Hope for Paws Rescues Terrified Abandoned Dog

This poor, terrified creature just needs a little love, and Hope for Paws is just the group to do it. Read more

Houston Firefighters Rescue Dog Stuck in Tire Rim

A woman found a puppy with its head stuck in a tire rim in her Houston apartment complex’s garbage dumpster. She turned to local firefighters for help. Read more

Cutest Puppies Dreaming

What do dreaming puppies look like? Watch and see. Read more

Dog Enjoys His Birthday Cake

How do you celebrate your pet’s birthday? Do you buy your pet a doggy cake or tasty steak? Read more

Dog Overcome by Joy Passes Out

She’s so happy, she passed out! Read more

Dog's Reaction to Big News. You're Getting a Canine Brother!

This dog is really happy to be getting a brother. Read more

We're Not Giving Up on Hope

“Hope needs a miracle. Without the surgery she will die,” said AARF. Read more

Dog Masters Rope Jumping

This cattle mix dog rescued from a pound in Missouri, knows how to rope jump better than many humans. Read more

Cute Time Lapse! Dog and Owner Sleeping on Sofa

Want to see 19 seconds of cuteness? Watch Zoey snooze right along her owner. Read more

Dog Wants to Play with His Baby Sister

Charlie is back at it again. This time he is not making his human sister cry. Read more

A Dog's View on How to Avoid Bath Time

This clever dog has the solution for all dogs who hate bath time. Read more

Homeless Dog Amazing Transformation

This homeless dog was tied to a car and dragged, then beaten and left to die, but he was rescued and nursed back to health. Here is his amazing story. Read more

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