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Good Samaritans Rescue Dogs from Tar Pit

After almost drowning in a tar pool, 2 Chilean dogs make a full recovery and wait for someone to fall in love with them and take them home. Read more

Owner Surrenders 46 Purebred Maltese

Little Guild Executive Director Denise Cohn said the dogs’ owner did the right thing by turning in all pets over to animal control. Read more

Woman Fights off 300-Lb. Bear to Protect Her Dog

“My yellow lab started coming towards me and all of a sudden stopped and when I looked, it was because the bear had come back and was right there, within inches of me,” Lisa Webb said. Read more

Detroit Rallies for Rescued Dog Found Skinned

“This was not an accident. The cuts are perfect and deliberate,” said Joanne Dixon. “We don’t understand who would do this or why. And any leads we can get to whoever did this, we are going to be offering a reward of $1,000 at this point.” Read more

Tiny Puppy Miraculously Survives Fatal Collision

Scene photographer Andrew Brooks volunteered to take care of the rescued pup. Read more

How Small is the World's Smallest Dog?

The title of smallest dog goes to Miracle Milly, a 21-month-old Chihuahua residing in Puerto Rico Read more

Dog Survives Fire by Hiding in the Bathtub

A family in Clifton Park, New York thought they had lost their beloved dog Sparky to a house fire when four hours after the fire was extinguished Sparky came running out of the burned home. Read more

Police Dog Saved with Blood Transfusion from Dog that Needs a Home

When a Tennessee police dog named Ely needed a blood transfusion a shelter dog named Buddy came to the rescue. Read more

New Mother Dog Demands to Care for Abandoned Kittens

As soon as the kittens came into the door, new mom Asia refused to let them out of her sight. Read more

Puppy Saves Seven People and Eight Dogs from House Fire

The fire broke out in the attic at approximately 7:41 am, and just as a passerby who saw smoke coming from the roof was calling 911, Buck began barking to alert the family. Read more

Dog Seen on Google Maps Rescued & Gets Foster Home

Eldad Hagar responded to the call, and found the timid dog right in the area where she had been seen. One business owner said he had seen her there for ten years! Read more

Sixty-Eight Dogs Rescued from House Fire Need New Homes

Most of the dogs were kept in a yard adjacent to the property. Once the fire was under control, animal control officers removed the pets and took the dogs to a shelter. Read more

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