Dalmatian Puppies - Too Cute

Who’s your favorite – Francie, Madison or Woodrow? Read more

Squirrel Hides Acorn in Bernese Mountain Dog's Fur

Will Wally be successful, or will he have to store his goodies elsewhere? Read more

Funny Dogs Doing Silly Things

Which of these clips is your favorite? Tell us in the comments section. Read more

Behind the Scenes of Puppy Bowl 2014

Which puppy did you find the cutest? Read more

Dogs' Reactions to Everyday Items

A big ol’ dog scared of a falling feather? You’ll have to see it to believe it! Read more

Baby Laughing at Dog Eating Popcorn Wins the Internet

A laugh like this is an instant cheer-up for even the most curmudgeonly person! Read more

Strangers Risk Lives to Rescue Dog Stranded on Delaware River

“She said that the fire department wasn’t really wanting to do much about it, didn’t want to endanger themselves,” Ciro Silvestri explained. “So if they’re not going to do something, I will.” Read more

Affectionate Dog Gets Cozy with Baby

Could there be a better dog to have around a baby? Read more

Terrified Dog Who Only Needed a Hug

Edie’s personality completely changed as soon as she got the smallest fraction of affection, which is what led to her adoption. Read more

Most Interesting Man Helps Fight Dog Cancer

Orvis, who sells high end outdoor clothing and dog supplies, runs a contest to find a canine cover model for its catalog, which brings in donations to the Morris Animal Foundation. Read more

Christmas for Mouse

Who could say no to such a sweet Belgian Malinois like Mouse? Read more

Protective Pit Bull Smooches Sleeping Owner

But not everyone enjoys receiving eye kisses as much as some dogs like giving them! Read more

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