Utah Doberman Sings for the Lead in TODAY Show’s Top Dog contest

You may be able to determine my favorite of three semi-finalists from the TODAY Show Top Dog contest based on the post title, but all three are worthy competitors. Who is your pick for top dog?

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15 thoughts on “Utah Doberman Sings for the Lead in TODAY Show’s Top Dog contest

  1. Fluffy was just great, but we think TD could give him a run for his money. Either that or let them do a duet.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. Awww, adorable! You can even see when Fluffy takes big deep breathes to get ready for his next..er…note?

  3. LOVE Fluffy, but for the life of me (Life with Dogs?) can't figgur where he got that name! Must try to tune in, but out here… that's awful early!

  4. That is totally a Doberman thing. My two-legger hates it when I do that to her….especially when she is fixing us tripe for dinner I get so excited I cry….

  5. Who names a dobe Fluffy? Somebody? Gotta got for the Doberman but I am prejudiced!!! Awesome

  6. Great job Fluffy. I have two greyt looking greyhound girl back up singers available to enhance your performance. If you ever take your act on the road, just call and ask for Becca and Meggie!

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