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Misa Minnie Passes Her Therapy Dog Test

Watch as little Yorkie Misa Minnie aces her TDI Therapy Dog Test to become a therapy dog. Read more

From Trash to Treasure

A scared dog, trapped inside a garbage bin, was waiting to be rescued or to be crushed with the rest of the garbage. Thankfully the dog was rescued before a garbage truck came to pick up the trash. Read more

Police Officer Rescues Dog Trapped in Wire Fence

When the officer arrived he found a dog hanging upside down with one of his hind legs caught on the chicken wire fence. Read more

Twin Pugs Sleeping

Pugs Minnie and Max demonstrate their close bond in the most adorable way. Read more

Bulldogs and Babies

Bulldogs give love and bring laughter from babies in this cute compilation of video clips. Read more

Kissing Dad: Cute Dogs Maymo & Penny

Watch cute dog Penny the lemon beagle surprise her “dad” (cute dog Maymo) with kisses. Read more

If at first you don't succeed.... Duncan Lou Who

Duncan is a young two-legged dog who is meeting life’s everyday challenges with an inspiring spirit and will. Duncan gets around and plays, for the most part, like any other dog. Stairs, however, present a challenge but Duncan proves he can conquer them, too. Read more

Dog Helps Owner Care for Injured Stray

In China, a man enlisted the help of his pet, a pit bull-Labrador cross named Black Tiger, to care for an injured four-legged friend. Read more

Deaf Pug excited to see his owner return home

An older, deaf pug sings loudly and off-key while showing happiness and excitement at seeing his petmom upon her return home. Read more

This Ad Is Proof that Dogs Make Everything Better

Don’t hug your dog too tightly after this one! Read more

Dog's reunion with Navy pilot!

Welcome home! This boxer, Zeus, was very happy to see his guardian after a nine-month deployment! Read more

Dogs vs. Bubbles: Cute Dogs Maymo & Penny

Cute dogs Maymo & Penny have fun with edible bubbles. Watch these cute pups chase, lunge at, and ultimately conquer the army of bubbles in uniquely cute fashion. The bubbles used in this video are non-toxic and especially made for pets. Read more

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