The Rescue Joy Dance

A video from the HSUS raid on Gayla’s Poodle Palace in Sparta, Tennessee. I’m not a big fan of the HSUS, but I am a fan of this dancing poodle, who clearly wants to celebrate the occasion!

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15 thoughts on “The Rescue Joy Dance

  1. I love hearing about dogs who are rescued from puppy mills because I've seen pictures and videos and read plenty of material about those horrible places/people. I would love to physically snatch dogs away from puppy mills but I know I'd end up with a zoo of dogs in our home and the landlord wouldn't appreciate that!
    Our coonhound, Daisy, came from a puppy mill situation and when we 1st walked her she was struggling as she walked & I couldn't figure out why until I noticed her paws had blisters on them. The poor thing hadn't been been on the ground until we came along.
    Thanks for your comment about the "Fear of Flying" post and I'm glad you cannot remember watching "The Birds"! Lucky you!
    By the way…I began a contest last night -FLOPPY EARED CAPTION CONTEST – so please come on by for details!
    -Daisy & April-

  2. I believe Mollie Jo and BoBo's mom might be helping with some of these –


  3. I have a rescued dog myself and this video gives hope to so many precious dogs. The dancing dog kind of says it all. Mistaya's mom, Gail

  4. What a lovely pup , they all awe worfy of loving fuwwevew homes..i hope they awe given a chance and find them
    smoochie kisses

  5. That little poodle is so adorable! I hope he/she gets a furever home soon!

    I bought Shiver from a pet store so I know he came from a puppy mill. And then Chico spent his first year of life in one before being rescued. Another family had him first and now I have him. I kind of hope that the karma of caring for Chico after him being rescued from the puppy mill will help restore the fact that I supported one by buying Shiver from a pet store.

  6. I'm dancin with that puppy! Dancing for joy that all those dogs were rescued and another puppy mill shut down!

  7. Haha! I was dancin' right along with that doggie! She's got some smooth moves, that's for sure. I hope that one day real soon she'll finds her Most Perfect Home That Ever Was and that she never stops dancin'!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  8. This poodle has some very cool moves! On HSUS: they have their problems, and there's plenty of room for criticism, as there is with most large non-profits. However, the Center for Consumer Freedom, who is their primary critic, is funded by the factory farming industry who don't want consumers reminded of where their meat comes from. They do not disclose their biggest donors for good reason. HSUS has a side to the debate as well:

  9. I see you, baby, shakin' that ass
    Shakin' that ass
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    I see you baby shakin' that ass
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