leg, But Gains Love for Life

Leo had two bullets in his leg, but that didn’t keep him from being the sweet boy Matt & Krista Parker made a family member. Read more

Protective Puppy Scares off Axe-Wielding Robbers

The Jones family of Wrexham, Wales has had their lives and their possessions spared thanks to Oscar, their Wheaton terrier puppy. Read more

Dogs Are People, Too

If we granted dogs rights of personhood, they would be afforded additional protection against exploitation. Puppy mills, laboratory dogs and dog racing would be banned for violating the basic right of self-determination of a person. Read more

Hero Dog Discovers Newborn Baby Girl Abandoned in Park

Jade the hero German shepherd has grown up with children around her, she loves babies and when she found the baby in the bushes she wouldn’t leave until she knew her human had seen the baby. Read more

Woof, A Dog Lover's Second Best Friend

Woof, branded as ‘a dog lover’s second best friend’, launched their mobile app this past Friday. The Woof app combines many social networking features — photo sharing, walk tracking, and following other dogs — but it all has a decidedly canine twist. Read more

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