Dog Rescued After Living for 11 Months Under Dumpster

Using their trademark cheeseburgers and soft touch, they finally convinced him to come out, and he is now in the good hands of the patient and loving people of Hope for Paws. Read more

Oh No! It's Bath Time

Does your dog hate to get a bath? Oakley hates to be wet and he tells his owners so. Read more

It is Back to School Time for the Dog

Children are not the only ones waking up early to catch the school bus and go back to school. Dogs are too! Read more

Four Minutes of Funny Dogs

Dogs. Inventing more ways to make us smile a little more each day! Read more

Pit Bull Displays Saint-Like Patience with Rambunctious Kitten

A pit bull showing other dogs how it’s done when it comes to dealing with little kittens. Read more

Dogs Love Car Rides

Oh the good old days of summer! Watch how these dogs really enjoy going on car rides. Read more

For this Dog Bath Time is Fun Time!

Does your dog get this excited about bath time? Read more

Is That a Rabbit, a Kangaroo or a Dog?

This dog is beyond himself running free in the open field. Read more

Hope for Paws Does it Again

Eldad Hagar and company rescue yet another dog, desperate for nothing more than a little love. Read more

L.A. Driver Saves Loose Dog on 710 Freeway

A Pit bull running down Los Angeles’s 710 Freeway was rescued when various motorists worked together to save the dog’s life. Read more

TurboRoo's Evolution of the Doggy Wheel Chair

Born without front legs, TurboRoo is getting a specially made, 3D printed doggy wheelchair thanks to Mark Daedrick, and his company “3dyn.” Read more

Husky Puppy Tantrum

His arguing skills are top notch! Read more

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