Shelter Dog Rescues Swimmers from Rip-Tide

Nico the hero dog.

Dan Clark said he had never seen his shelter dog do anything like it, but he was glad they were on the beach at the right time.
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Local Fire Crew Raising Money for Girl’s Service Dog

4.30.15 - SydneeFEAT

Leah O’Kelly, Sydnee’s mom said, “I’m blown away by all the help. It’s very humbling.”
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Meet Salt Lake City’s Cutest Four-Legged Police Officer


Spot is expected to be at work every day. He brighten other officers’ days and goes on special assignments.
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Famous “Ball-Dog” Retiring After this Baseball Season

Miss Babe Ruth hard at work.

Miss Babe Ruth, the official “ball-dog” for The Greensboro Grasshoppers minor league baseball team is retiring. She will be missed.
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Service Dog Carries Oxygen Tanks for Little Girl

4.9.15 - Alida and Mr. GibbsFEAT

Alida and her best friend Mr. Gibbs are a special pair.
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North Carolina Mom Fundraising to Get Service Dog for Autistic Son

3.1.15 - Mother Fundraising to Get Service Dog for Autistic Son4

“When he has a seizure, the dog will alert us. It will help with his depression to have a companion.”
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Service Pit Bull Wins the Right to Attend Florida Boy’s School

2.26.15 - Service Pit Bull Wins the Right to Attend Boy’s School1

“Congress specifically intended that individuals with disabilities not be separated from their service animals, even in schools,” the DOJ wrote.
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Inmates of Donovan Prison put to Work Training Service Dogs

2.22.15 - 1130

“They say a dog is a man’s best friend, and they’re not wrong about that,” said David Mix, an inmate at Donovan.
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Rescued Dog Becomes Guide for Blind Canine Companion

1.1.15 - Denny and Drummond FEAT

“I would say they’re definitely going to be brothers from here on out,” said White.
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Untrained Service Dog Helps Handicap Owner Get to Work


A humble handicapped man from China works as a shoe shiner, and every day he gets to work thanks to his untrained service dog, who pushes his wheelchair.
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Smugglers Beware, Pipo Is On to You


Merry Christmas dear smuggler! We hope you enjoy your stay in Spain’s jail.
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Elderly Disabled Woman’s Life Transformed by Service Dog

11.16.14 - Elderly Disabled Woman’s Life Transformed by Service Dog1

“She’s changed my life, not just by the things she does for me, but I would say a lot of it is the companionship,” she said. “She’s an incredible dog. It’s a partnership.”
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Military Family Making Ends Meet to Help Their Dog


Gator is a guardian angel, but this four-legged angel needs his own savior now. He suffers from hip dysplasia and his owners cannot afford the costly surgery.
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UPDATE: Family gets $20K Service dog back from Colorado Trainer

7.23.14 - Trainer Arrested and Facing Charges over $20,000 Service Dog

“There are no words to explain how excited we were, there were no words to explain the joy of seeing Major and Alayna one more time,” said Amanda Barnes.
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UPDATE: Diabetic Girl’s Stolen Service Dog Found

6.26.14 - UPDATE - Service Dog Found

NeVeah and JoBeana were overjoyed when the Grand Crossing District of Chicago called to tell them that SymPhany had been found.
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Family Desperately Searches for Diabetic Daughter’s Stolen Service Dog

6.26.14- Family Desperately Searches for Diabetic Daughter’s Stolen Service Dog

“This dog is very special to both of us, we are lost without her,” she said.
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Victim of Armed Robbery Reunited with Service Dog

6.7.14 - Victim of Armed Robbery Reunited with Service Dog

“I’m never going to let her go. I’m getting her micro chipped and a collar. I’m 100 percent sure this is Love!” said Arthur.
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Student’s Service Dog Honored with Photo in Yearbook

6.6.14 - Service Dog Honored with Photo in Young Student2

“Next thing you know Rachel just hugged him and it was the cutest thing you’ve ever seen and I literally started crying and said there’s my sign. They’ve been a team ever since,” said Theresa Benke.
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Therapy Dog Honored at College Graduation

Zoey and Paul Aragon and the graduation ceremony

If it wasn’t for the therapy dog, Paul Aragon would have not graduated. The ARMY veteran suffers from PTSD and Zoey helped him get through the dark days.
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Service Pit Bull Walks in Deceased Owner’s Place at Graduation

5.16.14 - Service Pit Bull Walks in Graduation Ceremony8

“I’ll be honest,” said Josh’s father. “I was one of them that was giving (pit bulls) a bad rep until I met Cletus… He’s just great. I don’t know how many times Cletus saved his life.”
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