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Two Adorable French Bull Dog Videos to Brighten Up your Monday

Here are two videos, specially picked to help bring a little more adorable into your day. Read more

Cute Dogs Waking Up Their Owners (VIDEO)

These dogs will stop at nothing to get your behind out of bed, and they’ll drag ya if they have to! Read more

Dogs Who Just Can't Catch a Break

It’s hard to take a nap when the cat has stolen your bed! Read more

Dog Hijacks Kid's Sled

No kid on a sled is safe from this thieving dog! Read more

Dog Stops Softball College Game When it Steals Players' Gloves

Have you ever met a dog that wants to be a catcher on a softball team? Here’s your chance. Read more

Dog's Funny Reaction to Squirrel

Does your dog go crazy for squirrels? Watch what Rocco does when he spots one but can’t chase after it. Read more

Four-Legged Car Vandal Caught on Tape

Now that “the culprit has been identified,” the canine delinquent will be stopped before inflicting future damages to private property. Read more

Dog V.S. Balloons

These 74 balloons are no match for Simon! Read more

Web Comedy Documentary Helps Shelter Dogs

Aubree Sweeney, creator of Dog Treats and Jingle Toys was inspired by her two rescue pets to create a web-series, documentary style comedy, airing on YouTube. Read more

Dog Lets Owner Know He Doesn't Want to Take a Bath

Bobby, an 8-year-old dachshund from Brazil might not enjoy taking a bath, but he is willing to take one as long as he gets to go outside and see his female buddies Mel and Melissa. Read more

Watch Alaskan malamute Dogs Crawling Next to a Baby

This video shows two gorgeous dogs crawling next to a baby. We can’t decide who is cuter, the dogs or the baby? Read more

Dog Hates Bath Time

When is time to take a bath does your dog get excited or does he run and hide? Watch this video and see how this dog tries to get out of getting a bath. Read more

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