A Honk for Help

Having read far too many sad stories about dogs suffering in hot vehicles this summer, it was hard not to smile at this find. This Pennsylvania dog decided to take matters into his own paws when accidentally locked in a hot car. Something tells me Max would make a great spokesman for summer PSA’s.

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14 thoughts on “A Honk for Help

  1. Sweet ending for ubersmart Max, but a bittersweet story – how does a human forget their dog? Wish I were more forgiving sometimes and goodness do I make mistakes. I do know Max was forgiving, that’s fur shore – pats to you pup and thanks for posting…
    Hugs xoxox

  2. I just don’t get humans….how many dogs have to die until the humans understand it is not good to leave us locked up inside a vehicle? Come on WAKE UP!!!! It take pretty simple thinking – if it is too hot for you than it is too hot for me!

  3. Seems she is not responsible enough to haver a dog. If it were a 2 legged child she would be charged with abuse.

  4. How can that V-E-T say they be “such good dog owners” when they FURGET they lefted the dog in the car? How does you furget you lefted a dog in the car? I would not want to live with those peeples. Or go to that V-E-T.

  5. Seems to me the dog is smarter than the owner-and how can you get out of a car, close the door and not realise there is still a medium/large sized dog inside?? What if the dog hadn’t sounded the horn? Did this lady face any charges of neglect for this incident?

  6. This woman needs to be criminally prosecuted. If this was her child she would have lost custody in a New York heartbeat.

    1. Ok. Try to sell this to yourself…. They may have left their child in a hot car but, “they’re such good parents that they cooled the kid off first”. Doesn’t work, does it.

  7. What a stupid human. If she forgets that her pet is in the car and not with her, what else about his care does she forget? She is just plain stupid and is NOT a good pet owner, regardless of what the vet says.

  8. God Bless this sweet love! I understand being stressed to the max and life being hectic, but may be these owners could get some relief over their guilt by going public and turning this into something positive for another animal.

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