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Perhaps the Cutest Husky Puppy Ever

Husky puppies can be amazingly adorable. Check out this compilation video here. Pure cuteness overload. Read more

Chocolate Lab Takes Over Toddler's Duck Pool

“Hey, if she gets a pool, I get a pool!” Read more

Dog Getting Butt Scratchins Vibrates Across the Floor

What is it about that hard-to-reach spot that gets them going so much? Read more

Crying Rottweiler Mourns His Dead Twin Brother

“Clearly you can see in his eyes, he is crying for his brother who had passed, as his world around him just crumbled. We both grieve and cry for our brother…” Read more

Thor Just Does Not Want to Cooperate With Wake Up Time

This is not getting out of bed today, no matter what his human dad says! Read more

Instagram Sensation @QuinnTheBerner Learns About Ice

Bernese Mountain puppy Quinn learns all about how to have fun on the ice! Look at that control. Read more

Can Your Dog Speak as well as These Dogs?

From “momma!” to “I love you,” these dogs can talk! Are your dogs as articulate? Read more

The Hidden Life of Wolves

Wolves don’t just form packs – they make families. Read more

Puppies Singing us the Song of their People

Every dog has a unique voice. This video celebrates the howl in it’s many forms, delivered by some of the cutest puppies imaginable. Read more

Norman and Earl Play Hide-and-go-Seek

Sure Norman, that tiny tree trunk will totally hide that giant body of yours. No problem! Read more

Hope for Paws in LA to Rescue Homeless Family of Dogs

Hope for Paws and Eldad Hagar go to LA to rescue a family of homeless dogs. Soon, the search for a forever family will begin. Read more

This Dog Has the Right Idea!

Nothing like a nice, cool waterbed on a hot day! Read more

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