Dog Gets a Snack from Fine Feathered Friend

Proving that “bird brain” isn’t always an insult! Read more

Man Rescues Drowning Dog During Big Storm

“I got on the railing and tied the rope on my armpits and tied it to the railing,” said McClure. Read more

Big Brave Dog Takes on Evil Pineapple

In the epic struggle of dog against tropical fruit, this dog clearly has the upper paw! Read more

The Eight-Week-Old Escape Artist

It’s never too early to learn how to get over fences. Read more

Kitty Gets a Puppy Bath

Who wouldn’t want to be covered in cute, cuddly puppy kisses? Read more

Animal Rescuers Hoist Puppy from 50 feet Hole

A woman heard the cries of a dog trapped in a well and called rescuers for help. After the dog was pulled out and checked by a vet, she adopts the pet. Read more

Bad Dog! Canine Food Thief Gets Caught

This dog’s guilty look won’t save him from the big mess he made. Read more

Rolley-Polley Bulldog Pup Can’t Get Up

HELP!!! I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up!!! Read more

“Awwwwww, but I Just Want to Snuggle With You!”

Poor doggy, no snuggles for you. Read more

(Not) The Three Tenors

Hey, maybe they’ll do O Sole Mio for an encore! Read more


OH NO!!! It’s DOGZILLA!!! Read more

Silly Foxes Who Love Jumping on Trampolines

Pouncing, sliding, rolling, gnawing – trampolines provide so much fun for kits and grown foxes alike! Read more

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