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USDA Helping Puppy Mill Breeders by Ignoring Violations

The USDA has instructed inspectors not to cite breeders for “minor” violations, and says they will help breeders whose businesses are being negatively affected. Read more

Shih Tzu Learns to Love After Rescued From Puppy Mill

In March of 2011, Katie, a volunteer from Agape Animal Rescue, first met the little Shih Tzu named George Read more

Young Dog’s Death Results in Rescue of 33 Others

Gia, a Siberian Husky, was brought home to her new owner after the owner adopted her from a neighbor, as happens so often. Read more

Ernest's Story: What Happens When We Work Together

On March 14, 2012, Ernest, a six-year-old French bulldog, was rescued from a puppy mill in Jones County, North Carolina along with 90 other dogs Read more


Haylie was blind from untreated glaucoma when she was rescued from the puppy mill where she had lived for 6 years. This is her journey from rescue into recovery. The most beautiful things can’t be seen, they must be felt with the heart. Read more

Throw Away Dogs Found Outside Michigan Pet Store

The dogs are all poodle-Maltese mixes, ranging from 2- to 6-years-old. The innocent pets seem to be either from a puppy mill or a hoarding situation. Read more

Over 100 Dogs Rescued from N.C. Puppy Mill

This rescue demonstrates the need for stronger laws to prevent someone from forcing dogs to spend their lives in squalor, without access to clean food and water. Read more

How Much is That Labbie In the Window?

Priceless! To me anyways. Bridget actually hailed from a breeder in South Carolina, donated to K9 Partners For Life, intended to live her life as a service dog. Due to illness, she was released from that program, works as my right hand dog and is worth her weight in gold. Read more

Look Like You're Leaving

Now why is my husband standing there like he is about ready to walk off? Well, this is a key human behavior I teach in my classes, to help dogs learn successful recalls. Read more

What Motivates Your Dog?

No further from our hedge lined drive is that which motivates Doobie, six year old American lab. Read more

Have You Ever Accidentally Supported a Puppy Mill?

Pet store puppies in their clean, shiny kennels, soon to be on their way home with their new (accidental puppy-mill supporting) families do not need rescuing. Their parents need rescuing. Read more


Do you really want to subject your noise phobic dog to the trauma of home construction? Read more

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