4 Hero Dogs Stop a Bear Attacking Little Girl in Backyard

7.4.15 - hero dogs

Bear approaches 3-year-old girl in backyard, family dogs step in and stop bear in its tracks, and chase it away.
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Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue’s Latest Member Has Four Paws


During the induction ceremony RIT’s colleagues, two- and four-legged ones, stood by him while he received his badge.
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Rescue Dog Helps Apprehend Neighborhood Thief


Thanks to Squid, a recently adopted shelter dog, a thief in Boulder, Col., was caught in the act and is now behind bars.
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Dog Saves Drowning Bird


Jax, a Labrador from Connecticut saved the life of a baby bird that hadn’t master the art of flying. The bird fell from its nest and almost drowned in a lake.
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San Antonio Arson Dog on way to Hollywood for AHA Hero Dog Award

7.8.14 - San Antonio Arson Dog on way to Hollywood for AHA Hero Dog AwardXXX

“Her badge number is my badge number,” said Davis in that 2012 interview. “We’re like one and the same.”
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Dog is Shot While Saving Owners and Now Needs Critical Surgery


A family in Los Angeles is alive thanks to their heroic dog Charlie and now it is their turn to save Charlie’s life.
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Canine Veteran Hero Dies at 10

Photo Credit: Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office

“Clue, you will be missed,” said a statement on the Sheriff’s Office Facebook page. “Rest In Peace.”
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Dogs Save Owners from Christmas Tree Fire

Photo Credit: Monroe Fire District #3

This is a great time to remind people to ensure that holiday lighting should be unplugged before going to bed.
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Unwanted Dog Becomes Young Girls’ Hero

Photo Credit: Stock Image – Argentinean Street Dog.

A family dog who had been given away saved his three- and nine-year-old girl owners when they were grabbed by a stranger who intended to sexually abuse them.
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Rescue Dog Fights Off Coyotes, Saving Cat

Jack and Kitty snuggling prior to the coyote attack. Photo Credit: MyFoxTampaBay.com

As soon as Jack, a rescue Pit bull, saw Kitty in trouble, the dog jumped into action to defend the feline and save her life.
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Hero Dog Discovers Newborn Baby Girl Abandoned in Park


Jade the hero German shepherd has grown up with children around her, she loves babies and when she found the baby in the bushes she wouldn’t leave until she knew her human had seen the baby.
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Search and Rescue Dog Locates Toddler


Chester, a search and rescue dog, successfully locates 1.5-year-old who mysteriously disappeared from her home.
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Shelter Dog Saves a Life and Waits for Forever Home

Solomon. Photo Credit: Tyler Clarke/Daily Herald

Solomon, the German shepherd, donated his blood to save the life of a female Labrador cross who was sick after ingesting rat poisoning.
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Dog Alerts Family of Fire before Fire Alarms Go Off

Gary D'Amato and Baxter.

“We were pretty lucky that [the dog] woke us up because … we never smelled the smoke,” said Gary D’Amato.
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Bears Attack Woman and Dogs

Photo Credit: foto76/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

One of the bears became aggressive biting and mauling the woman. Her dogs jumped into action barking and attacking the bears and eventually the bears were scared away.
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Barking Dog Saves Owners from House Fire

Mommy the hero dog.

Fire rescuers arrived on the property shortly after the homeowners called 911, but by their arrival time, Mommy, the dog, had gone back inside the burning house. The dog was rescued and unharmed.
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Hot Dog Stand Gives Dogs Bullet Proof Vests


The KCPD does not have the funds to equip their K-9 officers with bullet proof vests, but thanks to Janet Canseco, police dogs in Kansas City are getting safety vests.
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Hero Dog Saves Owner From Deadly House Fire


Veronica was startled by the heavy smoke quickly filling her bedroom and the fast flames consuming the walls. She ran towards the front door and Guri followed her.
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Untrained Dog Saves Child Life by Acting as Hypo Alert Dog

Stock Image

The dog spent much of that night behaving unusually, trying to grab anyone’s attention, and hoping to lead them to the child in need.
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Dog Saves One-Year-Old Baby from Drowning

Kesha saves 1-year-old from drowning. Photo Credit: TVCA

After a robbery attempt, a dog saves a toddler’s life by barking and scratching the spot where the child had been left to drown.
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