Homeless Man Rescues Dog but Denies Heroism

5.25.15 - LadyFEAT

Otis, a homeless man that saved the life of an injured dog refuses to accept it when people call him a hero for his actions.
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A Dog and His Stick Are Not Easily Parted

5.22.15 - dog and stick

Keep trying! You’ll get it….eventually.
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Dog Is So Thirsty He Eats His Water

5.22.15 - Dog Doesn't Know How to Drink Water

Those jowls were built for this kind of water consumption!
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How to Tell if Your Boyfriend is a Cheater

5.21.15 - video

Be careful who you ride around town with in your car. You never know who could spot you, and the consequences are pretty steep.
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Dogs Freak Out Over Levitating Hot Dogs

5.21.15 - Dogs Freak Out Over Levitating Hot Dog

Some dogs are confused, and others can’t be fooled when food is present!
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This Dog Really Hates Calenders

5.20.15 - dog cal

We’re not sure if this dog is not a fan of knowing what day it is, or if he seriously thinks that the picture of the dog on it is trying to muscle in on his kitchen.  Either way, it’s pretty funny.

Huge Dogs Who Forgot They’re Actually Not Huge at All

5.20.15 - mighty dogs

These dogs don’t let size hold them back. Look at them go!
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Nikon Develops Camera that Your Dog Can Operate

5.20.15 - dog cam

Is your dog the next big thing in photography? Using a “human-free” camera case, now you can find out!
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This Boxer’s Tongue Is Humongous!

5.20.15 - Boxer Has a HUGE Tongue

Wow, this glass really tastes like…. glass!
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Some “Secret” Dog Words from Life in the Dog House

5.19.15 - snibben

Find out what a “snibben” is, and how it can help you and your dog become a little bit closer.
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Video: Dog Has a Blast in Seattle


Charlie can’t contain his excitement while out and about in the city. Watch this video to see what he does.
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Stop, Thieves – Someone Arrest Them!

5.19.15 - Food Thieves

The kitten is a juvenile delinquent… he’s going to be trouble!
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This Dog Has the Best Masseur Ever

5.18.15 - This Dog Is Getting the Best Massage

This massage would be worth every cent… almost!
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African Wild Dog Pups Go Outside for the First Time

5.17.15 - Wild Dogs' First Time Outside

They are very intelligent and love playing, and even have special pre-hunting rituals that are akin to a pep talk and cheer before a big game.
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These Guilty Dogs Know Just Who to Blame

5.15.15 - These Guilty Dogs Know Just Who to Blame

There’s no way these dogs are taking the blame, whether they did it or not!
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Dog Blows Bubbles for Treats

5.15.15 - Dog Blows Bubbles for Treats

This would be impressive if it wasn’t so gross.
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Dog Thinks This Doll Is Real

5.14.15 - Dog Thinks Doll Is Real

What do you do when all your friends are make believe?
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Dog Scratches His Belly on Command


Fleas are no joke but this dog learned a new funny trick and it involves the word “fleas.”
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Signs that Your Dog Is Trapped in a Cat’s Body

5.11.15 - Signs that Your Cat Is Supposed to Be a Dog

Of course cats can fetch, but rarely do you see them drink from the toilet!
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Dog Recognizes His Family After Three Year Separation

5.11.15 - lost dog

“It’s the connection that we had for the first three years of his life,” Arce told a local news outlet. “We never forgot him and he never forgot us.”
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