funny dog videos

Dog's Reaction to Big News. You're Getting a Canine Brother!

This dog is really happy to be getting a brother. Read more

Dog Gets a Surprise Bottle!

You can throw all the tennis balls you want, but what Louie The Beagle really wants is his plastic bottle. Read more

Peek-A-Boo Pup

Benny the English bulldog plays his favorite game. Read more

Dog Sleeps in Owner's Bed

This dog looks too cute sleeping on his owner’s bed. Read more

Dog Steals Food from Baby

Someone tell this dog show and tell is not the same as sharing. Read more

This Bulldog Puppy Has the Cutest Temper Tantrums Ever

Who could resist this little cutie? Read more

Dog Sings the 'Happy' Song

“Because I’m happy. Clap along if you know what happiness is to you.” Read more

Snow and Wolfie are Two Talkative Huskies

Weather talking back to their owner, or saying who knows what to each other, they sure do seem to have a lot to say. Read more

Dog Jumps in Pool After Favorite Toy

This little dog uses the diving board to jump into the pool. Read more

Dogs vs. Water Hoses

These dogs and puppies are fascinated by water hoses. They attack, chase, bite… and they enjoy this summer refreshment! Read more

This Dog's Reaction to the Leaf Pile is to Die For!

Butch’s owner had just finished raking all the leaves when Butch discovered the pile. He didn’t waste any time before jumping in and having a blast! Read more

This Boy Was Laughing Uncontrollably Playing With His Dog

Every kid needs a dog as his best friend. Watch how these two buddies are playing in the garden and having so much fun. Read more

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