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Terrified Dog Who Only Needed a Hug

Edie’s personality completely changed as soon as she got the smallest fraction of affection, which is what led to her adoption. Read more

Australian Shepherd Fosters Baby Zoo Animals

“He teaches them things we humans can’t,” keeper Michelle Smith said. “It’s animal language.” Read more

Social Media Helps Rescue Dog Locked in Truck

Twitter users got the authorities involved to rescue a dog that was left unattended inside a parked truck for three days. Read more

Dog Stolen in Burglary Reunited with Owner

Eric Peterson was devastated to come home last Thursday and find his house had been broken into. His concern wasn’t for any of his material possessions, but his dog Margo. She was gone, but only 48 hours later she was safely back with Peterson. Read more

Donations Needed to Save Stray Dog Hit by a Car

Hope was found abandoned on the side of the road after being hit by a car. Now the Nevada Humane Society is seeking donations to give Hope the medical care she needs to live. Read more

Pit Bull Overcoming Brain Injury Searches for New Beginning

Versace, a sweet Pit Bull Terrier, has had a rough start in life but is now on the path to a normal life, hopefully with a special forever family. Read more

Alex the Abandoned Dog Makes Full Recovery

An emaciated dog was found locked in a basement hours away from dying. Fortunately, the dog was saved, nursed back to health, and he is now searching for his forever home. Read more

Police Officers Rescue German shepherd from Icy River

A police officer puts his life at risk when he attempted to rescue a German shepherd that had fallen through ice into the Sudbury River. His actions saved the dog’s life. Read more

Eleven-Year-Old Dog Saved from House Fire

Orange County Fire Authorities saved an 11-year-old chocolate Labrador from perishing in a house fire. Read more

Firefighters Rescue Puppy from Drain Pipe

Firefighters came to the rescue of a puppy in St. Louis after it fell into a drainage pipe that was not covered properly Read more

Abby's Wheels: Aussie Pup Walks for the first Time

Abby, a 3 month old Aussie pup with with rear leg spasticity due to a spinal cord injury, walks for the first time in her life using an Eddie’s Wheels dog wheelchair. Read more

Arizona Department of Transportation Workers Save Lost Dog

Lexi had been missing from her family for over 10 days when she was spotted near a busy road by a road crew. After watching her almost get hit by a truck the workers with the Arizona Department of Transportation went out of their way to save her. Read more

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