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Guide Dog Honored with Medal of Valor

Earlier this week the mayor of Tallahassee presented a guide dog named Sherman with a Medal of Valor. In August, Robert Miller was clipped by a truck while trying to cross at an intersection. Sherman pulled the man to safety and saved his life. Read more

Photographer Captures Poignant Portraits of Rescued Dogs

When Frank Bruynbroek first visited the US when he was 21, he had no idea the path that he would end up taking. Read more

Hope for Paws Rescues Dog Living by Train Tracks

She was living in a dangerous area – flanked by trains on one sides and steady traffic on the other. The rescue mission took place at night, when there was less train activity. Read more

Abused Dog Makes Miraculous Recovery

The poor girl had been neglected for so long that vets weren’t sure she would survive. But survive she did, and now she thrives. Read more

Dog Lover Leaves Nearly $600,000 to Animal Charity

“Kevin’s left a fantastic legacy to the animal center and the gift will help to rescue and look after a great many dogs like Chelsea.” Read more

Firefighters Rescued Dog Stuck in Wall

The curious rottweiler was stuck in a wall and firefighters tried using lubricant to pull him out. This was impossible and the wall had to be cut open. Read more

Sheep Dog Rescued from Crevice by Veterinarian

When a collie dog named Chip became stuck in a rocky crevice for two days, mountain rescuers tried to reach him but were too big to fit. The only way to save the dog was to send a slenderly built veterinarian named Kes Taylor down the crevice, even though she had little experience in mountain rescue. Read more

Good Samaritan Covers Medical Costs of Dog Shot in Leg

When Espy Cornin awoke in the early morning hours of Sunday morning to the sound of a gunshot he was devastated to find his dog Flint shot in the leg. He was even more distraught when he couldn’t afford the medical care Flint needed. Then a Good Samaritan stepped in and offered to cover the cost of Flint’s care. Read more

Chilean Police Officers Rescue Dog from Ravine

A worried dog owner reached out to police officers when his dog, Kiko, fell down 49 feet into a Ravine. The dog was safely rescued. Read more

Peruvian Dog Become Expert in Apprehending Criminals

Thanks to a dog named Apolo, many thieves in Lima, Peru, are now thinking twice before committing their crimes. Read more

Great Dane Shares Special Bond with Toddler and Helps Detect Her Seizures

Charlie, a two-year-old Great Dane, has formed a special bond with his family’s three-year-old daughter Brianna Lynch. The young girl suffers from several forms of epileptic seizures, and even though Charlie isn’t trained as a detection dog he has developed the ability to sense her seizure coming twenty minutes in advance. Read more

Harleigh, A Puppy Mill Survivor

Harleigh was rescued from a puppy mill in September 2013. She spent her life in a small wire cage, producing litter after litter of puppies. She never knew the kind touch of a human hand, until her rescue. Read more

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