Greyhound Charity Auction Update: Big Turnout and Big Thanks to Alyssa Milano

Thanks to you, the GALT/GU charity auction kicked off with a big bang. The number of posts, shares and tweets has been very encouraging and extremely effective.  With the weekend here I didn’t want to let everyone go without a quick reminder that the auction continues until the middle of next week.  Please remember to put the word out whenever possible – this is all about participation.

2 very encouraging notes

1. I received the following e-mail last night from the auction organizer and a friend.  🙂

Good Evening,

Here’s part of an email between M and me this evening.

This must be some kind of record.


I’m getting happy emails from people about the auction! I’ve sent your
> announcement email out to a whole list of mine, and Neil (Life With
> Dogs/Nigel Buggers) has over 5,000 Facebook friends.

I think all 5,000 people are bidding. The auction server is getting
slammed hard (nothing it can’t handle, though), and the bids are already


Now that’s what I like to hear! I received that e-mail at around 11  and just sat back and smiled. What more could you ask for on the opening day of a charity auction for one of the lesser known breeds of the dog world? Apparently, quite a bit. I was dozing off on the sofa when my yahoo e-mail alerts went nuts. I had about 20 new Twitter followers in a matter of five minutes – something I’ve never experienced. I was trying to figure out where the heck all of this traffic was coming from when I logged into my Twitter account and realized that Alyssa Milano had retweeted about my post with the auction details. There was an instant pile on and as far as I can tell, this auction is going to be a hit.

Sincere thanks to Alyssa and all who have helped in any capacity. Please remember to revive interest next week by sharing once or twice – you never really know who might be paying attention!

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19 thoughts on “Greyhound Charity Auction Update: Big Turnout and Big Thanks to Alyssa Milano

  1. Please don’t forget about the other 5 rescues that also took part of the 28 sighthounds that were in the Ft. Worth Shelter. There will be another auction starting next week that benefits all 7 rescue organizations.

  2. I RT on Alyssa’s tweet. Im posting on fb and tweeting daily to keep up the momentum. Thanks Nigel and Neil for spear-heading this cause

  3. Getting the attention of the folks with really deep pockets is excellent news! It’s going to be so exciting to see what the bottom line is once the auction dust settles!! ;0-)

  4. WTG Neil and Team Buggers!!! You give new meaning to the word “social networking”. My pack and I are sending you a cyber pat on the back!

  5. How awesome that this auction is getting so much attention! I am hoping for a lot of money raised for them. I’m impressed that you got them such great attention!

  6. Go Life With Dogs!!! Auctions, blog hops, tweet, retweets, great fans, great quality stuff…
    And along with your success awareness is spread. 😉

  7. You GO Nigel! AWESOME!!!!!!! Amazing news – Brava Alyssa, Brava LWDs! Woo Hoo!
    Hearts and Love xoxoxoxoxo,
    Sammie, Avalon, Ozzie and Ma

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