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Tornado Survivor Finds Dog Buried Alive

As devastating tornadoes struck Washington, Illinois on Sunday, Jon Byler Dann tried to protect his family, but was afraid that one member didn’t survive. Over a day later, Maggie’s faint barking was heard coming from beneath the rubble. Read more

Couple Receives Jail Time for Neglect of their 17-year-old Dog

A courtroom in New Jersey erupted into cheers yesterday as a couple was sentenced to six months in jail yesterday for the abuse of their 17-year-old dog Sammy. Read more

Police Officers Rescue Dog from Drainage Pipe

A Bernese mountain dog was being walked off leash when the pet stopped near a park creek and got swept away. Read more

Community Saves 70 Dogs from Euthanasia

Thank you all for sharing and cross posting. You helped rescue 34 adult dogs and 36 puppies. All are saved from being euthanized. Read more

Stranded Man Eats Own Dog to Survive

The heartbreaking decision to eat his dog was not an easy one, but Marco Lavoie came to this decision after encountering a bear and losing all survival gear. Read more

Shocking Facebook Picture Leads to Animal Cruelty Arrests

A mother and son from New Mexico were arrested Sunday after a concerned citizen reported a horrifying picture of the mother holding up a Ziploc freezer bag with a puppy inside it. Read more

Puppy Refuses to Leave his Sister's Side after she is Killed by a Car

A three-month-old puppy refused to leave his sister’s side after she was hit by a car in China’s Sichuan Province. For days he stayed by his dead sister’s side protecting her until someone helped them. Read more

Hiker Finds Abandoned Dog in a Tree

A small dog is getting the care she needs after being abandoned in a dead tree trunk. The dog was rescued over the weekend when a hiker spotted her and called for help. Read more

Natural Balance Belly Bites Giveaway

Our pack has enjoyed a seriously tasty week – now it’s your turn. Read more

Firefighters Rescue Dog Trapped in Drainage Pipe

Firefighters worked for over an hour on Saturday afternoon to rescue a dog trapped in a drainage pipe in Fairfield, Connecticut. Read more

Boy and New Puppy Form Special and Adorable Nap Time Routine

Every day when Jessica Shyba puts her son Beau down for his afternoon nap, their new puppy Theo joins the toddler for some quality napping and cuddling time. Read more

Rescue Dog Saves Owner More than Once

Judith Shaw rescued Louie, a Yorkshire Terrier, from a shelter four years ago and he has more than returned the favor ever since. Shaw has trained Louie to hit a panic button that calls for help when Judith is in trouble. Louie has successfully called for help twice now when Judith was in need of help. Read more

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