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Eight Men and Dog Rescued from Frozen River

In cold weather conditions, be aware of your surroundings. A river can ice up very quickly and you will be stuck in frozen water waiting for rescue like these eight hunters and their dog. Read more

Firefighters Rescue Man and Dog from Logjam

The Little River Swiftwater Rescue Crew from Pa., safely rescued a man and his dog who had fallen into a logjam. Read more

Shelter Dog Adopts 8 Orphaned Puppies as her Own

When a box of orphaned puppies was dropped off at an animal shelter another dog at the shelter adopted them and is caring for them along with her own two puppies. Read more

Rikki's Story: Unique Dog Finds Best Friend

The touching and heartwarming story of Rikki, a Chihuahua with a deformity in her front legs, reminds us that while every animal might not be perfect, it’s still possible to make the perfect match with a loving family. Read more

Police Dog Saves Lost Elderly Man

An elderly man with dementia went missing Friday afternoon from his home in Whitehorse, Yukon. In below freezing temperatures family, friends and police desperately searched for the man. A police dog Crash came to the rescue and found the man in 2 feet of snow before it was too late. Read more

Dog Sacrifices Life Getting Help for Owners

When Cora and her owners were in a car crash last Thursday night, Cora ran to get help. In doing so she sacrificed her own life to save her owners. Read more

Trigger the Abused Dog Gets Adopted by Rescuer

How could a pet owner hire someone to murder his own pet? Meet Trigger, a lovable dog who escaped death, after his owner paid to have him killed. Read more

Lost Siberian Huskies Reunited with Owner

Two lovable Siberian huskies roamed the streets of southern Milwaukee before a Good Samaritan rescued them. A day later the pets were back with their owner. Read more

Dogs Save Owners from Christmas Tree Fire

This is a great time to remind people to ensure that holiday lighting should be unplugged before going to bed. Read more

Guide Dog Walks at Graduation with College Student

Sam Hogle couldn’t imagine walking across the stage at his graduations without his dog Mason by his side. Mason is his seeing-eye dog and attended every class with Sam at Kennesaw State University and last week when the two walked across the stage the crowd erupted into cheers. Read more

Dog Missing for Almost Two Years Reunited with Family

Almost two years ago a Chihuahua named Lily went missing from her family’s Arizona home. Since then her family had moved out of state and thought they’d never see her again. Then last Sunday they got a surprising e-mail that Lily had been found and with some help from some strangers Lily and her family were reunited. Read more

Dog Survives Being Hit by a Train Traveling 50 mph

A dog named Rex is lucky to be alive after he ran in front of an oncoming train traveling 50 mph. Rex sustained some serious injuries, including losing one of his eyes, but four months later he is almost fully recovered. Read more

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