Reward Offered for Information on Dog Shooting Suspect

“I honestly can’t understand why people think that animal’s lives are any less valuable than our own. Again, I thought about what if somebody did that to my own dog?” said Shattuck. Read more

K911 Rescues a Little Pug in Need

This chronicles the rescue of “Panda” from a life of hunger and being left outside in the cold constantly. Freaking breeders. Remember, adopt, not shop. Read more

Crafty Bird Feeds Dogs Treats

Those dogs have got absolutely love that bird. Read more

A Team Effort from Hope for Paws and Rescue from the Hart

Annie Hart from Rescue from the Hart and Eldad Hagar from Hope for Paws team up for an amazing rescue/transformation. Read more

I've Heard of Cowboys, but Cowdogs?

When you’re a Cowdog, you don’t always have to bark to communicate. Read more

Bonded for Life? It Seems So!

Is there anything cuter than two dogs in love? Not that we could think of. Read more

Dog Tied to Tree During Massive Storm Rescued

This is one heroic rescue! Read more

Animals Fighting a Losing Battle Against Sleep

Sometimes, you just have to give in, and go to bed. Read more

Adorable French Bulldogs in a Ball-Pit

It’s a puppy ball-pit mosh pit! Read more

Dog Hugs Men Who Rescue Her from Six-Year Tether

A life on a chain is no life at all. It’s cold, lonely, and miserable. Guardians of Rescue is bringing freedom to one chained dog at a time. Read more

Holiday Dinner with the Family

Happy holidays from your friends at Life with Dogs! Read more

Hope for Paws Recues Homeless Hit-and-Run Dog

This poor guy was living under a homeless person’s cart. Sick, injured and scared, he was in need of some TLC badly. Read more

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