Law Enforcement Today Article Advises Police not to Kill Family Dogs

7.10.13 - Law Enforcement Today1

The shooting of an innocent dog by police is now being ruled as a violation of the Fourth Amendment.
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130 Dogs Must Be Rescued to Avoid Euthanasia

7.10.13 - 130 Death Row Puppies7

They can only be released to rescue groups because of the intense medical treatment and behavioral training they require to be adopted.
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Firefighters Revive Yellow Lab Saved from Southern Illinois House Fire

Photo Credit: Chuck Heinz, Swansea Fire Department

“We had to carry him out and he didn’t look like he was with us at all. We gave him some oxygen and dribbled some water into his mouth and called the vet.”
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Stranger Performs Life-Saving CPR on Dog Hit by a Car


When a dog named Salty was hit by a car in Australia, many onlookers thought he was gone. One man, who didn’t even know the dog, came to his rescue and performed CPR, saving his life.
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EMT Takes Care of Patient’s Dog


Emergency responders do amazing things all the time, but one Las Vegas EMT went above and beyond to help a man and his dog.
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Joey’s Journey Home


Joey, an adorable, tiny Chinuahua was battling it out with cars on the road when he was first found by the staff of Milo Foundation, a non-profit domestic animal sanctuary in San Rafael, California.
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DogVacay CEO Aaron Hirschhorn Discusses Results of the State of US Pet Travel Survey

Aaron and Rocky (2) (Small)

Just in time for peak summer vacation season, DogVacay, the leading online home dog boarding and pet services community, recently released a comprehensive survey of the challenges and stresses that pet owners face during this time.
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Partially Paralyzed Shelter Dogs Get Back on Their Feet

Photo Credit: Kansas Humane Society

Two Dachshund mix dogs suffered from partial paralysis until The Kansas Humane Society and Countryside Pet Clinic and Resort stepped in to help them regain mobility.
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Three Dogs Rescued After Niagara Falls Residents Report Animal Cruelty Case to Police

Photo Credit: Dan Cappellazzo

This is a clear case of neglect. The owner of these dogs failed to provide basic care and he faces three counts of animal cruelty.
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British Woman Banned from Owning Pets


RSPCA Inspector Hannah Bryer visited Saskia Manning’s home and found Holly, a collie cross, and Milly, a Borzoi, living in their own excrement and urine. Both dogs were rescued immediately.
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Woman Finds Dog after Eight Years


Sheryl Jans of Illinois hasn’t seen her dog Koki in nearly a decade, but she never gave up hope. Now eight years later she has found out that Koki is still alive, just all the way in Hawaii. Now Jans is trying to raise the funds to bring Koki back to her.
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Marty, Brooklyn and Penny: Chihuahua rescue in South Central Los Angeles.


Eldad Hagar of Los Angeles based Hope for Paws rescued three dumped then abused Chihuahuas living at a McDonalds parking lot. The dogs from this bittersweet rescue story are being fostered with and are available for adoption from Wags and Walks.
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Justice Sought after Neighbor Kills Two Friendly Dogs


Last month Dawn McClellan’s two dogs got out of their run and went for a swim in the McClellan’s pond. A neighbor of McClellan’s was also at the pond and when the two friendly dogs would make the mistake of following the neighbor home it would end in tragedy.
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Good Samaritan Rescues Dog Used as Bait in Dog Fighting


A Good Samaritan came to the rescue of a severely injured do that officials believe was used as a bait dog. The dog arrived at the Humane Society of Indianapolis with hundreds of puncture wounds and underwent emergency surgery. He is now on the road to recovery.
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A Second Chance for Apple and Her Pups

Piper and friend

Apple, a Bull Mastiff/Boxer mix, was left one night at a drop box at a shelter in Riverside, California. No one knew whether she was abandoned by her owner or whether a kind stranger took the time
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Brave Dogs Save Elderly Man from House Fire

Walter Rodriguez receives medical care by local firefighters while his dogs Muñeco, Laica and Chiquita sit nearby.
Photo Credit: Marcelo Gutierrez

“The dogs helped me exit my burning home,” said Rodriguez. “They were nipping at my shirt and pulling me towards the door. I pushed the door open and we all made it outside.”
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Neglected and Abused Texas Dogs Need Forever Home

Grace chained up before being rescued.
Photo Credit: Kathi Elam Norris

When Kathi Elam Norris first saw Will and Grace she immediately reported the dogs’ horrific living conditions to authorities, but nothing was done. She took pictures and asked the community to help her save the dogs. People were so outraged that they blew up the Sheriff’s phones demanding the dogs be seized.
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Dog Friendly Fast Food Restaurant


If you live in N.Y., Conn., Fla., Washington D.C., Mass. or Pa. you are lucky to have a fast food restaurant that caters to your dog.
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Retired Military Man Reunited with Missing Dog


It was a happy reunion for Casey Fulp and his dog Laysha after the two were involved in a car accident.

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Minor League Bat Dog Suffering from Cancer Retires

Derby and Chase

Since 2002 a golden retriever named Chase has been the official bat dog of the Trenton Thunder. After over a decade of service Chase took one last step out onto the field on Friday. Suffering from blood cancer Chase is retiring and a big ceremony was held for the beloved dog.
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