Home Depot Employees Pay for & Build Disabled Dog’s Wheelchair

“Rebecca was really down. It was just, her day was done. This is her dog, all she had. It’s her love. Anything we could do to make it better, made our experience that much more,” Gregg said. Read more

Woman Finds Missing Wedding Ring Coughed Up by Dog

“After I turn around and look at my granddaughter,” said Lois, “the Popsicle is gone and there’s Tucker, smacking his jaws.” Read more

Dog Is a Pro at Eating Corn on the Cob

This dog knows his way around an ear of corn – and probably eats it with better manners than some picnic-goers you’ll see this summer! Read more

Doberman Patiently Takes on Ninja Kitten

Fisher is probably thinking, “Go on, do your worst, fluffball.” Read more

Dogs Get Revenge on Devious Cats

These dogs have figured out that they often have the size advantage over feline family members, and are using it! Read more

Boy Teaches Puppy How to Howl

Who could resist such a cute little howl? Read more

Rub-a-Dub-Dub, Three Dogs in a Tub

It’s bathtime at The Dog House… bathing one dog is hard enough, but three? Read more

Quincy REALLY Loves Road Trips

There is no dog who is down for a road trip as much as Quincy! Read more

Cute Baby Animals Falling Asleep

Baby animals falling asleep is just adorable, and this video is no exception. Plus, there are fun facts with every animal! Read more

Adorable Husky Puppy Argues Bathtime

“But I don’t WANNA take a bath… there’s water in there!” Read more

Haiku's Car Wash Horror

Insert scary Jaws theme music here. Read more

Corgi Refuses to Come out from Couch Lair

Under-the-couch dens are perfect for low-riding little Corgis! Read more

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