funny dog videos

Cat Prefers Sleeping on Husky Friend

When you are besties, nothing is impossible! Read more

A Pinball Machine for a Bulldog

Bulldogs are also big fans of The Who’s Tommy as well… Read more

Professional Escape Artists in Training

See some of the best escape artists hone their craft to get to greener pastures…..OK, maybe just closer to the box of treats! Either way, there guys are good. Read more

The Ten Funniest Pit Bull Videos from 2014

Pit bulls come on all shapes, colors and sizes. There is one thing they have in common across the board however, and that’s a never ending love of playtime. Read more

Dog Has Funny Reaction to Seeing an Elephant on Television

Perhaps some vocal lessons would be helpful? Maybe Fred the bull dog should NOT quit his day job just yet…. Read more

The Best Personal Trainer Ever

This dog “will pump, YOU up!” Read more

Gremlin Gets a "Real Job"

Gremlin seems to be the best candidate for the job! Read more

Meet the “Meanest” Dog in all of Japan

All Mari’s human wants is a kiss.  Is that so wrong? Read more

Dogs Celebrate Thanksgiving Too!

Rodie was excited to have Thanksgiving dinner, but no cranberries or green been casserole! Read more

Jaxson's Ears Have Rhythm!

Dogs don’t have to use their legs to dance – their ears can do a whole lot of dancing Read more

Funny Singing Dogs

Some dogs love to bark but these pets just love to sing. Read more

Dog Can't Contain His Excitement

This dog can’t believe where he is going…The dog park! Read more

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