Dog Has Pups on the Street, Gets Rescued by Hope for Paws

12.2.14 - video

When a mother dog has her pups out on the street, things usually don’t end well. With the good people at Hope for Paws, this dog family just might make it.
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Tret the Parkour Dog


TreT the parkour dog does stunts you’ve never seen a dog do before.
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A Great Dog Compilation

11.26.14 - video

These dogs all made us laugh throughout the year. Be sure to also check out our sister site, for more funny videos, pictures and stories.
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Jaxson’s Ears Have Rhythm!


Dogs don’t have to use their legs to dance – their ears can do a whole lot of dancing
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Golden Retriever Tries to Steal All the Pool Floats

11.20.14 - video

Even if Milo is given his own pool toys, he still wants yours!
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Kissy French Bulldog Makes Babies Squeal with Laughter

11.19.14 - video

Just watching these three is enough to make anyone just as happy.
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Amazing Jenga Dog Stacks 50 Treats On His Nose

11.18.14 - video

Is this dog amazing, or what? Fifty treats balanced on his nose!
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Little Squeaky Rottweilers At Play

11.18.14 - early video

Rottweilers with a squeaky toy have a good time on the lawn together.
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French Bulldog Asks to Be Let on the Bed

11.14.14 - video

Alice is one talkative bulldog! She lets you know exactly what she wants!
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This Puppy Shows that Miracles Do Happen


A dog suffering from Swimmers Syndrome learns how to walk again.
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Pets Welcome Home Vets

11.11.14 - video

Thank you veterans, both human and canine, for your tireless bravery and service.
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Rescued! Chubby Dog Trapped in Iron Fence


No one knows why this dog was trapped in the fence, he probably wanted to chase another dog and thought he could squeeze through the iron bars.
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Do Dogs Do These Things On Purpose?

11.10.14 - video

Is it a ploy for treats and attention, or are they really not that bright?
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Dog Plays with Pumpkin


Who needs a ball when you have a pumpkin.
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Husky Has Bizarre Potty Ritual

11.5.14 - Strange Bathroom Ritual

Not the best quality video, but definitely worth a watch!
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Dog Does the Back Stroke


Pomeranian pup does the back stroke
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Sometimes, Humans Can Be Very Strange

11.4.15 - video

Oh us humans, and the strange things we do with our dogs sometimes. Be honest, which one of these are you guilty of?
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Men Drive Car Down Canal to Rescue Trapped Dog


A scared dog trapped in a canal gets rescued and finds forever home with his rescuer.
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French Bulldog and Deer Play Tag Together

11.3.14 - video

Just a dog and her deer friend, having a game of tag in her human’s backyard.
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Dogs Will Be Dogs

10.30.14 - video

If dogs could apologize with words…..
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