Plumbers Helping Dogs

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Photo Credit: Plumbers for Puppies
Photo Credit: Plumbers for Puppies

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of rescue organizations? I bet plumbers didn’t cross your mind.

Well, in Des Plaines, Ill., Bishop Plumbing Inc. runs “Plumbers for Puppies,” a rescue program the company started to help dogs in need. The tough economy has forced many people to abandon their dogs or surrender them to local pounds, and Plumbers for Puppies works with high-kill shelters saving pets that are placed on death row.

Meet Lola, a 5-year-old Neapolitan Mastiff/Hound Mix that was rescued on June 2012 from Chicago Animal Control. She was originally pulled by Secondhand Snoots and brought over to Plumbers for Puppies.

“We are not sure why she was surrendered,” said Kristina Curran, co-founder of Plumbers for Puppies. “She did test heartworm positive when we got her and that may have been why [the previous owner] brought her to the high-kill shelter.”

Lola is no longer heartworm positive, but during her treatment, Plumbers for Puppies discovered that she was extremely fearful of males. A dog trainer was called and he recommended Lola move in with one of the rescue group’s most experienced foster homes. There, her foster dad would train her and help her get over her fears.

In December 2012, Lola went into foster care and today she no longer fears men, she does however have an alpha-type personality that has made her adoption process a bit difficult. Plumbers for Puppies wants Lola to go to a household where she will be the only dog, and the organization is still searching for her ideal forever home.

“We’ve been actively trying to place her in a forever home since December,” said Curran. “Unfortunately, she has had several people interested in her, but the majority of them have scheduled appointments to come meet her and then have not shown up.”

According to Curran when people hear Lola is part Mastiff they automatically assume she is 200 lbs. and drools, but Lola is only 85 lbs and doesn’t drool or slobber nearly as much as purebred Mastiffs do.

“She is a sweet, low energy dog,” said Curran. “She walks great on a leash and just loves attention.”

If you’re interested in adopting Lola or if you want to learn more about her and Plumbers for Puppies, visit their website or their Facebook page. You can also call the organization at 847-824-1800 or email Kristina Curran at [email protected]