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Chilean Police Officers Rescue Dog from Ravine

A worried dog owner reached out to police officers when his dog, Kiko, fell down 49 feet into a Ravine. The dog was safely rescued. Read more

Peruvian Dog Become Expert in Apprehending Criminals

Thanks to a dog named Apolo, many thieves in Lima, Peru, are now thinking twice before committing their crimes. Read more

Great Dane Shares Special Bond with Toddler and Helps Detect Her Seizures

Charlie, a two-year-old Great Dane, has formed a special bond with his family’s three-year-old daughter Brianna Lynch. The young girl suffers from several forms of epileptic seizures, and even though Charlie isn’t trained as a detection dog he has developed the ability to sense her seizure coming twenty minutes in advance. Read more

Harleigh, A Puppy Mill Survivor

Harleigh was rescued from a puppy mill in September 2013. She spent her life in a small wire cage, producing litter after litter of puppies. She never knew the kind touch of a human hand, until her rescue. Read more

Hero Dog Saves Cat from Coyote

Sheree Lewis already knew she had a hero in her family, her son is deployed in Afghanistan and she is taking care of his dog Jack while he is gone. Then Lewis’ cat Kitty was taken by coyotes and Jack became a hero himself rushing to Kitty’s defense and saving her from the coyotes. Read more

Lost Dog Found Over 600 Miles Away from Home

Honey had been missing for three months when the golden retriever was found safe over 600 miles away from her Missouri home. Read more

Dog/Escape Artist Breaks Out of Shelter and Finds New Family

Houdini the dog, escaped his kennel and then opened two other doors inside the shelter’s building before reaching the streets. Read more

ER, a Loved Stray Dog Remembered by Many

ER was not trained to become a police dog, a rescue dog or a drug sniffing dog, instead he became the best friend anyone in the county justice center could ever have. Read more

A Year After Being Rescued Railroad Puppy Continues to Improve

It has been over a year since Hudson and his sister Pearl were rescued from railroad tracks in Albany, New York. Hudson is continuing to make progress and on Saturday he was outfitted in a new prosthetic paw to replace the one he had outgrown. Read more

Volunteer Spends 48 Hours in Kennel with Dog that Needs a Home

A volunteer at a shelter in Louisville, Kentucky is going above the usual volunteer duties to help get a shelter dog adopted. She spent her entire weekend with the pit bull mix dog named Boss Man, living with him in his kennel. Read more

Man Sentenced to Two Years in Prison for Trying to Steal Service Dog

A man in Ohio has been sentenced to two years in prison for trying to steal a service dog from a woman with cerebral palsy in July. Read more

Air Canada Loses Dog in Transport but Family Hopes Pet Is Found

You look at their website and they say they take great care in shipping animals, and obviously it’s not true. Read more

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