Service Dog

Iowa Funeral Parlor Dog Bringing Comfort to Many

Many children feel more comfortable expressing their grief to Gabriel rather than adults. “They can share things they may not be able to tell an adult. That kind of opens up their grief process.” Read more

PTSD Ad Will Make You Want to Hug Your Dog

Therapy and family support are highly beneficial and can help people deal with PTSD symptoms,but for many, dogs are all the therapy they need. Read more

Dog Safety Restraints to Be Installed in Southern Australian Ambulances

“To leave them (their dog) behind can be really distressing, but at the same time we’ve got to make sure they’re safe and not in the way of paramedics,” says Chris Towie. Read more

Judge Rules Banned Service Pit Bull Returned to Disabled Owner

The reunion between Daniella Guglieimi and her dog Storm is a step in the right direction for pit bull advocates hoping to see breed specific legislation overturned. Read more

Philanthropist's Dog Inspires Him to Donate 170 Service Dogs to Vets

Charlie began a travel journal on Facebook called Dog Bless You after the pair shared a sandwich with a homeless man in San Francisco who said as they were leaving, “Dog bless you.” Read more

UPDATE: Veteran Jeremy Aguilar & Service Dog Dutch: Not Guilty

Rachel Daake’s account of Dutch’s attack on her and the other dog were highly questionable, and thankfully a jury saw through it. Read more

UPDATE ON AMAZING GRACE: Scalded Puppy Adopted

Sally helps children with severe burns recover, and would like Amazing Grace to be part of the therapeutic process. Read more

Service Dog Links Two Wounded Veterans

“Derek and Jake lost their independence, giving independence to others. … Those veterans, that was who I wanted to help,” Shirk said. Read more

Veteran Finally Surrenders Service Dog to Save His Life

According to the woman Dutch bit, “I started punching him in the face and kept punching him until my hands hurt so bad I couldn’t hit him anymore.” Read more

Quadruple Amputee Veteran Adapts to New Life with Help of Service Dog

The nonprofit organization is able to provide disabled people with service dogs for free. Read more

Priest Fights to Keep Service Dog

The organization said the only thing Claire can do to rectify this situation is to relinquish Willa or take her case to court. Read more

Mother hopes to give her autistic son the gift of 4 paws

Nelson is a 12 year boy who suffers from autism, epilepsy and encephalopathy. He goes to school at McGuffey Sixth Grade Center where he deals with balance problems, a lack of depth perception, and low motor skills, in addition to suffering from seizures. Read more

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