20-Year-Old Frozen Dog Sperm Produces Litter of 10 Great Dane Puppies

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A veterinary clinic in Australia is celebrating the arrival of ten new Great Dane puppies – conceived via in vitro fertilization (IVF) with dog sperm that was frozen in 1989.

Bellarine Veterinary Practice Dr David Hopkins explained that a client had frozen and stored sperm from one of her prized great danes, Liebendane Armstrong, in 1989. Two decades later, that client, Deidre McRae,  requested that the sperm be used to spawn a new litter of pups. McRae  said she was “over the moon” with the results. “I was hoping for one or even two, but to have 10 is just unbelievable,” she said of the healthy, happy eight week old litter.

Dr Hopkins notes that while breeding dogs using preserved sperm is not new technology, it is highly unusual for semen frozen for so long to produce such large, healthy litters.  Hopkins said the technology was more likely to be used to breed professional bomb and drug detection dogs for Australian Customs.

McRae said that while she plans to sell some of the pups, she is planning on keeping a number of them as show dogs.

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37 thoughts on “20-Year-Old Frozen Dog Sperm Produces Litter of 10 Great Dane Puppies”

  1. @Wade, its ~$300-$500 for the initial collection and freezing, depending on company. Then its ~$75-$150 per year for storage fees, again depending on company and country.

  2. for everyone asky WHY WHY WHY… go study genetics, selection, breeding, biology, & ecology. while ur at it learn the difference between a responsible breeder and a byb/miller. THEN form ur opinion. THEN get up on ur soap box. Preaching without understanding the WHOLE picture gives u a pretty weak and lopsided soapbox.

    Try LEARNING wut something is befor condeming it.

    • I agree. In the US you guys have so many unwanted dogs, only a fraction of what we see here in Australia. Here there are breeders, backyard breeders and puppy mills. These people are obviously careful registered breeders who have their puppies sold before the mother is pregnant. If there is a particular male with good strong lines offering something positive for the breed, then why not freeze the semen for use later on to sire progeny bearing those strong genes? The US are dealing with a much bigger problem than we are here. I do the GSP rescue and rehoming for my state and I get approximately one a month in either shelters or to be rehomed and i have a list the length of my arm of people wanting an older GSP. It seems America gets a dozen in sheltres per day!!!! Same goes for other pure bred dogs with the exception of your more common breeds like labradors and staffies. Irresponsible backyard breeders and puppy mills would not invest this sort of money in freezing semen, so I congratulate this breeder for their litter.

  3. @Fiona, puppies from responsible breeder dont end up in shelters. Period. Go scream and yell at IRRESPONSIBLE breeders who actually ARE responsible for all the millions of pets in shelters. While ur at it, go scream and yell at all the irresponsible people who dumped their poor byb/puppy mill dogs! Then go scream and yell at the entire society for believing pets r disposable. Quite frankly, ur barking up the wrong tree. By yelling at RESPONSIBLE breeders, ur screaming at the very people who love dogs the very most, the guardians of our breeds, our canine protectors.

    But I doubt ull hear a single one of my words…. uve likely spent yrs and yrs no place but in a shelter, and all those yrs have jaded and blinded u to the truth. Simply, u cant see the forest for the trees. truely, truely sad. 🙁

    • I bred my one and only litter at the end of last year and advised every (hand picked) puppy buyer that should they be unable to keep the puppy for what ever reason at any stage of the dog’s life, then the puppy/dog is to be returned to me. They had to sign a document stating they’d not surrender the dog to a shelter, they’d return it to me. I also made each person pay a refundable $500 deposit which will be returned when they prove the puppy has been desexed between 6 and 12 months of age. By doing this, I knew that these puppies were being bought for pet and companionship purposes, and not as breeding machines. I am in email contact with all puppy buyers and they all update me from time to time with how their puppy is going. There are responsible breeders out there. It’s a shame people tarnish breeders of all descriptions with the same brush.

      • Caroline – you sound like the kind of breeder I got my Willow from. I’m in FB contact with her & she will take Willow back at any stage if we were unable to keep her. I agree – there are responsible breeders out there & I believe there is nothing wrong with what they do.

  4. I have a much loved golden retriever who is the result of AI. Her breeder imported frozen semen from Sweden because they are so strict on the screening of their breeding stock & she wanted to introduce new blood to her line of dogs. Willow is the healthiest dog I’ve ever owned & I am so thankful to her RESPONSIBLE breeder for bringing her into the world & then allowing me to be her parent.


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