dog video

Chica the Giraffe

But she’s such a cute giraffe! Read more

Silly Husky Puppy Refuses to Get Out of the Fridge

“But mo-om… it’s so nice and cool in here. Five more minutes?” Read more

Joyful Dog Jumps on Bed

Does your dog get this crazy excited? Read more

Puppies Playing with Cheap but Fun Chew Toy

Is that my new chew toy? Read more

Sleepy Dog Will Only Wake Up for One Thing

This is selective hearing at its finest! Read more

Injured Stray Dog Gets New Life Abroad

Abused stray dog without a nose gets second chance at life and her nose back. Read more

Talented Dog Sings and Plays Piano

Sing us a song, you’re the piano dog… Read more

Dogs Running in Slow Motion

What is better than dogs running at the dog park? Watching them run in slow motion. Read more

Man Training Puppy Creates Bell-Ringing Monster

At this rate, Maddie is sure to be 500 pounds. Hopefully he trained her to ring the bell just to go outside and run around! Read more

Not Even a Million Treats Will Get This Puppy to Go Downstairs!

Dakota does NOT appreciate being teased when she’s up against something so scary! Read more

Puppy Plays with Stuffed Toy

This cute puppy is so happy to be playing with his favorite toy. Read more

Cute Puppy Lab Turns One

Want to see what a cute black Labrador looks like his first year of life? Just watch. Read more

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