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Firefighters save Small Dog from Fire

Firefighters from Englewood, Col., saved a small dog that was trapped inside a house that caught on fire. Read more

Police and News Reporter Rescue Dog Trapped in Creek

It is not clear if the dog was trapped there by accident or left behind deliberately, the good news is the dog has been rescued and it is now safe. Read more

Police Officers Rescue Stray Pit Bull

Police in Kansas City, Missouri came to the rescue of a stray pit bull mix last week. Now the dog is ready for adoption. Read more

Search and Rescue Dog Retires after Nine Years of Service

Blaze has been serving as a search and rescue dog for nine years. On Saturday he retired from his long and successful career. Read more

Clean Bill of Health for 100+ Dogs Rescued from Squalor

Authorities in Florida rescued more than 100 animals living in filth after owner calls to report himself. Even though the home presented obvious hoarding signs, neighbors never called animal services to report animal hoarding situation. Read more

Dogs Help U.S. Veterans with PTSD

When U.S. soldiers return home from serving their country, many of them come back with PTSD. A dog can help a soldier transition back to civilian life. Gabby Jack Ranch, its Homefront Dogs Program and some four-legged service friends are helping combat Veterans adjust to civilian life once again. Read more

K-9 Bloodhound Saves Man's Life

Kelli, a bloodhound K-9 officer working for Cook County Sheriff’s police department save the life of a 24-year-old Evergreen Park man, when he led officers to the man’s location. Read more

Firefighters Say Goodbye to Longtime Firehouse Dog

Firefighters in Bucks County, Pennsylvania said goodbye this past weekend to their firehouse dog of thirteen years, Smokey. Read more

Rescued Puppy Becomes Hero Dog

John D is a rescue dog turned hero dog. Since being rescued he has been trained as a search and rescue dog, to detect human cancer and he is now a finalist for the American Humane Society’s Hero Dog Awards. Read more

Dog Saves Girl from Venomous Snake

A 10-pound Chihuahua poodle mix is being called a hero after he saved a little girl from a rattlesnake. Read more

Puppy Survives Month-Long Battle with Rare Flesh Eating Bacteria

Mugsy, a 6-month-old puppy, was given only a 20 percent chance of survival when he contracted rare flesh-eating bacteria. Mugsy pulled through though and is on the road to recovery. Read more

Dog Acts as Smoke Detector and Saves Owner from Fire

When a fire broke out in a Texas woman’s home early Saturday morning her smoke detectors didn’t wake her up. Luckily her dog Lolly took their place and woke the woman up, getting her safely out of her home. Read more

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