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Craigslist Ad Helps Save Abused Dog

Last Friday night a badly abused dog suddenly appeared on the front porch of Christianna Willis’ Nashville home. Heartbroken and frustrated over the abuse this poor dog had suffered Willis turned to Craigslist to write a letter to those responsible for the dog’s horrific treatment. Willis was just hoping to vent her frustration, but the post soon went viral and she received thousands of e-mails of people wanting to help. Read more

This Saturday in Baltimore: DogFest featuring Paws on Parade Walkathon

Mark your calendar and be sure to attend Baltimore Humane Society’s DogFest featuring Paws on Parade Walkathon on Saturday, October 5th for the entire family Read more

Miracle Dog Survives 100-Foot Tumble from Cliff

Tia had plummeted 100 feet down the sheer cliff face and landed on the stones below. She survived, but wasn’t safe yet. The tide was on its way in, and she still needed to be rescued. Read more

Missing Dog's Return Makes Best Anniversary Present Ever

Staff from the Michigan Anti-Cruelty Society believe Kobe spent the three months walking and searching for his home. Read more

Deadly Ohio Dog Virus Hits Michigan

Symptoms can include lethargy, abdominal pain, lack of appetite, and most notably, vomiting and bloody diarrhea. Dogs displaying these symptoms should be rushed to a vet, especially if someone they’ve been in close contact with is also ill. Read more

School Bus Crashes into Animal Shelter Leaving Pets Homeless

The school bus literally drove through the middle of the building. Read more

Police Officer Comes to the Rescue of Abandoned Dog in Labor

When Police Officer Jennifer Bloom drove by a local park in Newark, California, she was surprised by what she found. A German Shepherd had been abandoned and tied to a park bench. Officer Bloom soon realized the abandoned dog was in labor. Read more

Volunteers Rescue Missing Newfoundland from Cliff Ledge

For three days volunteers searched to find Moses, A Newfoundland that fell over cliff while hiking near the Rim Trail in Washington State. Finally on Tuesday he was found and brought to safety. Read more

Loving Dog Saves Owner from Choking to Death

Candace was blacking out, but emergency crews arrived in time to save her. Samantha stayed close, keeping an eye on her human all the time. Read more

Bus Driver Catches Runaway Dog

“I saw the fear in (Cox’s) face and I thought maybe I could go up and see if she (the dog) would get on the bus,” said Terhune. “Every time I open the car door at home, my dogs jump in wanting to go for a ride.” Read more

Dog Saves Owner from Crack Addiction

“[Kolby] is pretty much my life,” Gary said. “If I didn’t have him I’d just be sitting around in my room, watching TV all the time. So now I get out. I get some fresh air. It makes a big difference.” Read more

Street Dog Gets Adopted on Pilgrimage

It must have been fate because as soon as Edna realized the dog – by now named Camino (Road) – was still at the shelter, she decided to adopt her and bring her home. Read more

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