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Lindey Finds a Home

It’s been a long recovery for Lindey the German Shepherd who was thrown off a bridge in Kansas City back in February. It was a miracle that she even survived, but now Lindey has a new home and is doing well. Read more

Man Sentenced to Eight Years in Prison for Attack that Killed his Ex-Girlfriend's Dog

A Missouri man will sever eight years in prison for breaking into his ex-girlfriend’s home and attacking her dog Vinny so badly that Vinny had to be put down due to his injuries. Read more

Two Students Investigate Mysteriously Large Number of Highway Deaths

Two students, Jessica Petty and Stephanie Birrell, aka “the highway girls”, go on the hunt to figure out why dogs keep dying on the side of Detroit’s highways. Read more

Celebrating Pet Day with Doggy Marathon

“We would have been faster if I had run faster,” said 2K winner Aldo Ramirez. “My dog was pulling me.” Read more

Bears Attack Woman and Dogs

One of the bears became aggressive biting and mauling the woman. Her dogs jumped into action barking and attacking the bears and eventually the bears were scared away. Read more

UPDATE: Glory the One-Legged Dog Gets Three Prosthetic Limbs

A stray dog that was badly beaten to the point where she had to have both her front paws and part of one of her hind leg amputated is getting a chance to walk again. Read more

Hero Dog that Helped in Aftermath of Monroe Tornado to be Honored

Bond and his handler Janell Mayberry helped rescue people after the devastating tornado in Moore, Oklahoma this year. Bond searched for hours, despite being tired and dirty. Bond is being honored for his efforts and will be receiving “The Wheaten Ambassador Award” this week. Read more

Blind Dog Escapes Yard and has to Swim for his Life

When a dog gets loose there are lots of potential dangers. When that dog is blind that danger increases. A North Carolina dog named Guinness faced very real danger when the blind dog escaped from his yard and ended up in a river swimming for his life. Read more

The Hidden Side of Breeding: Doris’s Story

Many times, adorable puppies that get rescued from terrible breeding situations get lots of publicity, but Doris represents the other side of this sad reality: the mother dogs. Read more

“Lucky Dog” Star Brandon McMillan visits Adoption Center in LA

Every week on his new CBS’ show “Lucky Dog”, which premieres on Sept. 28, popular dog trainer Brandon McMillan visits a Los Angeles shelter Read more

Hero Dog Rescues Family from Fire but is Badly Burned

A 9-month-old pit bull puppy nearly lost his life, but was able to save his family from a house fire Thursday morning. Onyx suffered severe burns, but he is expected to make a full recovery. Read more

Car Crash Victim Reunited with Lost Dog

Linda Stillman was in a tragic car accident in August that took the life of her husband. She thought she’d also lost her dog, but finally this week Lady was found and is safely back home. Read more

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