Infamous Colorado Dog Dragger Pleads Guilty

I would be amazed if any dog lover out there has not heard the story of Buddy, the Colorado dog dragged to his death in December of last year. The story caused an outcry among animal rights advocates and sparked numerous conversations about abuse law and consequence. Personal friends of mine have been involved in seeing this process through, so I have followed this with interest and was very happy to find this news in my inbox this morning.

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21 thoughts on “Infamous Colorado Dog Dragger Pleads Guilty

  1. Great news! I just hope that he gets an appropriate sentence that makes anyone else thinking of committing a crime against an animal think twice.

    Chester's Mom

  2. As a resident of Colorado, I only hope that the courts send a message and that he gets the maximum sentence possible for this sickening crime. My heart breaks every time I think about poor Buddy.

    Of course, I also find it ironic that this case is being tried in Denver – a city responsible for the unnecessary deaths of thousands of pit bull-type dogs over the years. But at least THIS dog is getting some sort of justice and that's something to be happy about.

    Mayzie's Mom

  3. OMD, sorry Mum is too wussy to watch anything like this, it always makes her eyes leak 🙁
    Rest in peace sweet Buddy and burn in hell you bleeeep!
    Wags, Dip Bridge and Elliot xx

  4. At last…some Justice for sweet Buddy! May he rest in peace and be an icon for all victims of animal abuse! Thank you for posting and caring: in honor of Buddy!

  5. I hope he receives the maximum sentence for what he did. Also, that his sister (what a looker…) receives her equal share of jail time. What a couple of scumbags. Can't imagine what the holidays are like around their house…

  6. Will be praying he gets the FULL 3 years…and maybe the inmates can do what they will when he's in there…I'm sorry, but this is no different than if it were a child.

  7. Oh what leaky eyes we had when we first heard this story – unimaginably painful just to contemplate. My sympathies to Buddy's owners and the dirtbags should burn in hell/jail. Forever.

  8. Hope he gets all he deserves. Horrible crime.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  9. It's about time he get what's coming to him! What happened to Buddy was beyond what any living thing should have to endure.

  10. I certainly hope he has to serve a good amount of time behind bars, not something useless as community service or such. What an unimaginal thing to do to a beautiful animal. Gail and Mistaya

  11. i can't believe i didn't hear about this…so tragic and sad….can't understand the cruelty of people….

  12. i hope he gets the maximum sentence possible. this man makes me sick.

    the booker man and asa's mama

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