dog video

Mudslide Almost Claims Dog's Life

A dog hangs on to his life while trapped in a mudslide. He survives! Read more

Puppy Wants to Watch Over Baby, But...

Naps are best taken with a buddy! Read more

This Dog Has one of the Coolest Besties Ever

One lucky dog gets to hang out and play with a marmoset as his bestie. Read more

Big Sister Takes Little Brother for a Walk

Sandy takes her little brother Ringo for a walk in the part. Read more

Bull Terriers Make a Snuggle Sandwich

*Yawn* …. who’s ready for a nap? Read more

Monkey Meets Puppies for the First Time

What an excellent puppy-sitter! Read more

If Only ALL Dogs Could Do This......Naturally

Jumpy doing the one things that almost all dog lovers think at least once in their lives. Read more

Big Sister Plays a Funny Prank on Little Sister

This is just the kind of thing older siblings are for, right? Read more

Family Missing Dog After Auto Accident

“I know it happened, but it happened so fast, the next thing I knew I was upside down,” Karen Love said. Read more

Sleepy Dog Not Even Fazed By Couch-Fall

We don’t know why a camera was set up to film this, but we’re glad it was! Read more

Three Dogs, one Treat

These three dogs need to learn the definition of share! Read more

French Bulldog Befriends NYC Police Horse

Perez the Frenchie meets a police horse in NYC. Read more

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