Nothing Like the Real Thing: Daring Rabbit Crashes Greyhound Race

Australian Greyhound racing fans were treated to an unusually exciting race in the Finer Fruit Stakes in Shepperton, Victoria earlier this week. Ginny Lou was putting in a pretty good run and holding third place when the unthinkable happened: a very real, and very crazy rabbit ran on to the track. Ginny did what any respectable hound would do and broke from the pack to let them chase a decoy while she pursued the genuine article. Officials were forced to declare a non-race, and bookies had to refund all gambling wages.

As quickly as it appeared, the rogue rabbit vanished, leaving spectators and race organizers dumbfounded.

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*Please note that the Carpe Canum benefit auction for the Greys rescued in Texas kicks off today. Bid with vigor!

18 thoughts on “Nothing Like the Real Thing: Daring Rabbit Crashes Greyhound Race

  1. Oh my dog, that rabbit should be declared officiallly insane!
    Wags, Dip Bridge and Elliot xx

  2. that rabbit surely had a very strong death wish! smart houndie! i must admit, it made me chuckle. hopefully ginny will not be punished for her “mis”behaviour!

  3. Such focus from the other hounds though! They know what they are there to do, are trained to run behind the lure… and workmanlike still go after it. Except naughty little Ginny. Apparently her trainer was amused and said she pulled up great and very happy with herself.

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