Whatever Happened to the Rescued Sochi Ten?

Find out how two of the ten dogs rescued from Russia, by The Humane Society International, during the 2014 Winter Olympics are living today. Read more

Dog Feels Guilty About Wetting the Floor

Don’t be mad. It was an accident. Read more

Hey Cat, That's my Plate!

Dogs and cats can be friends, but just because they get along doesn’t mean they have to share every thing. Read more

Dogs Meet Their Baby Brother

Two adorable Siberian Huskies get introduced to a new pack member, a baby! Read more

Puppy Struggles To Stay Awake During First Bath

Perhaps the bath is just too relaxing for this little puppy. Read more

Rescuers save Dog Covered in Tar

No one imagined that under the black, smelly, hard coat of tar was a sweet and friendly brown dog. Read more

Abandoned and Defeated Dog Waited for Death, but a Miracle Happened

A badly neglected dog only looked forward to death, but then a miracle happened. Read more

Dog Is Excited Football Season Is Back

Meet Charlie, a devoted and excited canine football fan. Watch what he does when the game is on. Read more

Rocko the Singing Pit bull

This beautiful dog loves to sing while his owner plays the harmonica. Read more

Dog Thinks He Is a Duck

Someone tell this dog he is not a duck. Read more

Great Dane Is Sad He Can't Go Out and Play

This Great Dane sure wished he could go out and play. Read more

Puppy Leaps into Owner's Arms

This cute little puppy takes a leap of faith…into his owner’s arms Read more

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