funny dog videos

Dog Inhales Potato and Spits it Back At Human

Wait a minute, this isn’t a cheeseburger! YUCK! Read more

Someone Needs to See a Doggy Eye Doctor

Maybe he just needs his prescription checked… Read more

16 Golden Retriever Puppies Being Total Dweebs

Check out the dog sleeping behind the bathroom sink! How in the world is sleeping like that in any way comfortable?  What a bunch of hams! Read more

The Doggie Teeter-Totter

Sometimes, you give a little. Sometimes, you get a little. Sometimes you go nowhere at all! Read more

No Dogs Allowed at the Dinner Table, Except Maybe This Guy

This dog somehow got opposable thumbs, and has taught himself how to sit at the table and eat. Read more

Dogs Just LOVE to Give Kisses!

A cute video exploring some of the possible reasons dogs can be furry kiss factories. Read more

Cute Animal Couples

There’s no denying it, these animal couples are just the cutest! Read more

Koby Goes on an Easter Egg Hunt

Koby is specially trained by his family to be able to handle his basket, and is very good with finding the eggs. Read more

This Dog Is Saving the Earth, One Piece of Trash at a Time

What a smart dog! She’s specially trained by her family to put trash in its proper place. Read more

This Dog Has one of the Coolest Besties Ever

One lucky dog gets to hang out and play with a marmoset as his bestie. Read more

Big Sister Takes Little Brother for a Walk

Sandy takes her little brother Ringo for a walk in the part. Read more

Brazil's Best Guard Dog

That hammock does look very cozy though…. Read more

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